Haircuts & Seize When It’s Given

Some of those pictured want but, don’t *need* a haircut. 

Want, need, want, need…

I appreciate this time is bringing simple truths to clearer view again — like, want is different than need (speaking of a view, we drove up the hill tonight to peek at what feels like a newer LA ~ much less smog these days). 

This stay-at-home time is showing us, each day, we need even less than we usually buy or get and need more in what we may not make or feel like we have as much time for like more times in closer, more frequent or deeper friendship, actual phone calls, seeing people face-to-face (or FaceTime to FaceTime).

It’s beautiful, this slow bake of time, and fitting into it more quality moments for those we love (ourselves included), albeit how unique or uniquely virtual they are right now.

We just can’t buy this type of time and that’s the thing I love about it most. We can only seize it when given or create it when we know in our hearts it’s needed.

Make happiness (or peace or gentleness) your business — especially now during these stay-at-home orders.

Life is good,




Michelle Ghilotti
Success Designer, Brand Activator & Social Entrepreneur 

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