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March 7 ~ March 15, 2012

Attention: Female entrepreneurs, business-owners and women who want to enjoy their business (and life) more:


Are you in need of brand clarity?

Know you need “branding help” but don’t really know why or what it will do for the success of your business?

Want expert help (maybe even someone who has worked with the likes of Starbucks, Nike and got milk?)?


Are you…

or are you so close to your brand clarity you can just taste it?

If you’re either of those or anywhere in between, I’d love to support you in getting clarity on YOUR brand.

I’m taking this next month to do just that ~ coach women like you to brand clarity.

And I’m doing it all in honor of International Women’s Day (March 8th), a time to honor us women who have the power to change the world one thought, one word, one kind action and meaningful business at a time!

Did you know the Dalai Lama said the world would be saved by the Western woman? (ok, good)

I want to help you come out of a version of “business hiding” and show the world your strength, your unique gifts and the JOY you have for what you do so way more ideal clients can find you.

How would that feel?

Essentially that’s what branding does ~ helps you become a magnet to more and more ideal clients. And you know what happens when we become that? We enjoy our businesses that much more. Because working for just anyone that can afford our services is, let’s be honest, way less interesting and not as happy of an experience.

Get clarity and have more fun in your business (period).

That said, all of this is me stepping outside MY norm of coaching clients in longer programs ~ two, three and six month programs so you too can ~ with more ease and fun ~ also step out of yours.

Step outside the spinning of those proverbial wheels, the “if I just had support…” and of attempting to do it all yourself and gift yourself with a month of gaining that brand clarity you’ve desperately been needing.

I’m making it more affordable for you to receive high-level brand coaching AND I’m also sharing 15% of the proceeds with Women for Women International (Women for Women International provides women survivors of war, civil strife and other conflicts with the tools and resources to move from crisis and poverty to stability and self-sufficiency, thereby promoting viable civil societies…an awesome organization).

Creating an opportunity for you to work on your business and where we both can give back makes me extremely happy. Win-win-win.



Opening the opportunity to coach for one month and help many more women fills my heart, it does.  We all, not just a “lucky few” need guidance and someone to shine the light on our brand…to help us see our true vision most clearly and I provide this for my clients.

I feel blessed that I’m able to do this as I see what it has done for countless clients, and not only for business but for their confidence, self-worth and level of everyday happiness. [Can you tell I’m huge on happiness? I’m writing a book about it so maybe it’s no surprise…]

In this month, I’ll be capitalizing on my strength of being able to laser-in on and show clients the 10,000 foot view on their brand clarity so they can then, easily and joyfully, gain additional clarity on the next steps to take. Overall clarity provides additional clarity on specifics such as taglines, programs, services to offer, partnerships, website copy, how to brand your events, you name it, the list is long…

My experience with landing big clients such as Nike as well as working with other big brands such as got milk?, Starbucks and adidas has only helped me in this ability of working fast/lasering-in and doing great work, providing an enormous amount of value to my women entrepreneur and business owner clients the last ten years!

IMPORTANT: Though in this month, I’m focusing on helping you nail your overall brand clarity (the 10,000 foot view), you will also leave with a one-page “brief” of sorts of the main branding/marketing items we worked on in our month…elements such as tagline, program names, mission, vision statements and much more…

And since I whole-heartedly believe we all deserve the joy that comes with clarity in our businesses and with our brand identities, this one-month opportunity also acknowledges the fact that longer programs are just not in the cards for us sometimes for a variety of different reasons.

I want it to be in the cards for you.

And this is how we grow and achieve more…when we help each other; when we create opportunities that propel us  forward. Again, everything, in my opinion, International Women’s Day is about.

If you’ve been on the fence or have felt anxiety at getting expert help because of timing or price-point, this is a great opportunity…and one that I am making available for a short time.

I also chose this one month time-frame because in my own life ONE MONTH was the game-changer. Though I continue to receive coaching from my very own success coach, during that very first month of support, I moved some pretty big mountains. I gained even deeper clarity on my vision and brand and experienced financial success I hadn’t experienced since having Nike as a client.

I tripled my income.

Tripled my income.

The point here is how invaluable and powerful having clarity IS. You can’t put a price on it.

And, I attribute this next level of success in these ten years to the two things as branding guru I’ll be giving you: clarity and support.

