Come up with Your BEST Ideas (ideas inside)

Ever wondered how entrepreneurs (or happy people) come up with THE best ideas in their lives or those ideas that are wildly popular with their clients?

Let me share a few thoughts with you, Creative Heroine — to keep you creative!creative!

1.  AMASS THE IDEAS: They write their ideas down all the time, whenever they come and as inconveniently as they may come (for me it was 5am the other morning while I was still 80% asleep). They write them on post-its, inside journals that sit inside purses, on cocktail napkins, wherever they are and, again, ALL THE TIME. Are you making sure to write down most of the exciting phrases or ideas that come as they come vs. letting them go as soon as they came?

Note: So we’re clear, the one thing people who have great ideas don’t do is fear that if they don’t write them down, that they’ll lose that idea or lose period. You don’t want to write your ideas down for fear you might lose them, but you do want to write them down because like all idea babies, you value them and want to, when you’re back in a quiet space, sit with them to determine if they’re viable and/or lucrative, adding to your joy as they simultaneously are wildly relevant to your clients. 

You may already be writing down your ideas, but, could you plan for it better — like, putting a tiny journal inside each purse, inside your car and possibly even taking out your voice recorder or use the voice memo feature on your smartphone to record the ideas as they come? [There’s something special that happens when you allow your voice and spoken word to talk about an idea vs. solely ever allowing your hand and the written word to do it. Try it! I’ve found using my voice a beautiful way to expand on an idea or continue to gain clarity on it].

2.  MAKE IT A PRACTICE: Next, people who seem to (and do) always have great ideas for their businesses and, generally, great ideas for how to increase the joy in their daily lives actually make it a point to write a few ideas down per day. In other words, they fold “idea generation” as part of their work day.

Making it a “get-to-do” each day, as in, specifically making it a habit, say, during or after a gratitude practice or meditation proves to be ultra-supportive to your most popular idea creation as well. See about making it a point to open the journal each morning or every few days, even, and motivate yourself to think up a few that you’re crazy about (no rules except for you have to be wild about it).

If above in #1 you were allowing yourself to be a channel of sorts, #2 is about using the intellectual part of you to strategize and plan a bit around what your best ideas may be for upcoming programs, events, articles, talk ideas etc.

The combination of intuition and flow and brainstorming and strategizing or planning makes for a well-rounded business and creative idea machine ~> YOU.

IMPORTANT: Writing ideas down that spontaneously come AND making it a point to sit and actually generate ideas on-the-spot keeps us in creation mode, something our businesses and livelihood depend on ~ consistent creation!

The benefit of the two ways shared above is that you are telling yourself (and building a muscle memory) that is all about creating in alignment, on-brand idea babies…this is what brings clients in droves. The more refined the innovation or idea generation gets the larger your impact. 

And lastly…

3.  MOVE AFTER THEM SWIFTLY: Use them or lose them. As mentioned in #1, we don’t want to feel like we are in fear of losing our ideas. That’s still true. In fact, we want to be in abundance around them — think to yourself: “There are more coming every day and better and better ones to support me in my wildest dreams!” In fact, the best one is yet to come in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 (insert smile).

Stay in the magic of it, but, remember this: writing them down or thinking new ones up and never following through on them, IS cause for losing them and maybe worse, losing out on the momentum gained and practice gained in being an idea machine that not only downloads and thinks of ideas, but of ideas that she consistently puts into practice!

In other words, the more we honor that ideas are coming to us for a reason (ahem, for us to DO something with them), the more they WILL continue to come and the more refined and the better the ideas will be (I’ve seen this to be 150% true in my life and business).

Follow your best ideas (as many as you have superhuman or super entrepreneur manpower for) vs. allowing them to come in and fade away. Tell and show yourself (and your ideas) that you are listening and that you are grateful for the life and energy they continue to bring to you and your life.

I see you, Creative Heroine, and know you can’t turn it off. Now it’s just a matter of truly getting out there in creation mode around them so they grow your business and GROW your clients.

In other words, that’s the whole point, right — to give your clients crazy results, growth and transformation?

Enjoy your business, enjoy your life!

Life is good,


Michelle Ghilotti
Couture Brand Creator & Success Coach

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