Crafting A Unique Event (and re-evaluating everything!)

I re-evaluated everything after I lost my brother and Mom (they passed tragically within a couple of years of each other). 

I spoke about this at the Creative Heroine Experience in March (were you there!?) where the theme was not only integrating your creativity and spirituality but moving from problem to solution to express to the world who you really are. 

“We don’t lose if we don’t lose the lesson” was one of the themes or messages imparted. 

I’ve also spoken a bit about these big life “lessons” (losses) during client retreats, workshops, VIP days at my home and at the seven Greater Good Parties I’ve hosted in Los Angeles, the Bay Area or New York.

Though each of the Greater Good Party events center around supporting communities (the GGP community is growing with each and every event — next one in LA is around the corner and Austin, we’re coming for you!) to use their creativity for great good and make ample room for their higher calling (and loads of optimism along the way), it’s hard to leave out how these losses continue to guide me in my own higher calling ~ in folding a social entrepreneurship focus and helping women craft unique transformational experiences into my consulting and brand & success coaching business. 

We’re broken open to grow anew…

My business has grown not shrunk since these losses (lessons). And I credit that to trusting that the lessons (losses) would elevate my understanding around how I wanted to shift, massage and elevate my work in the world…

And it did ~ that’s exactly what happened and continues to happen ~ especially as I continue to create LIVE events-turned-experiences, helping multi-faceted entrepreneurial women make good on their own higher calling AND in expressing more of all of who they are in their authentic brand. 

Your business (you!) can grow (wants to grow) from imbalance and from any break of the heart. Just as our muscles experience micro-tears from strength workouts to come back even stronger, so do you, Creative Heroine, so do you!

We do.

Have you seen the details about the Ecstatic Experience Immersion Day in a month? 

September 29, 2018
9:30am – 5:30pm

My home in Los Angeles 

  • Let’s create the relationships we desire with our tribe through the creation of experiences!
  • Let’s grow our brand awareness and tribe size also through the creation of experiences!
  • Let’s create a standout event that is unlike any other so that it transforms the people that need it most!


9:30am – 10:00am – Welcome
Introductions and setting up the expectations for our day together.

10:15am – 12:15pm – Part One

  • Gain clarity on your big idea (we will talk cutting-edge, outside the box and challenging the elements you don’t agree with or want to change about your industry). We will brainstorm new ideas or build on the idea(s) you already have.
  • Identify what creates the true difference between an experience vs. an event.
  • Discuss the difference between a movement and a business (it’s the energy in the personality of a movement that needs to be present in the creation of your experience).
  • Review the elements that must be present for your day, no matter if you consider it small, medium or a large event/experience.
  • Learn the ecstatic method to deliver a brilliant mix of empowerment, education, inspiration and entertainment needed to create an experience that wows and delivers results for your community/clients/potential clients.

12:15pm – 12:45pm – Working Lunch
Feel free to bring what suits you for our working lunch inside our relaxed and fun environment.12:45pm – 3:00pm – Part Two

  • Create the moving mission statement for your event — your very own ecstatic experience — as experienced by your clients/ attendees.
  • Choose a date and location inside your planning and reverse-engineer from that point so you know what you have to do each step of the way.
  • Learn what giving clients results mean and how to get them (you will choose one main thing you want people to walk away with and we will build the flow of the experience in support of that…transformation vs. solely just information).
  • Discuss how to look at other industries to gain wisdom for what to do inside your industry event/experience (we will work on a strategy to ensure that your experience is truly unique).
  • Review your leadership (thought leadership) and owning your story, method, framework or technique that you’ll be sharing on day-of.
  • How to continue to grow the trust in self that you can pull this [and many more elevated experiences and bigger business events] off.
  • Your definition of success and your vision of the ultimate experience you wish to create (for you to create a killer “outer event”, you need the “inner event” of your vision to be clearly felt).
  • Learn what is needed to create a successful experience that feel effortless in the making (one of my favorite topics — I’m big on making things easy!).
  • Allow yourself to let go of the old you, so we can usher in a new you… an elevated and most powerful host and thought leader!
3:00pm – 5:00pm – Part Three
  • Write up the experience plan for the event, soup to nuts. What is the information shared? Who is speaking alongside you? What prompts will you support attendees with? What surprises? Gifts? Exercises? Challenges? (and more…).
  • Review that plan and make sure that you are including or integrating/ honoring all of you throughout each element and idea (let’s review your story once again and make sure you’re clear on where to include it and/or how to keep including it — we must honor both your work and life experience here).
  • Discuss and learn more about the best six to eight week promo period plan (maybe longer depending on how much experience you have with launching). Here we may also potentially learn about how to write a press release to share with the community (this may or may not be relevant).
  • Do a review to make sure you have the three to five (3-5) elements that will make this a sensory experience for all (are we touching both the physical, spiritual and emotional bodies of your community/clients/ potential clients? 
  • Discuss and decide on pricing as well as who you will need to support you throughout and if contribution will play a part in your experience (we will discuss what size event feels right and if sponsorship or a complimentary experience makes sense for where you are in your business/movement building).
5:00pm – 5:30pm – Completion
  • Wrap-up what we learned, planned and committed to today.
  • Get ready to head out for a fun dinner on the town (meal not included in your investment) to celebrate your commitment to your ECSTATIC EXPERIENCE. 
Experience Investment: $697
(as shared in July for my “birthday rate” investment)
Three (3) spots left
Reserve your seat today for a non-refundable deposit of $297.
The remaining balance of $400 is due on September 12th.

