Have a Fling with…(and new training coming!)

Thou shall be more precise in her thoughts and thinking. Welcome to one of many Creative Heroine commandments.


Thoughts become real, living things. If you get something you don’t want in your life, a feeling or an outcome, the thoughts you’ve had on repeat, for many of us, by default, are guaranteeing that outcome. As many have said, with thoughts, you’re putting in your order to the universe to what’s yours.

You will get what you think about most (predominant thought), over and over again.

Worry or Wisdom

Light or Lament

Life or Dying

But, say thank you, even when you don’t get what you want (and, of course, also always when you do), because it’s a sign that someone/something *is* listening.

And now that you know, really know, or have been reminded of it all over again, next time, make sure to revise the order, getting more specific, asking for all the sides you want, making sure it’s organic, triple-checking to see if it’s gluten free etc. ~ don’t skimp. Go all the way.

Have a fling with the universe. Give it your high vibe. Give it the coquette over-the-shoulder look that says ‘I know I’m worth it, so, show me what you got…I know something amazing is going to happen today and I can’t wait to find out what it is.”

The energy you’re carrying around with you is looking for its romancer, its match, its partner. Give it something really flipping good to play with.

Enjoy your business, enjoy your life!

Life is good,





p.s. My first new free training of 2017 is around the corner, be on the lookout via my newsletter or on my Facebook page.

You Don’t Have to Be the Best to… (and another one of my favorite sculptures)

Sculpture by Creative Heroine Paige Bradley

You don’t have to be the best mother to be the best mother to your child.You don’t have to be the best at relationships to be the best date with solution and understanding the partner you’ve chosen, and whose chosen you, has ever had.

You don’t have to be the best at helping others live better lives to actually be doing that ~ helping others live better lives ~ who, as a result, feel their best or feel the best they’ve felt in weeks/months/years.

You don’t have to be the best in championing for worthy causes to be the best you making a you-sized dent in your chosen part of a movement, in your part of the world.

You don’t have to be the best, but you might have to be ~




A better listener than a talker, yet also always inching towards being a more loving, more responsible, more honest and more courageous communicator than the day before; a connector of those words to actions.

Resolve to being.

That may just be it.

Resolve to being.

Enjoy your business, enjoy your life!

Life is good,


p.s. If you need to hear it another way — You don’t have to be the best to be so GOOD.

What Breaks Your Heart Most (+ 2017 p.s. message)

You’ll have enough. In fact, you’ll have more *and* enough…

The more you continue growing your business in 2017 allowing yourself to be motivated by philanthropy (self-serving ~> soul-serving), you’ll find an emotional currency and purpose-driven energy, that’s almost impossible to match.

With that greater purpose and unique energy, the money that rolls in, won’t stop. Giving or, let’s say, energy genuinely going out, is energy that comes in… it’s love and it’s law. Love law. (Love that law).

But, the first domino, especially today, is the ‘getting hands dirty/being more supremely involved’ domino. 2017 asked us loooong ago to

If you’re your own boss and even if you’re not, get a plan together for how this will happen.

You are a philanthropist.

A human for humans, a humanitarian.

You are both the woman who is known for forgiving (no time for drama when you’re here to change the way we all live, for the better) and the business woman known for her giving.

There are many, many causes already started (or those who need a woman just like you to start them), aligned with your business/movement/brand.

There’s no shortage.

These causes are looking for hands (yours) to bring, lift, write and carry, and hearts and ears (also yours) to sit alongside to listen…to be with those who don’t feel loved, a part of, or listened to.

Having experienced it first-hand this year in Greece at the Filippiada refugee camp and via hospice locally in Los Angeles the last six months, I can tell you these ongoing direct experiences, have completely transformed everything I think/do/say and, most what I work towards and will be supporting others to do more of, alongside building their brands. And, it’s the same thing.

All of it, everything you do or don’t do, either grows or builds you and this entity we call your personal brand ~ or it doesn’t. When you consistently build, or help others grow, you meet next level, “external” revenue growth.

In short, your brand is most powerful when you’re either heard/seen having grown yourself or when you’re heard giving from it and telling *those* stories…

I know you feel it as deeply as I do because I’ve had countless courageous conversations with many women about all of the above…let’s ride that wave of genuine emotion and be that feminine force, the enriched echo of creativity, purpose and service.

There may problems and challenges around us and around the globe, but, part of the solution(s) lie in using our genius, creativity and ability to create something, seemingly out of “nothing”. When we do this, we’ve begun to realize our true potential as entrepreneurs and human beings.

The way many of us have been doing business no longer feels in exact alignment with what the world actually needs. Continue sending money to your chosen organizations, and also consider folding in the getting hands, hearts and ears involved on-the-ground piece. Having a direct experience with what moves you will move the world.

You’re here to move the world.

Enjoy your business, enjoy your life!

Life is good,



p.s. The CEO Soul Circle (business) mastermind: Uniting Creativity, Purpose and Service for Meaningful Leadership (MMSS 2.0) opens its doors mid-February.

If you’d like to learn more about CEO Soul Circle, our next business mastermind group (+ service trip) starting in February, email us back and we’ll send you the PDF on it!

Here’s hoping our collective 2017 is filled to overflow with hope, peace and the spirit of generosity. We are all so much better with all three.

Syria & Getting Hands Dirty

Landing in this season of a new kind of giving where money sent becomes getting my hands dirty, I’ve never felt more successful.

If you’re searching for what you’ve coined as “more”, for how to grow yourself and therefore your business, for peace, for “what’s next?”, whether you’re an experienced this or aspiring that and whether you have X or Y coming in, I offer you this “get-to-do” (you get to do more in this life!): enter into your own active and new phase of getting hands dirty.

This morning…

As I read up on the tragic and latest in Aleppo, Syria, and remembered the faces of the men and women in Fillipiada, Greece, I felt, then planned. I may be back home, and far, but the hearts and hopes of these people, are like ours — human and in need — and they are never far from our ability to serve and support, even if it means simply sending a donation for now (Project Hope (I worked with Danielle last month): I’m looking at the calendar for when I can head back to help set up a new camp or return to the last, which, has forever branded itself a part of my soul.

This afternoon…

As I finished listening to a voicemail an hour ago from the hospice director letting me know that my patient has declined and is in the active dying phase, I feel — and plan, too. Their 66th wedding anniversary is Thursday, hence an honoring that can be organized for when I visit that day, regardless of what is happening or what’s transpired by then. xo

If you’re a woman who constantly asks more from herself, her family, her business/platform and brand (or you want to be that woman — the mother of her own reinvention), the new MGI business mastermind the CEO Soul Circle + service element starts in February.

2016 may feel like it’s broken a part of your spirit, but you’re the ultimate creator — today — and in 2017.

Feel, please feel, *and* plan…

Enjoy your business, enjoy your life!

Life is good,