How to share your story (and today is a big day)

Hiding never helped anyone succeed in anything. We make life and business more difficult when we hide.

You may need practice to land in your own unique brand of elegance around your story, and around who you are, but you won’t know until you start.

The answer continues…

You are multi-dimensional.

You are multi-passionate.

You have joys, sadnesses and many other experiences in between that are of value and that make up a life cred that only influences and instructs your professional cred.

Your community or clients don’t need a perfect leader. No leader is ever perfect, but they lead, not follow their dreams (and dreams always include being exactly who they are, while they serve). If a leader is human and they can take what they’ve been through to grow and instruct their work and service, that’s mighty perfect.

Your business persona and the woman your husband, brother and child know should/can be the same person. She is the same person.

The invitation on this 12th of May 2016 is to take that woman on the road. While you’re on the journey, ask yourself, time and time again, how this part of me, or what I’ve experienced, how can MY story (or, what parts of my story) serve the people who have found me?

Share those stories.

Share those sentiments.

Keep the rest locked away…for now.

When you are in regular practice of being you, sharing you and honoring both your life cred and professional cred, equally, know that you will have found the answer to your uniqueness and to why people will care.

It’s called depth.

It’s called caring.

It’s called people can’t and don’t ignore that, ever.

Your potential clients care about you, long before they care about your services.

Not everyone will take this challenge, but if you do, I promise that you will no longer feel challenged by finding your people.

Resist the urge to let the fear flames rise high, to get lost in ego, or over-rev about not being liked or having others think your life is a mess when, in reality, it is all a stepping stone to your greatest suc-cess.

As in life, as in business. As in business, as in life. The professional is personal and the personal is professional.

Here’s a visual for you. When head, mouth, heart and feet are all doing the same thing, you are living authentically.

And, when your heart and head, for example, are in harmony, you are happy. Gandhi said that, or something close to it.

Lastly, your brand, specifically, your greatest, most powerful brand will always come when what you do, say and show are consistently in alignment.

Be you. All parts. All passions. All stories. All of you.

Hide not.

Express, even just a little more today.

And make the work being about finding the common thread between all of you, and your stories, because there always is one.

Being in alignment, authentic or a rich, take notice brand is not about keeping a part of you hidden.

Do the work you need to on yourself so that you grow to feel confident and comfortable being you. Allow the joys to seep deep into your soul and work through the pains and problems, so you can use all of it to support others, not just in your specialty of [fill in what you do here], but in recognizing that they are not alone.

Connection ~ what you say you want most want in business or life ~ lies here.

Right here.

Being you means sharing your story.

To my brother Dino, I love you more than human words could ever adequately express. Thank you I dedicate this day, the serving of these women to live more expressed and happy, to you.

To honoring the past and the love experienced there, as well as the love that is yet to come with so many new beginnings.

This is and you are the human story.

Enjoy your business and enjoy your life! 

Life is good,




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