I Screamed This to My Son (& the true gifts)

About eight or so years ago, I told Josh that I didn’t want us to buy each other gifts anymore. It didn’t seem that either of us were into receiving purchased gifts all that much.

Instead, I said, what if we spend time writing each other something (since we both like to write). 

Years later, as Nolan got older, while still also purchasing gifts for him for special moments, we brought him into the mix and made mama, papa and Nolan books which were/are simply journals that hold the notes or poems or stories that we write to the others throughout the year for special days.

Cut to last night, as I’m in my room, after having seen him in another high school soccer game (and having had heartfelt connection time in the car talking about a music artist he liked who passed away due to drugs (they think)), I yelled so he could hear me in his room: 

Nolan (pause, I didn’t really know what I was going to say next, but I knew I wanted to connect with him in that moment. I was feeling it)…I’m really proud of you. I LIKE YOU. And I love youuuu!

It was loud and seemed appropriate for what I was feeling. 

I didn’t know exactly what would come back through our walls and our two open doors and then — there it was:

(His own pause)…I reallyyyy like you too, Mama and I love youuuu!

And this is it, I guess. The best gifts include this, all of this ~ really liking one another (love is awesome and liking one another is a another ball game), genuinely connecting about the real stuff, finding the words to express that like or love, whether that be written or said, breaking down walls and keeping our doors open…….

Make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…enjoy your business, enjoy your life!

Life is good,




Michelle Ghilotti
Success Designer, Brand Activator & Social Entrepreneur 

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