Hit Unsubscribe to This (Five visibility / authenticity tips)

As a spiritually-motivated woman, writer, creative and success coach whose sweet spot (and past experience in advertising — got milk? being one of my longest-standing accounts) lies in helping multi-passionate– or polymath — female entrepreneurs and execs re-brand and reinvent themselves.

I often talk about sharing the multi-passionate and multi-dimensional you (unapologetic expression), about relating to others as well as to your perceived or “real” problems, about trusting yourself and creativity…

Today, as my husband, Josh, and I sat out front at lunch watching Malcolm Gladwell’s masterclass on writing (we highly recommend it), I thought about the one thing that makes all those “categories” or practices work better. 

In other words, the thing that assists us in feeling like we’re being more honest to all of it/to our own life and that is simply: every day, bit by bit, unsubscribing from the way others are doing it. 

Learn from others, yes, but when it starts to quiet your own unique voice or expression and, therefore, makes it so you can’t see your own path, stop or pause most of it (hiding from your uniqueness makes it so successful, too, will elude you) —

1…unsubscribe from many of the items/things/people that come into your inbox, your home or energetic space, especially those things, courses, newsletters or people you’ve known haven’t been serving your highest good (in order to do great good, we need to be prioritizing our own highest good). 

2…strategize your social media intake by unfollowing, de-friending or making it so the topics or people that genuinely align or support you [fill vs deplete you] take up prime real estate (“see first” is an awesome feature).

3…de-friend the quiet, but very loud, “I can’t” or “…but I’m not ready” words spoken to yourself weekly and adopt or use this as your next thought ~> “I trust myself to figure it out or to recover if I fall.” 

4…turn off the notifications on your phone and, at the same time, turn off the need, little by little, to be everything to everyone. Kindness does not mean leave yourself little to no breathing room, with depleted energy or with no time on your own calendar…it’s yours, book yourself in first. 

5…notify those closest to you, from a place of clarity and excitement, how your perspective has changed and, therefore, what new ways of communicating feel best to you right now (six months ago, I told many of the people and friends who use texting as their main form of communication to email me instead. Not surprisingly, I got more of my life back). 

And — in now YOUR newfound spare time:

— > go even more high touch while still living high tech (we have to actively search out the old school to feel more connected to ourselves and others), 

— > enjoy giving time to those subjects and people you’ve been running from or impatient to because you’ve been inundated (literally)…

— > and when in doubt, keep asking yourself, what is it that wants to go…what projects…people…next steps that I now have emotional and physical time for are begging for me to take them or BE taken by them?

Enjoy your business, enjoy your life! 

Life is good,

Michelle Ghilotti
Success Designer, Brand Activator & Social Entrepreneur 

p.s. Keep your eyes peeled for the latest creative offering for polymath women desiring to be known for their ideas (vs. just having them) coming your way!

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