High Touch, How To in Online Programs (COME to my HOME!!)

Wherever you are in the world, hi from my sunny office in Los Angeles and, most importantly, infinite love & gratitude for being a part of my joy and purposeful work over the last many years. Having had you as a client has meant a lot…it’s allowed me to be and stay on purpose and share my gifts with the world… 

Thank you!

To show my gratitude, I wanted to give you an exclusive sneak peek into the following brand new step-by-step program helping a small’ish group of you to create a virtual program that does not look, speak or act like other virtual programs out there…and not only that, you will be coming to my house for a business retreat too!

That’s riiiiight, as part of this low-ticket program that will be teaching you some wild and creative ideas around how to keep it all high touch, not losing human touch in this high tech world, approximately 15 of you or so will make a weekend out of (after the course) coming to Los Angeles to dive deep into business topics such as revenue streams, business model, spirituality and, generally, have fun (LIVE events = something NEVER done in the online world or as part of virtual programs but let’s break the rules and break the mold to birth the human touch revolution).

Grab one of the first 15 spots…

Read on…


I can hardly contain my excitement about my latest creation that is going to support you in creating virtual programs that WOW the socks off your clients (wow the socks OFF) — and, it’s something so needed in our industry today. You might agree as you read on… 

I won’t be so bold as to say the following program is revolutionary, but it IS going to revolutionize your business. 

It did mine…

Ok, maybe it is a bit revolutionary. 🙂

–> Being more HIGH TOUCH (along with being HIGH TECH) in my business has created an engagement, multiple repeat clients every single month and a joy inside my business that I would have never felt or had if I had just followed what the online gurus said about how to do online marketing or create online programs…

“The Future of Online Marketing is Offline”/”The Future of E-Commerce is Bridging the Online/Offline Gap” and I could go on…there are sooo many articles out there voicing what so many of us have felt. Essentially that we want as many ways to ways to still keep the human touch (high touch) in our businesses/program AS we are also high tech.




Join us, high touch entrepreneur:  www.michelleghilotti.com/hightouch

*Reserve your spot (likely by September 19th) to be considered one of the first 15 who will receive additional support beyond the four HIGH TOUCH classes to 1) get you clear around the marketing for your virtual program and 2) around consistent messaging tips needed to fill your program(s). 

If you only have two minutes, make sure you don’t miss scrolling down to check out the class material. Such good stuff. 

And, again, come party with me in LA…well, specifically, this is a business retreat party on November 11th! 

There is no cost for this event. HIGH TOUCH, baby, high touch.

Let’s go there…let’s get real and have serious fun in the process. #hightouch

Investment for HIGH TOUCH: It’s so ridiculous that I want you to go to the page to have your fall-to-the-floor moment. 

You can do much more in your online business or online business arm than you may realize (but that I know you feel).

RSVP by joining HIGH TOUCH soon as the first 15 spots will go.

Enjoy your business, enjoy your life! Always.

I’m so flipping excited to wow you in class with revolutionary info and to have business retreat party fun here in LA!

Life is good,

Michelle Ghilotti
Couture Brand Creator & Success Coach

p.s. Become one of the “inner circle” ladies (first 15) and you’ll reserve your spot in both experiences:


p.p.s. Let’s increase, not just your revenue with this brand or type of program creation, but also increase your list size, connection, and primarily engagement — in other words, these uniquely creative, yet strategic ideas will help you fill those programs, give clients the wild results they’re craving and help you enjoy your business WAY more as you deliver these programs (online business can be fun, I promise, even if you haven’t’ felt it up to this point).

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