In Guatemala! (more on my vision quest & the Mayans)


We *are* the elements – it’s where instinct, passion, our emotional strength and creativity come from.  And the more we work our way away from or against what we naturally are (or wish to do at any given moment), the more dis-ease uses us as it’s muse. 

But we already belong to someone, to s o m e t h i n g else…⁣

⁣Here in Guate and especially after climbing the Pacaya volcano, I‘m feeling the vision quest — the essences of self remembered that came without the distraction of food, company, even shelter — as alive as ever.⁣

There’s a woman we all have living deep inside (yet who wishes to fly on the surface of the deepest oceans), connected to her moon, to her own sun…the She who is often restless between adventures because she IS both rest-less and adventure and because modern life, too, has told her to be all things to all people, but be little to herSelf (belittle ~> being little doesn’t become us). ⁣

It’s this woman — the one who lets herself go all the way back to herself, the creation and creator, who knows exactly who she is and isn’t — this is who we miss and who we are lonely for (we needn’t be fooled, it is not anyone else we long for).⁣

Today, while sitting at temple number four in Tikal watching the sun rise over the ruins, listening to the monkey songs below, I felt as deafening a gratitude to and longing to know even more of these Mayan ancestors —⁣

⁣The ones who saw to it that women, with their unique, NATURAL gifts, be expressed, not allowed to rise, but recognized as already risen and already holding a place equal in leadership and good counsel (inside the civilization, the path to power was beautifully open to both men and women).⁣

Our guide confirmed today what I had known before as this statement-turned-question: how could a civilization so close to nature, the skies, stars and the natural world, not be close to and revere women who are a stellar symbol and part of it all?⁣

In his most adorable words, he said that men in power looked to their wives often, potentially one day also governors of the people, valuing them deeply “…knowing they were connected in a way they, themselves, weren’t and that they, the women, had great ideas and [as he leaned over pretending to tell someone a secret] also always gave GREAT advice.”⁣

And maybe where it all comes full circle is here — our connection to the natural (which is also the spiritual and the emotional, that which allows the rising) — if we don’t stop it, move further and further away from it, or feel like we must be or act any different or less creative than what genuinely courses through our veins *keeps* those great ideas and GREAT advice flowing like the river beside the temple that provides and sustains life..

Make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…enjoy your business, enjoy your life!

Life is good,

Michelle Ghilotti
Success Designer, Brand Activator & Social Entrepreneur

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