What’s Next For Me? (what I did may help you with this Q)

Camping at Joshua Tree then Carpinteria Beach last weekend…
he/us/this — my biggest friendship experiment yet?

Many months back as I was still gaining clarity around the Greater Good Party and in the middle of planning for the Creative Heroine Experience here in LA, I received this email from my assistant after I had left her a message that I now refer to as a chicken soup for the soul moment:

“Loved your check-in. And love the (full) update on what’s going on with you (and MGI). You have so much to share with the world and I’m so glad you’re always taking the time to find out where your passion lies. Xo”

As I shared in my community newsletter yesterday (you can find the article at the top of my blog at link below), what she was referring to was the time that I’ve taken, not just in 2018 but in 2017 and 2016 and 2015 and 2014 to intentionally pause to make sure that what I was doing, why I was doing it and how I was doing it was in most honest sync with the woman who had emerged from the previous few years of tragic loss. 

I’ll never forget that door knock in 2013 or phone call in 2015, just as you’ll never forget the day/the year/the decade when your heart grew wings. But, just as I’ll never forget the knock or the call, that’s not what I constantly think about or had consistently thought about years prior. What I did consistently think about (or more – was excitedly feeling out) was, what to do now? What’s there for *this* me NOW?

With what I believe is true now – which way is up? What does success mean today? How do I romantically evolve a business, a motherhood, a marriage and all friendships with what the heart inside this body now knows? How can I bring a new aspect of the woman I am today to everything I do, say and show, knowing that the external expression of who I am or of what I do gets to change just as my internal environment does?

Pausing, as I’ve come to realize, doesn’t necessarily mean taking a complete hiatus from life or work or from the thing you love. For some, it may mean that and that’s perfect. But for others it means continuing to move (doesn’t even have to be forward), traveling down familiar paths, zig-zagging and testing things, all with more of a student mind, asking more questions and listening better to the answers which don’t always come in full sentences. You’re pregnant with what and who wants to emerge…

Pause. What is my passion now…is it the same? 
Ask. Have my talents become more heightened? 
Test it out. Am I enjoying this?

Over the last five years (and especially over the last four), I’ve re-evaluated everything. Friendships. Money. Writing. How I work. What I work on and who I help. I have also re-evaluated what giving and receiving as practices [or rituals] mean and how they, specifically, the giving and receiving parts, play vital ying and yang roles in the maximization of life — my life.

As I said at the Creative Heroine Experience last March, we never lose anything or anyone if we don’t lose the lesson.

In this first sharing of what I’ve come to know (there’s more I’ll share) is that a deeper — THE deepest level — of relat-ing, and in-person connection was the impulse; this is what I wanted to continue to build professionally and personally everyday. 

Hence the living out (still going) of the Friendship Experiment, which maybe you’ve seen the video of and my main focus around creating event experiences for clients (retreats, homey (homie :-)) workshops, Creative Heroine Experience, Greater Good Parties (the next one in LA is scheduled for December and Austin is coming in February), breaking bread with humans throughout all of the above and the very latest with The Ecstatic Experience Immersion Day on 9/29 and it’s virtual edition launched this morning – they’re all external expressions of what’s now taking full residence internally).

So, maybe pause with those toughest of life experiences and ask as many questions after “what’s next??” as maybe a four-year-old would. 

The most helpful of answers and next steps will come (WILL come) and beautifully, too — right here –> in the synchronicities — the ‘random’ emails or phone calls, the right place, right time moments which may also surprise you (but expect them), the ideas dropped into you in the middle of the night (or in the middle of your shower or middle of your mat), as well as inside the feeling of the accelerated ideas that just want to “go”; that most want to be birthed. Follow those most and release the rest, seriously release the rest. Because the best thing we can do to find our purpose sometimes is to let it find us.

Make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…enjoy your business, enjoy your life! 

Life is good,

Michelle Ghilotti
Success Designer, Brand Activator & Social Entrepreneur 


Join us for the month of planning and launching your next or first (ecstatic  –  that’s how you’ll feel) event experience! 🙂

My Life Model Decision.

Arlan Hamilton & I taking a moment at the Creative Heroine
Experience before going on stage.

