How I Found My Purpose (you won’t be confused on yours anymore!)

My Mom and I, my Creative Heroine…

There will only be one day in my entire life when I can say that by morning I was living in Guatemala City, set on a path for one life (with all the joys and challenges it might bring) and by that afternoon living in the States (with all the joys and challenges it might bring).

I wouldn’t find out we were staying until later…

Change has been and will be┬áthe only constant, but not because it is thrust upon you, but because you choose and keep choosing to change, consciously asking for it to keep finding you, please keep finding me, because you know — you’ve been shown, time and time again — that it’s both training and immediate growth all in one, the duo that will continue introducing you to what’s great, what’s next and what’s most on purpose.

It’s a beautiful thing to own your story.

You can either do exactly that ~ own it, as in, YOU “run” IT, you’re in charge of it or you let it run you, allowing it to be the excuse why you’re stressed, why it’s hard, why you’re not creating the meaningful life you know you were meant for and/or why you don’t feel loved…

Your story can be that — a story you tell others from a place of yes, that’s where I came from, all sorts of awesome…I came from trial and tests so that I would always know how to be reborn, reinvent, find joy and help others do the same.

Your divine purpose and final chapter in your story here is not to come from trial and testing and forever more sing the tune of I am still IN trial and testing. No. You’re given experiences and opportunities in life so the rest of it, once you become aware, can be exactly the opposite.

See that. See that?

Insert what you’ve gone through, witnessed or told the story of HERE and stop for a moment to reflect on what, then, this means that you’re called to now DO after having already seen the ashes.

It’s you rising from here, from there and from those stories…


You were given these experiences so you could spend the rest of your life showing others what it’s like to live and be the spokesperson for the opposite.

If you’re confused as to what your purpose is, this is it.

Enjoy your business, enjoy your life!

Life is good,

Michelle Ghilotti
Couture Brand Creator & Success Coach

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