Dressed Up for This…

The other day, I got dressed up to go to an allergist appointment (handmade Guatemalan beaded and tassel extravaganza). Losing both my brother, Dino, and my Mom to tragic circumstances in a few short years has further launched me into what’s new, next and NOW (this is actually a tagline my client came up with for her brand [Hi Jackie!])… 

I use the fine china for breakfast.

I use the crystal to hold the water I drink as I work.

I sometimes nap in said dressier clothes.

I tell Nolan to kick the ball around the house (ok, maybe I don’t tell him that outright but one day, long ago he started kicking a ball around the house and I saw how happy he was and, fighting the knee-jerk to say, “Why don’t you kick it outside? No ball in the house” that I thought I was “supposed” to say, I went with what felt better and let him keep kicking it.

Today, he kicks it inside all the time and here’s what I continue to think: the life it brings me to have a child here being exactly who he is a gift, not a nuisance — in other news, love is elegant and messy and sometimes loud (p.s. as a Buddhist saying goes, the glass was already broken)).

I drink the finer wine that was once saved, also with no special occasion, except for that today is the day I’m living.

Enjoy your business, enjoy your life!

Life is good,


Michelle Ghilotti

Couture Brand Creator & Success Coach

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