DO THIS To Be Happy
(& Save The Date — Jan 6th!)


Happiness is looking back at old photos…


Did you know that happiness chooses you every day?

She does.

She chooses you every single day…

…in music
…in collaboration
…and in deep and honest conversation (just to name a few).

They all choose you.

When we realize it's our job to choose back, we live the life we’re truly meant to live.

Choose back.

Make happiness your business by choosing all these things. In other words, choose them back by really feeling them and allowing them to affect you.

And, with that, Creative Heroine, here’s to enjoying the last two days of 2015, Creative Heroine!

All my love from my home to yours!

Life is good,






A VERY SPECIAL postscript: On January 6th, my business bff and I, Zsuzsa Novak, a fellow brand strategist, will be launching a video series just for you and your zest for life AND a meaningful business. Keep your gorgeous eyes peeled next week!


Ready, set…

Let’s pretend for the next 40 yrs that what we want is just beyond our fear; our questioning, shall we?

Live on the skinny branch.

…and feel that breeze, ladies…

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Starting with the end in mind…

You hear a lot about beginning with the end in mind. It’s one of the habits of a highly-effective person if I remember correctly…

Kenya, elephant bum

And it’s true. In life or business, if we work backwards from the legacy we want to leave behind, we can move ~ forward ~ quicker.

Think of your goal; your end.

What are the to-dos, obstacles and support you need. And, in micro-movements starting today, go out and get them or get through them.

Whatever it is that you want in life or business or entrepreneurship, you can have. Life is good.