It will Atrophy (SURPRISE drops Jan 9th)

Walking with my son yesterday —
an important share/message.

We only need more gurus if you’re one of them.In the coaching world, we keep doing the same things as everyone else.

No wonder things aren’t working for people. Let’s talk about that…

Use your creativity or it atrophies.

And that’s not the only reason to use it, it’s where innovation stems from…where you become the guru you’ve been following, where you are so much more engaged (or re-engaged) that it becomes the reason you engage others.

As I said in my livestream (stay with me through the couple connection blips), it’s this that clients connect to…they connect to and buy your energy.

Your expertise and the value or transformation your service or product brings is key, but little of that matters if you aren’t lighting it on fire by stepping outside the lines, the boxes, the rules or prescriptions.

The medicine is within.

It’s called your wild, fun and crazy ideas, the ones eventually tied to value and a verve that reinvigorates an industry and the humans within it.

Energy comes from this; your creativity, your most authentic expression (stop overthinking who you are and just be all of her ~ she’s your guru, THE one to follow), the time you take to follow the fun stuff that might make you feel like it won’t work to bring in the money you want, but, in fact, is the very thing that not only works but waltzes…

…to create a business and life filled with ease and flow…

Be the mother of your own reinvention and follow your ideas and your more full, honest expression.

It’s why you became an entrepreneur.

We only need more gurus if YOU are one of them.

>> As the video shares, watch this space on January 9th for the announcement and invitation to the gift of 2018 from MGI!! <<

Enjoy your business, enjoy your life! 

Life is good,


 Michelle Ghilotti
Couture Brand Creator & Success Coach

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