Death. LIFE.

You Continue…

These are the types of messages that I consider happy Friday material these days.

I’ve spoken to Josh and Nolan about the topic and questions below quite a bit, but I’ve never gone public with it.

There are many different reasons why, but as I’m slowly accepting the role of a woman who has a thing or a book to say about death or waking up to live beyond disappointments or any kind of loss (something daily I’m also getting better at understanding how it integrates into my identity work), I know all of it is a good example of how purpose means to learn and stick with integrating our life experience (mainly that which has stung or hurt) and our professional experience into one expression (mainly this: how do we give BACK from both places all the time?).

Our “genius” zone doesn’t solely come from our God-given talents or mastered skills, it comes ~ and ignites ~ when we’ve crashed in life, but not burned…

Loss and the topic of death found me at a young age NOT so that I wouldn’t talk about it, but so that I would (+ so I would feel the freedom to say now, to express NOW what it is that I value/believe/want to say).

What does *your* life experience beg you to say, give or do that you don’t?

Our greatest work in expressing ourselves or our “brand identity” lies in saying what it is that we don’t want to say for fear of it not matching up with what we “do” or for fear of others, not understanding. It’s ok if someone doesn’t understand. We’re not meant to get it all, agree, value or believe it “all.”

Questions are good and not knowing is fine, but keep asking…

Find comfort in the questions, in your questioning. You’re not doing life wrong if you have a lot of them right now, in fact, you now have the chance to do it mostly right for the new, more fully integrated you.

You Continue…

What if you continue?, I’ve asked my guys. What if death is merely a continuation of a different type of you?

What if the gains you make in your development and growth here — in this particular version of life — you take with you to help with your development and growth there? What if what you say, and how much more authentically you express yourself, too, matters for your expression, energy and elevated, wise vibe there?

(I remember vividly the first time I shared something like this with Josh, specifically, many years back): the “work” you’re doing on yourself now isn’t solely for how you want this life to go, it’s how you want what lies beyond to go, so prioritize it.

We act as if we are body/mind/spirit in that order, but we are more like spirit/mind/body. When we forget how important it is to bring in life experience, to allow more of us to speak, is when we feel off, disconnected and when our expression feels stifled…

What if?

You Continue…

So, continue.

Make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…enjoy your business, enjoy your life! 

Life is good,

Michelle Ghilotti
Success Designer, Brand Activator & Social Entrepreneur 

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