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Ever wondered why I call you a Creative Heroine when I connect with you via my newsletters? I’ve shared it before, but in case you didn’t catch it, here’s why…

I call you a Creative Heroine because I believe that as a women we are connected by this thread or truth >>

Our ability to move from problem to solution in hopes of expressing who we really are to the world…

If you’ve resonated with my message(s) over the years/ months/ weeks, then I believe you’re exactly that woman!

You’re a woman who moves from problem to solution in hopes of expressing who you really are to the world…

If you’re like some of my clients and you’ve been struggling with expressing yourself consistently and, therefore, bringing in business results consistently (code for not knowing your brand or the real truth behind what works), I’d love for you to join us on May 17th from 11am to 1pm Pacific.

I’d love to share what has worked for me and my clients over the last 15 years, as well as what I learned in my time at Nike and working at ad agencies helping brands like adidas and Starbucks!

Our no-cost training, Your Brand Lab: Working with Inspiration, Education, Entertainment & THE REAL YOU is coming up!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017
11am – 1pm Pacific

REGISTER for your fancy and footloose, no-cost training here:

In this brand lab, we will be uncovering and experimenting with authentic branding from the perspective of:

Purpose — how do you tap into your one main business-turned-movement purpose…

• Moving from Problem to Solution

• Your Top Stories…how to keep telling more and more of them (stories are your marketing).

• Getting Over the Hump: how to get over the hump of sharing your most vulnerable stories (I can sense that you know it’s high time to go there…remember, people want to feel connected to you AND they buy you before they buy your products and services).

• The Top Four Brand Elements (even though I was an ad girl prior to starting MGI and connected with what was needed to advertise/market/brand and truly connect, I wish I would have known these when I first started out in 2011)

• What Truly Connects in An Authentic Brand Story

• The Six Keys to a Great, Authentic Brand

• What Blueprints Don’t Tell You About What Works, Sells and Engages in Your Branding & Marketing

• Internal Brand vs. External Brand and How They Are Connected (blurring the lines between business and life)

• And more, such as this ~> one lucky Creative Heroine will WIN the Brand to Success program which will help you, step-by-step, to create and launch the most important offline and online elements of your most powerful authentic brand yet…

Let’s move you from problem to solution (or souution, as I also call it) and have playful fun while we’re at it. Personally, that’s part of the reason I started my own business…to have fun and enjoy life even more…

If you feel the same way, you’ll connect and find great value in the Brand Lab training during the May 17th Brand Lab!

Again, here’s where to register for the free training (a free training that acts like a big girl, paid training :-):

Again, show up LIVE and potentially win a spot in my Brand to Success program where I will walk you through how to create your authentic brand both off and online LIVE (value $997).

Enjoy your business, enjoy your business!


Michelle Ghilotti
Couture Brand Creator & Success Coach

p.s. Once you’ve registered HERE for the May 17th training 11am – 1pm Pacific, be on the lookout for Your Brand Lab workbook that we’ll send you a day before the training! (Can’t wait).

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