Higher Calling Found HERE

Somewhere high in the sky LA to Austin, a note for knowing and living our calling:


The reason it’s important to develop ourselves (“to grow” as people call it), or, in other words, to create or meet a higher self, someone with a greater awareness of themselves and with a greater capacity to LET more go emotionally is so we can feel the higher calling that’s been placed on our heart. 


We each have one.


Yet, it’s incredibly difficult to connect to it if we’re constantly bringing ourselves back to the tarmac of small thoughts, disempowering words or revengeful (even in the slightest way) actions.


To reach this higher ground of meaning demands higher thoughts [of ourselves & others], higher words [“ “ “] and higher actions 

[“ “ “] (and specifically, the unification of them all). 


This is what’s called the high road. 


It takes you places, this road — places that can’t and won’t be bought with money or influence, but where ample amounts await with integrity, a clear conscience and heart-opening honesty (also known as the cousin of forgiveness). 


When disagreements or perceived problems with others come, we’re being asked to rise to the occasion using higher thoughts, words and actions; to this place where we have even 5% more each day of a 35,000 foot perspective. 


Growing or developing self means rising to the occasion known as the everyday. 


Because, purpose is not something to find (it’s yours right now and inside at all times), it’s something to rise to (we get plenty of opportunities throughout the mundane Monday to day).


What we decide to think, say and do in those everyday moments either creates the space or opening for that higher calling to make itself known a little more (shine its way through) or not….


It wants to. 


Trust that it always wants to.


Make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…enjoy your business, enjoy your life! 

Life is good,

Michelle Ghilotti
Success Designer, Brand Activator & Social Entrepreneur 

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