DON’T Apologize (A Story for the Women)

A Story For The Women…

Michelita, I look pretty today, my grandmother would say over the years…

Can you take a picture of me? she asked.

It normally made me smile, then laugh, in wild and warm appreciation. Similar to the feeling felt seeing my Mom with my son over the years, it made me fall deeper in love with my Grandma each and every time…

We need to fall in love more with women falling in love with themselves, regardless of how it feels to you (that may just be about you).

Oma and I did this ‘I look pretty today; can you take a picture of me’ dance for just under 20 years. I got really good at taking photos and feeling, maybe, what it felt like to appreciate ourselves in any given moment. (Speaking of dance, she loved the macarena and never met a chicken dance at my weekend German school she didn’t love. In fact, I always wondered if dancing helped her get over the trials and challenges she had lived through…).

Women are creative, generous, resilient and uniquely energetic creatures.

For so many of us who grew up without a Dad present, whether physically or emotionally, women were our life force, always ready to do whatever it took to help us feel loved, heard, strong, empowered, supported and celebrated.

Our ability to recognize our beauty, inside and out, and want to memorialize it in space and time and, in many ways, honoring the matriarchs who taught us to love all parts of ourselves, regardless of what others feel about it, is superpower-esque.

Since ladies, moms and grandmoms are normally behind the camera and because of many other more powerful reasons, I say take as many selfies and capture as much of you on this day of feeling radiant and ready to take on the world, as possible.

Capture this moment in time where the sun is shining perfectly on your face, those gorgeous eyes, the windows to your soul and two mini wells holding your emotion, want to tell your story…

Honor how much you’ve lived in whatever way you choose and feels good…write without abandon, take and ask for photos unabashedly, travel like there’s no tomorrow, sing as if you had the voice of an angel and you will always have a standing date with your soul…

I see you and think you look beautiful.

Enjoy your business, enjoy your life!


Michelle Ghilotti
Couture Brand Creator & Success Coach

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