How I Look in The MorningISH (photo)


It’s in the thinking that we separate…

We are more connected than ever, yet we feel world’s away from one another, too.

One reason we feel this way beyond, maybe, that of brains changing with the overuse of tech or screens and our emotional and social intelligence (or more elegant relating ability) being tested in these times is that we genuinely believe that others are doing better, like a lot better, emotionally/physically/spiritually than we are because of the happy/successful/globe trotting/everything matches/”no mess to see here” photos they’re sharing. 

But everyone doing better than you (and especially in all areas) is not anymore true than a group of people genuinely thinking negatively of you (you’re “unprofessional” or less of a beautiful human being) if you post a photo of a tender moment you want to share along with a photo of how you really look in the morning (case in point, this photo of me Sunday is two hours post wake-up, this is *not* how I look freshly up), or a photo that shows your wrinkles or your mid 40-something soft skin in the sunlight (something I’ve noticed the last few months)…

The OR list is long ~

Or how you really BE on a typical Thursday night or when it’s been a hard and stressful week, OR — connected — if you happen to share about your real emotions around loss, divorce, or another life transition that aren’t necessarily the norm on platforms like these, but that everyone reading has felt many, many times, either about those experiences or others.

What we are craving and have been craving for some time — our life? — is being more real or ourselves with others and others being more real and themselves with us; to be in the world as we are in *our* world (or close-ish, shrinking the gap). COMFORTABLE, like ‘plop down on my sofa or my bed and let’s talk like we live similar lives, because, hey, we do.

We do. 

In other words, asking more of ourselves and creating what we want to be a part of virtually, just as we want to be in life beyond the push of a button, change of a filter or wrinkle brush app. 

The virtual realm can act as a wall or barrier, so we get to work to soften it down, to find ways of communicating and connecting that help to alleviate disconnection and a false sense of perfection.

It’s not everyone’s charge or desire and many of us are private people, but I find it fascinating that for those of us who use these platforms TO connect, why aren’t we, then, connecting in all the ways the word implies?

Connection is more than skin deep, it goes beneath and beyond superficial layers.

I challenged us at Creative Heroine to do that (podcast update HERE) ~ to create a new space *within* this space that holds more of each of us, more depth, more, more, more…

The A and B sides are both as much of the real us:

Growing older…real and universal.

Not winning…yup.

Falling down…definitely. 

And sometimes a combination of these things at the same human time.

It’s a brave creative practice to be ourselves, and one that, maybe, when practiced more can make us braver against other odds, harder things or challenges.

I want to keep waking to alllll of that which is universal, to being free of what one thinks or does not think because it’s in the thinking that we separate…

in the feeling 
where we 
come together. 

Enjoy your business, enjoy your life! 

Life is good,

Michelle Ghilotti
Success Designer, Brand Activator & Social Entrepreneur 

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