Giving Back, a Down-dog & how your business can give back too.

I’ll begin teaching yoga philosophy and movement to teenage girls from Santa Ana after Thanksgiving and nothing could make me happier. I liken this to those dream business opportunities where you love the client and project as much as they need and love you!

I truly believe I need them (the learning they’ll impart) as much as they might “need” what I have to teach them. Knowing me it’ll be a lot of laughing and taking ourselves way less seriously than we normally allow ourselves during school and work hours. The love, learning and lessons will be cheekily woven throughout.

I understand and hear many of us WANTING so badly to give back yet not having time (or not feeling like we have the time) to research the who/where/how.  Here’s where to start. While sitting in front of your fire the next couple days or before bed during this next important holiday, think…

If you were to strip it all away, what are you about? What moves you?

What things do you love to do?

What could you easily teach?

What is your business about? How could you use these strengths to give of your time or resources, if even once a month?

1) Create a short list (3-5) charities that fit your company or your values. If you’re doing this for your business, think of the charity aligning with your business goals and company mission. It’s easier than you think. At its core, MGI is about empowering women and girls to do what they really want in life so it was a natural fit for me to want to work with teenage girls heading to college. It was also natural I teach them yoga as I’m certified and currently writing a book about yoga philosophy…

2) Ask the charity the following questions: how will donations be spent for the upcoming year? If you can give of your time ask about their schedules and just how you can give if even an hour or two each month. It’s seriously that easy. One hour. Once a month. Ask them what their mission is (if it isn’t already clear). Your values should and can compliment each other and have a shared purpose.

3) Ask your employees what they think. There’s nothing better than to get your employees in on the decision-making. A few heads on this stuff is always better than one. Plus, you’ll ensure success.

4) Make a decision, take a load off and give back. You won’t believe how empowered those you’ve helped will feel (they’ll tell you) but how empowered YOU will feel each and every time you leave. Again, we think people need us when in reality we need this kind of receiving as well. Talk about an even energy exchange…

Start today and continue giving through 2012. What if your life and the life of others depended on your heart opening in this way??

MGI is currently giving 10% to a women’s or children’s charity of your choice. If you’re in need of your true brand identity and a logo that cuts through the clutter, check out the details before November 25th:

Life is good.


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