Diary #5, PLAY in Biz (Camping in Israel!)

My son, Nolan, ran up to hug me twice for planning this experience in Israel.

He loves being outdoors and doing so in such a new place, had him vibing high.

When we started to cook dinner, we went off to find him high on one of the mountains taking photos and building this rock sculpture. It reminded me of spending Summers in Kentucky where we’d run outside and catch fireflies for hours and hours with new friends.

For many of us, city living and technology has changed things a little bit, but the great news is that we still have nature and can grow our connection to her (especially when we take care of her)…

We can and our kids can also still experience (childlike) freedom by searching out things that get us ALL out of our head and into our bodies — into laughter…

And, of course, we ALL know that we will never lose our truth of being creative beings living our human art if we stay connected to experiences like travel, hiking, camping, running, splashing in water, writing, painting, tickling (and an all-around playfulness), generally exhibiting a unique presence with our kids and, therefore, with the essence of life itself.

In short, showing our kids how we, as adults, express all of the above in our everyday lives is one of the greatest forms of purpose and expression there is.

Today, I hug and thank you, NLM, for teaching me so much about the little girl I still have inside. She’s always so pleased to see you every morning. ;)

Whether you’re a parent or not, the idea here is play…play more in your life and infuse more of it into your business by allowing more of this part of your personality naturally come out (what would SHE do in her business or in her expression?), will always help you in making happiness your business and will also attract in more of your tribe because, well, light or lightness is magnetic.

You are magnetic — simply be you…

Enjoy your business, enjoy your life!

Life is good,

Michelle Ghilotti
Couture Brand Creator & Success Coach

Diary #4, Tel Aviv (your financially successful business AND…)

After a good sleep on the flight from Rome, Dolmas while waiting in the long line for the car, my son laughing hysterically and tickling us over and over again because one word — overtired — and signing more papers to rent four wheels than we did to buy our first home, greetings from Tel Aviv!

I’ve been writing diary entries almost every day and have also been writing a piece around moving through trials (loss, new normals etc.), the opposite of what this trip has been, yet a testament to what life trials have shared with me from the time I was a young girl that have brought me to the wisdom and many glorious moments that I constantly find myself in life. This is what I wanted to share from my writing or entry today…

Life is good — my email signature — has huge meaning to me. It is far from a bubble gum or cotton candy “life is good”.

As I wrote this morning as I do most days, I realized that the place to begin — to begin **believing** that you will, in fact, move through whatever discomfort it is that you’re currently experiencing is with your thoughts…

What thoughts are you finding yourself more frequently swimming or marinating in (we ate at a great Israeli restaurant tonight — marinating is on the mind)?  :-)

Life will HAND you lemonade (you don’t even have to make it yourself) when, at every corner, you tell yourself that’s what you’re going to find.

That’s what you’re going to find!

The street may be long, but there is always a corner where someone will be selling a delicious lemonade that, in fact, just wait, they’ll end up giving to you for free. :)

Life is good…ridiculously magical.
Expect it.
And, life. It hears you. 

Start with thought. Specifically, the one below. You can move to calling it a mantra or an intention if that feels good to you, but it’s not necessary. A new thought is good enough, especially if you think it over and over again for a new experience, also over and over again (here she is):

“Joy is not lost and not lost on me. If there is one drop here, there or anywhere ~ and through anything ~ I will find it.

I will find it.”

THIS, Creative Heroine, is your brand of woman!

Sending love from this gorgeous and magical country!

Enjoy your business, enjoy your life.

Life is good,

Michelle Ghilotti
Couture Brand Creator & Success Coach

Diary #3, Ciao from Rome (yikes RE: seeing this in my newsfeed (!!) & “staircase of life”)

Ciao Roma…
As we were lounging by the pool on our fifth day in Rome, a rest day, here’s where my writing took me. I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I enjoyed

It’s too easy…

It’s too easy to say (or believe) that someone’s response or reaction to you is ultimately about them (sure, if someone is triggered by you sharing your truth or unapologetic expression, it may be about them (maybe), but if a client has disappeared, not paid you or someone, anyone, hasn’t made “good” or completed their part of an agreement or friendship, the most empowered thing besides having a courageous conversation with them is taking a look at yourself).

I’ve found it to be the most rewarding part of, not only my work supporting others, but in doing every day in my own life.

Oddly enough, I see/hear the above being shared as a blanket statement in the personal development industry (and see it in my feed almost daily), enough that I’m compelled to share…

To live a life guided by these sound bites or advice will only continue to bring you more of the same pain (remember that life is like a spiral staircase ~> whatever you don’t learn or change within yourself in this one uncomfortable moment in front of you, will continue to wrap around to find you once again until you finally learn/grow from it).

In other words, no spiritual bypass will ever bypass the real questions to ask yourself or the things to take responsibility for, for real growth.

Sure, it may be part theirs.

And, if you’re in it, experiencing discomfort from the situation or attracting it into your daily experience means there’s a part of you that’s also responsible, energetically, or as a result of your actions or inactions.

Again, we know this but don’t always act on it…

When you start asking “how did I contribute to this situation?” at each turn of the ride up the staircase is when you’ll find that your entire life, prized relationships or simple, everyday interactions with other humans and level of opportunity open up, like double French doors, open up.

You will always find something YOU can do, say or show better when you ask this of yourself and when you ask more of self, period. This you can control: your own awareness, responsibility and, ultimately, your own growth and enjoyment of life.

After you do your homework, you *may* still want to have a courageous conversation with someone around their part in it…maybe. Or, you’ll find that so much of the power of experiencing different is and comes from you, that you’ll decide to move on…

Ultimately, you’re the person you’re able to change, control and recreate or reinvent which is brilliant.

Live for it, live for you…

The sexiest thing you’ll do this Summer is not lose the weight, get flatter abs or take the fancy trip, but lose the baggage you keep adding to your life when you believe it’s about someone else changing for you to be at peace or well-adjusted.

You’ll be able to stomach SO much more on this trip known as your lifetime when you take regal responsibility for any part, tiny, small, medium or big in all pain present, as much as you do for the ridiculous joy in your life.

We get to do the hard things to live an easier, breezier life…

Enjoy your business, enjoy your life!

Life is good,

Michelle Ghilotti
Couture Brand Creator & Success Coach

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Diary #1, Hello from Rome (family sweetness & pressing PLAY on your life)

Two of our favorite things on trips: spending every waking hour together & audio tours.

The favorite part of the audio tour part: timing it so the family all starts at the same time.

One of us asks the others where they want to start or go. The other tells us what number to press. And one of them or the third in the threesome says “ok, 3-2-1, press.” If someone presses too early by accident, we start the whole process over. We laugh only sometimes, but I find each of us smiling always.

It’s this whole thing. The sweetest thing.

That moment of getting the timing just right so we are on the same word, the same proverbial page.

The excitement I can tell we each feel learning something new and, maybe just maybe, experiencing the same moment together…

This trip known as a lifetime…
it’s this
whole thing
, the

Enjoy your business, enjoy your life!

Life is good,

Michelle Ghilotti
Couture Brand Creator & Success Coach

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