Have a Fling with…(and new training coming!)

Thou shall be more precise in her thoughts and thinking. Welcome to one of many Creative Heroine commandments.


Thoughts become real, living things. If you get something you don’t want in your life, a feeling or an outcome, the thoughts you’ve had on repeat, for many of us, by default, are guaranteeing that outcome. As many have said, with thoughts, you’re putting in your order to the universe to what’s yours.

You will get what you think about most (predominant thought), over and over again.

Worry or Wisdom

Light or Lament

Life or Dying

But, say thank you, even when you don’t get what you want (and, of course, also always when you do), because it’s a sign that someone/something *is* listening.

And now that you know, really know, or have been reminded of it all over again, next time, make sure to revise the order, getting more specific, asking for all the sides you want, making sure it’s organic, triple-checking to see if it’s gluten free etc. ~ don’t skimp. Go all the way.

Have a fling with the universe. Give it your high vibe. Give it the coquette over-the-shoulder look that says ‘I know I’m worth it, so, show me what you got…I know something amazing is going to happen today and I can’t wait to find out what it is.”

The energy you’re carrying around with you is looking for its romancer, its match, its partner. Give it something really flipping good to play with.

Enjoy your business, enjoy your life!

Life is good,





p.s. My first new free training of 2017 is around the corner, be on the lookout via my newsletter or on my Facebook page.

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