Human vs. Soul? (Your Personal BRAND Expressed)

Our soul or soulution self is as real a part of who we are as our human self.

I have one main question for you today ~ might we remember her spark more often? Bring her into the everyday allowing her to help see us through…? Using her as inspiration for our brand, a mark or measure for how, or in what ways, to continue evolving, loving and surrendering?

We are a dichotomy in the best of ways.

And, as a result, we get to dance between two realities (we don’t have to, we get to), experiencing both worlds and all they have to offer us. Though they inform each other, the worlds are unique and, therefore (as you well know as a creative and spiritual woman) what you are able to take in and experience throughout this life AS both human and soul (and acknowledging both every day), as a result, is extremely unique as well.

In other words, I know you find an appreciation in experiencing ALL of you, the very depths of you and the surface parts of you (this is, of course, tied to the whole “we can be deeply spiritual and a fashionista” thing). As I’ve said many times before, you are multi-passionate and multi-dimensional, a god-send for your evolution and brand. 😉

When we understand, more and more everyday, that we are both human and soul, and use all the bells and whistles given as that human AND that soul, we are able to experience greater moments of surrender, peace and joy.

As the Creative Heroine says to herself often, you are soul, you are creativity, you are resilience and you, my dear, are always just on the other side of reinvention or greater stillness. Walk around the corner and there she is — there YOU are.

Though we are human, we are not problem (no matter how much the happenings of our lives or that our minds may want us to think that we are)…we are soul. This means that we can always find or BE part of the solution. In fact, we always have the seeds of solution available in us to bloom anew…in other words, to:

  • Put the puzzle pieces in business or life back together in a way so as to feel more alive,
  • Experience greater healing which leads to greater world peace,
  • More fully understand self love and, therefore, self compassion and…
  • See the value in our most honest expression…the authentic expression of who we are or most want to be.

Remembering what we are made of (soul and soulution), in other words, where we come from and who we truly are at our core also reminds us that although we may experience sadness, that we are not sadness, and that just because we may feel heartbroken or trying for the 12th time to make something/anything/everything work, that we are not brokenness.

Again, the truth is that we are possibility, both in our humanity AND in our spirit.

As a true Creative Heroine, you are a woman who moves from problem to solution in hopes of expressing to the world who you really are.

Remember this as you move towards your goals, brand and big business and you will meet them all.

Remember that you are both human and soul.

Remember, too, especially as you move towards great goals, your gorgeous business-turned-movement and, generally, toward great change and evolution what Arianna Huffington’s mom said to her:  “…mistakes are not the opposite to success, but a stepping stone to success.”

Life may not all work out as you design it, but adopting this truth, or, in other words, adopting the Creative Heroine mindset, the growth mindset, one that says that trip-ups are a natural part of creation, evolution and of creating lasting change in the world, will help you lean into your resilience and create something even greater than may have originally been on paper.

How does this help your brand and business, you ask?

Recognizing that you are more, that you are depth embodied…that you are soul as much as you are human helps you keep you going (the #1 success strategy in entrepreneurship), adding to the well of resilience and creativity we most need as creators and thought leaders (creativity = a fancy way of saying the act of moving from problem to solution).

When you begin to be seen and get known for being solution is when you begin to lead and separate yourself from the pack. It is you as leader that creates the biggest expression of you possible.

And that’s all that great branding really is ~ YOU as your biggest expression.

In short, surrender to that which hasn’t worked up until now and allow more space and a platform for your  s o u l to shine and speak every day on Facebook, via your blog or newsletter.

THIS is where to start from, THIS is where we lead, express and succeed from.

And the sun shone brightly…

Enjoy your business, enjoy your life!





p.s. This is who you are — soulution.

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