Syria & Getting Hands Dirty

Landing in this season of a new kind of giving where money sent becomes getting my hands dirty, I’ve never felt more successful.

If you’re searching for what you’ve coined as “more”, for how to grow yourself and therefore your business, for peace, for “what’s next?”, whether you’re an experienced this or aspiring that and whether you have X or Y coming in, I offer you this “get-to-do” (you get to do more in this life!): enter into your own active and new phase of getting hands dirty.

This morning…

As I read up on the tragic and latest in Aleppo, Syria, and remembered the faces of the men and women in Fillipiada, Greece, I felt, then planned. I may be back home, and far, but the hearts and hopes of these people, are like ours — human and in need — and they are never far from our ability to serve and support, even if it means simply sending a donation for now (Project Hope (I worked with Danielle last month): I’m looking at the calendar for when I can head back to help set up a new camp or return to the last, which, has forever branded itself a part of my soul.

This afternoon…

As I finished listening to a voicemail an hour ago from the hospice director letting me know that my patient has declined and is in the active dying phase, I feel — and plan, too. Their 66th wedding anniversary is Thursday, hence an honoring that can be organized for when I visit that day, regardless of what is happening or what’s transpired by then. xo

If you’re a woman who constantly asks more from herself, her family, her business/platform and brand (or you want to be that woman — the mother of her own reinvention), the new MGI business mastermind the CEO Soul Circle + service element starts in February.

2016 may feel like it’s broken a part of your spirit, but you’re the ultimate creator — today — and in 2017.

Feel, please feel, *and* plan…

Enjoy your business, enjoy your life!

Life is good,





Unlikely Brand Thoughts

Anything that grows you, grows your movement (the thing we confusingly call your business).

Spend less time worrying about what makes you look good and more on what makes you grow good.

Self awareness + responsibility in all the ways that comes.

Tough conversations.

Break ups.

Make ups.


Supporting others who will never become your clients (service/true generosity).

Eventually what makes you look good is what’s grown you — good. More now than ever in your world, these two need to become the same thing.

Personal development IS brand development.

In fact, it’s everything development.

Enjoy your business, enjoy your life!

Life is good,





p.s. If you’d like to learn more about CEO Soul Circle, our next business mastermind group (+ service trip) starting in February, email us back and we’ll send you the PDF on it!

Two Words All Businesses Need



Instead of focusing solely on growing your business to get, focus on growing it so you can give.
Enjoy your business, enjoy your life!
Life is good,





p.s. Short and sweet. Two words all brands and marketers like us also need. 🙂

Expectations for the Modern Day Woman

Photo taken two weeks ago working with Syrian refugees in Greece.

Social justice + sacred activism + being extra human(itarian)…

Take away the fancy labels that may or may not have connected with you in the past, and realize that TODAY, this is you.

It’s us.

Those with a fire in our belly and activated voices, those, not just with ideas, but newfound energy to go anywhere it’s needed, emotionally or physically, knowing that, guided by the soul’s voice, we know exactly what to say, to whom and who, with joined hands and a fierce devotion, to create a solid, loud and consistent safety net around.

Those of us with voices (all of us, young and old) and those with platforms, need not only see ourselves in the light of these three ways of being in the world (social justice + sacred activism + bring extra human(itarian)), but begin to infuse more of the specifics of these elements into our programs, walking others through and waking them up to how they, too, can do more from their experience of feeling more than they have in a long, long time.

I went to a local ladies pow-wow with Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg yesterday (thank you again, Francine) and it was further confirmation of the responsibility to see that our care, concern and feelings of anger, fear or frustration are expressed in how we take responsibility for how we keep war, separation, fear and inequality alive in our homes, thoughts and daily actions, as well as in what we financially support, tolerate and, of course, how we do business.

Bye, bye to time business as usual.

I can’t wait to share more about my process delving further into these topics and infusing more of these ways of being in the world into my groups and programs.

In thanks giving for the energy to support, not only an actively female-friendly society, but an everyone-friendly world and doing it alongside you.

Life is good,