Diary #5, PLAY in Biz (Camping in Israel!)

My son, Nolan, ran up to hug me twice for planning this experience in Israel.

He loves being outdoors and doing so in such a new place, had him vibing high.

When we started to cook dinner, we went off to find him high on one of the mountains taking photos and building this rock sculpture. It reminded me of spending Summers in Kentucky where we’d run outside and catch fireflies for hours and hours with new friends.

For many of us, city living and technology has changed things a little bit, but the great news is that we still have nature and can grow our connection to her (especially when we take care of her)…

We can and our kids can also still experience (childlike) freedom by searching out things that get us ALL out of our head and into our bodies — into laughter…

And, of course, we ALL know that we will never lose our truth of being creative beings living our human art if we stay connected to experiences like travel, hiking, camping, running, splashing in water, writing, painting, tickling (and an all-around playfulness), generally exhibiting a unique presence with our kids and, therefore, with the essence of life itself.

In short, showing our kids how we, as adults, express all of the above in our everyday lives is one of the greatest forms of purpose and expression there is.

Today, I hug and thank you, NLM, for teaching me so much about the little girl I still have inside. She’s always so pleased to see you every morning. 😉

Whether you’re a parent or not, the idea here is play…play more in your life and infuse more of it into your business by allowing more of this part of your personality naturally come out (what would SHE do in her business or in her expression?), will always help you in making happiness your business and will also attract in more of your tribe because, well, light or lightness is magnetic.

You are magnetic — simply be you…

Enjoy your business, enjoy your life!

Life is good,

Michelle Ghilotti
Couture Brand Creator & Success Coach

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