For over 17 years growing this success coaching and brand consulting business, nothing has grown my business OR MY JOY more than hosting workshops, retreats, and larger event experiences. And though that sounds like it was a business model decision I got clear on years ago, as I shared in a newsletter a few days ago (HERE), it wasn’t — it was a life model decision.

With so much virtual everything “these days” and with the tragic losses of my Mom and brother “behind me” and inside me, I was guided over the last many years to be even more in person with my clients and friends and to, generally, prioritize connection, not just with my tribe and with my clients, but within all my friendships, too (this is documented within the Relationship Experiment I’ve shared with you — did you ever get to watch that video? ~>

Though I had run many events before the deaths of my beloveds five years ago (having been in business for 17 years), the events I’ve designed since those losses have been different in feeling, a representation of the internal environment which had changed, in the best and in the most raw and honest of ways.

Arlan was recently in Forbes for her work as a ‘Venture Catalyst’ 
for underrepresented founders, primarily for women, people of color
and the LGBTQ community, I couldn’t support her work in the world
more, (thank you for connecting us, Holly!).

The events I’ve been a part of since they passed have not been events, but more experiences — those for the senses…and as I type that, I see that with the life experiences as of late, they honestly couldn’t have been anything other than exactly THAT. 
Maybe like you, I’ve been on the search for the way business (and my offerings to support others in the ways my genius and talents know best) could feel like a more true extension or representation of the internal environment that exists today. I said something very similar to that when I was sharing about this just a few days ago.

I guess the bottom line is that we are constantly changing and if our businesses, brand expression and the general integration of more of all of our true selves don’t make their way front and center (and stay there), we are stepping away from the very creation of anything truly authentic or long-lasting  –  that’s what I’ve gathered like strawberries in a field…

What are you gathering or understanding deeper as of late?

What life model-turned-business model will you be introducing soon?

Make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…enjoy your business, enjoy your life! 

Life is good,

Michelle Ghilotti
Success Designer, Brand Activator & Social Entrepreneur 


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Though it’s a virtual offering, know that since I’ve presented it LIVE and in person already (in LA on 9/29) know that you will receive that benefit  –  plus I can’t deny the fact that anything I do now that’s virtual or online in this new season will not feel like that. At least, that’s what I’ve been going for the last few years when I DO do virtual programs (I always do my damndest to make it feel like you are sitting in my living room  –  in fact, that’s where I’ll be sitting when I deliver these training for these three weeks plus our bonus fourth week).

Speaking of — peruse the weeks here ~> and join us if you feel it’s genuinely time for you to incorporate adding more event experiences to your life model as expressed in your business.

We start in November and take an integration and family break during our November U.S. holiday (gobble gobble).

I’d love to walk hand-in-hand with you, helping to make this potentially new step into the creation of event experiences easier and more fun and effortless for you.

When Our Own Spiritual Work Leads Us to Plan a Vision Quest for Our 13-Year Old Son…

I have been heart set on doing a type of family-oriented vision quest for and with Nolan to usher him into this next phase of life and manhood (13) and his own deeper sense of self, individuality and identity (spirituality ~ a sense of self as it relates to something more or bigger, to those around us etc.).

There are few people leading or facilitating these types of experiences in the U.S. that are both deeply traditional with maybe a modern twist, so, I’m finding myself crafting something for him with someone I did find who can assist and we are currently piecing it together.

I find this an interesting note: many of us are more separate(d) from nature than we were in the past or in our childhoods and I want Nolan to be more connected to it. It’s a thought that comes quite often and it’s why on most all trips, we make sure to plan a guided or non-guided hike or longer trek in nature, no matter where we are.

Because — because — because — when we are closer to nature, we are genuinely closer to ourselves.

I’ve taken to diving deeper into the principles of ecopsychology lately *and* to loving up this boy in new ways because he’s new…he’s a new, interesting person today in his teenage and eighth-grade awesomeness (and I love that)!

What is changing for you right now and how can you accept it and love it even more? 

Make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…enjoy your business, enjoy your life! 

Life is good,

Michelle Ghilotti
Success Designer, Brand Activator & Social Entrepreneur