I Walked Out a Better Mother

Almost 13 years ago, I walked into yoga for the first time and walked out a better mother.

Breathing and the play involved (novel concept…breathe) helped the steep learning curve. Like for many moms, the first while was a definite marked and tough transition for me. In addition, I had PPD for a year but didn’t know it. Yoga helped. And I did know that. 

When Nolan was three, I started a seven-month teacher training. We lived in Guadalajara at the time and one long weekend per month I’d fly to Monterrey, Mexico to learn to eventually stand on hands, among other things. 

I had my branding business already, so I didn’t necessarily want to teach, but I did want others to teach me — yoga philosophy and some of the harder physical poses, specifically.

I fell hard for the after effects of it all  — the clarity it afforded me around this new role of nurturer and the nurturing of myself went well together. 

Yoga helped creatively, too (yoga and second showers have, for years, helped me solve different creative problems or life situations). I consciously walk into either and know or trust that when I leave I will have figured it out…

I’ve been injured here and there since I started that many years ago, so, I’ve pulled back a bit or taken periods off the harder poses, but recently I’ve been back into getting the longer hold on my handstand back.  

I stayed after class today and worked on it for 20 more minutes. 

The chairs in this photo were helping to retrain my focus and strength. And since no one else was in the room, the wide-open physical space also gave me the mental room to land the stand in the middle of the room sans chairs for a bit longer than I had in months. 

Thinking about this creatively or professionally, maybe what we each need to land our latest anything is exactly that ~ to stay after class; to act like we really want it and to move everything else out of the way.

Enjoy your business, enjoy your life! 

Life is good,

Michelle Ghilotti
Success Designer, Brand Activator & Social Entrepreneur 

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