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It felt so good to know who & what was waiting at base camp for me in July (my loving guides, sustenance, safety, guidance, companionship etc.) —⁣

For the three days and three nights I continued to fast solo on my vision quest, it added to my settled nature and feelings of ease and  joy, both of which I experienced much of up there, knowing that my guides (and supplies) were there for me should I need them. ⁣

It hit me recently that this is exactly what we are to our teenagers ~ a base camp. A place to refuel and recharge and a place that’s always there, no matter how bad the weather gets.⁣

It’s the place they can count on to be there with guidance (here’s how to get there, hey, take this with you and here’s how to navigate this or that to keep yourself safe or grounded), with endless supplies (lotttts of food and root beer floats) and to be there, not just as a symbol of warmth, but an active representation of it, both in the human and comfy, clean cotton sheet variety. ⁣

All of it adding, hopefully, to their feelings of being more able to meet the wild ways of the big world out there or — of the big world inside themselves they are just as wildly maneuvering.⁣

They may or may not act like they need this ‘should they need it’ base camp often or that they’re happy to have it, but that’s simply because most of their brain and emotional power is going to understanding who they are right now, who others think they are and to deciding if they like any of it or not. ⁣

As real and as natural as the animals in the forest are or the ability of weather, like human personalities, to shift in a matter of seconds, they’re — as genuinely — going through a lot.⁣

It’s true, they may not need us in the ways they once did, and they may be more quiet overall (which may feel like it complicates connection), but as long as we keep the light on for them at base camp and give them some extra matches in all the ways shared above to be able keep their own lights on, we are doing right by them. ⁣

They’ll “come back to us” more fully eventually, but need to be given to themselves right now because teenagehood — > it’s one of the more challenging vision quests around. ⁣

[Sleeping bag shot before we left on our solo journeys + bear-proof food bags high up in the tree, all at base camp + watercolor that someone made me, xo]⁣


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