Enjoy your business, enjoy your life! 

Life is good,

Michelle Ghilotti
Success Designer, Brand Activator & Social Entrepreneur 

The Health Scare (Start Your Own “Day 1”?

I call this one “A Candid Conversation about “Day 1” (create your own “Day 1″)?”: Moving through a health scare with perspective and in relationship.

Did you catch the latest livestream? HERE she is!

Enjoy your business, enjoy your life! 

Life is good,

Michelle Ghilotti
Success Designer, Brand Activator & Social Entrepreneur 

The Day My Life (& Work!) Changed

For many of us, it’s not about finding work that simply fills a bank account, it’s about finding or creating work that fulfills us, too (too). 

I need to type that again ~ it’s not just about finding or saying yes to work that fills a bank account, it’s about finding or creating work that fulfills us, too…

Many have come to this realization straight out of the gates and for others it might take a huge change in life as experienced through loss, for example, to set them on a path that feels, not just productive (as in yields a “product” for themselves like $), but expressive of all their talents and life experience that supports the greater good, as well.  

Everything that happens or doesn’t happen in life (sad, happy, expected, unexpected) can launch us into more purpose-full work or into this realization that there’s more…

For me, continuing to evolve and elevate my work to whatever next level of depth and purpose there was/is/will be has been largely inspired in recent years by the tragic losses of beloved immediate family members (one of whom I was missing extra today after a challenging doctor appointment).

Work or the projects I take on the need to feel purpose-full or I’m not interested. It’s the only thing I am excited by intellectually and that my heart can “tolerate” at this stage of the life game. You might feel similarly.

This entire share is inspired by a text conversation I had with a friend last week. Here is the crux: if you’re working inside a job or on a path of entrepreneurship that doesn’t feel all the way you or that is sucking the life out of you, there IS another life waiting for you, if you want it (or if you take some time to do the inquiry necessary to do, maybe, what you’ve always REALLY wanted to do).

The women I work with inside life (this brand and success coaching practice (-:), whether they‘re entrepreneurs, CEOs or executive women, the question is largely the same ~ what’s my next thing/what’s the plan to expressing all of me through my latest chosen profession? 

The work fills me emotionally.

And though the last 16 years doing this work has been infused with meaning, it’s nothing like it is today. And I hope to say that again next year and the year after that and the one after that, as there’s no turning back from that meaning, purpose and honest self-expression. 

Ask yourself, how can I bring a new element of the woman I am today to bear on this question I have for what’s next for me professionally? 

And maybe some of these ladies below will inspire you as they do me:

My client Sinead, “the model who talks tech”, shaking up NYC and the millennial generation with her powerful NYC WAYE events and unique insight and guidance into the future of tech and how to fold all parts of who you are at a young age (a woman after my own heart)…

Jill, a whip-smart doc in NYC, desiring to enliven the women she works with, not just through traditional means, but with outside-the-box practices such as dance… 

Holly, a woman who had hands inside startups and a law background, a Portland native, who was the first person I had ever met who uniquely joined fashion and philanthropy, giving back 100% of proceeds to a new, worthy organization each quarter.

My client Stacey, a psychologist in NYC, who works with adolescents who are overwhelmed or overworked, alongside their parents, helping them all to live (and love) more fruitful lives individually and together.

Nicole, a midwife, death doula and thought leader uplifting her industry  back East via the start of unique groups and methods to help each heart-centered woman she supports to grow emotionally and in the self care they so need, so they can continue to assist others in the purpose of birthing, living and dying with presence and honor.

Eva, San Diego transplant, who helps rehabilitate Guatemalan villages through her high-end and handmade house goods brand, Couture Culture, which I helped name…

These ladies and others like them who I work with intimately inspire and move me — they remind us all that your soul CAN sing (as you impact lives) AND so can the bank account that affords you and yours similarly impactful life experiences (it needn’t just be the bank account that feels and fills UP). 

If you or someone you love might resonate with this, feel free to send it to them. It IS possible to do what you love! 

Enjoy your business, enjoy your life! 

Life is good,

Michelle Ghilotti
Success Designer, Brand Activator & Social Entrepreneur 

Napping in Napa (how to be consistent!)

[Napping in Napa in June, photo courtesy of JHM].

On being disciplined…

Get up (one to two hours) earlier than the house gets up and you’ll have enough time to BE disciplined.

So many of us struggle with discipline, consistency or follow through, not just because we don’t have the right habits inside that purposeful work life or creative life, but because we start on our project or purpose way too late in the day.

It’s easier to be disciplined, consistent or to follow through on what’s most important for us when we create a wider canvas or deeper container for it.

The catch or first step: you get to find your own unique way to get disciplined about going to sleep earlier.


Enjoy your business, enjoy your life! 

Life is good,

Michelle Ghilotti
Success Designer, Brand Activator & Social Entrepreneur 

p.s. Did you catch this new SERVICE/offering at my home!?