• A Self-Shaping Retreat •

Prepping the Soil for What’s Next

Creatively & Professionally

Saturday, June 6th, 2020

10:45am – 3:15pm Pacific

You’re cordially invited to a women’s retreat that will give you an opportunity to effortlessly re-imagine, re-calibrate and re-commit to your new now.

We will explore various perspectives and views of body, mind and spirit (+ more).

The intention is to land you inside aligned and soulfully-strategic knowing, all with a clearer view of the next right action to take creatively or professionally (stagnation no more).

This self-shaping work will support your current business/brand, profession or project or something completely new you’re thinking about taking on.

Come and experience yourself under a new light.

Sunrises and surprises are in store.

Though this is a complimentary retreat, it will act like a paid retreat in all the ways MGI experiences are high quality and intensive.

Join us, beautiful woman.

To the best of the rest of your life,



Activator, Brand Strategist, Experience Creator

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