Clarity and being clear in our marketing allows WAY MORE ideal clients to find us but it also makes us feel powerful and enjoy our business and life more. I’ve seen it and I see it with my clients all the time.

At the end of the day, this is why we all are in business for ourselves, right? To be happier and to share what we have with the world, on our terms.

I know for me, this is true.

If you’re motivated, work fast, are ready to make some decisions on your brand, clear that you want to move forward and have some solid ideas of your own already, I can help continue taking you there…

 One Payment option, $2650

Two Payment option, $1400 at registration and $1400 21 days later.

So, to re-cap, this is for you if...

  • If you would love beloved clarity but feel you have little time or money to invest in longer coaching programs (mine or anyone else’s)…
  • If you would like to know, once and for all, how “branding” can help you fall in love with your business even more as well as attract not only your ideal clients but ideal, higher-paying clients…
  • Want to work with a real-life branding guru. Beyond learning about what branding can do for your business, I may also show you a business yoga™ pose or two 🙂
  • This is also for you if…
You need brand clarity yesterday.
You need help joining those two or three parts of yourself under the same brand umbrella…you want it all. (me, too)
You’ve been in business for awhile and need to do a few things to freshen up your brand’s image and/or communication via all your touchpoints…
You don’t want to break the bank yet you want (and need) the expert help
You want to enjoy your business more…be happier in that clarity

You will walk away with…

right arrow Increased happiness knowing you have the brand clarity you need to move forward on the programs, services or products you’re most passionate about.
right arrow Killer momentum (aka excitement) moving into Spring and Summer
right arrow Overall clarity on your brand, whether you’re a personal brand or company. Clarity is Queen…why? Because it brings us ideal clients and lots of them!
right arrow One-on-one support and a master-mind of sorts with an expert from the branding, business and advertising industries; someone with 17 years big brand experience with clients such as Nike, Starbucks, adidas, Nike, Hewlett-Packard and many other creative start-ups.
right arrow And if you’re interested, I’ll also happily share with you how I grew my business over the last ten years while living overseas twice as well as how I’m able to write a book, be a Mom and run a successful business. This ALL takes loads of clarity. Ok, and a good practice of that thing I call business yoga™…

Features and specifics of the Clarity is Queen custom, one-on-one coaching program:

FIRST, a 10 page Welcome Packet for you to fill out so I can hear more about you (first and foremost), your vision, goals and branding needs. Then…

First week: One and a half hour strategy session, over skype or LIVE in LA. You leave with two homework assignments based on your particular branding goals for the month.
Second week: Your first of a total of four (4) Weekly Sessions, 45 minutes. Custom homework assignment for continued clarity.
Third week: Your second of a total of four (4) Weekly Sessions, 45 minutes. As mentioned above, if we feel this is what you need and we have time, this is around the time you begin walking away with tangible items you need…taglines, your brand umbrella, names or specifics for an on-brand program etc. During that first strategy session, we’ll determine what you want/need/will receive.
Fourth week: Your third of a total of four (4) Weekly Sessions, 45 minutes.
Fifth week: Your fourth of a total of four (4) Weekly Sessions, 45 minutes.
Custom and up-leveled banner designed to showcase what we’ve just accomplished during our month together.
One thirty minute call three weeks later to make sure there aren’t any remaining questions around your brand and how to continue moving forward.
One hour with rock star social media coach Janet Wallace. Because we all know how haute and necessary social media is in making our brand goals!

AND, FULL Email support for the five weeks (clients in the past have called this seemingly “small” element…invaluable).

Investment: $2650

Making big brand and expert support more accessible, in honor of YOU, in honor of International Women’s Day.

But, remember, there are LIMITED SPACES.

Register now.

And lastly, honoring how we ladies learn through story as well as hearing what others who have gone before have to say, I give you some of my clients recently…

I’ve been thinking, talking and journaling about this for 5+ years. Logistically taking this direction with my brand didn’t feel that it made sense…after working with you, I realize you were the missing link.


Doing branding work with Michelle has helped me understand more (or: helped me gain more clarity) about what unique gifts I offer to the world that are beyond the field of my expertise. She showed me what my strengths were, and how I could bring out my personality, creativity, or things about me that would inspire others. I loved the fact that branding can be an outlet for my self-expression. I‘m VERY happy with the results we achieved in just 3 hours ~ I’ve got my elevator speech done, editorial calendar, two fun ads, and a welcome banner for my facebook page, ideas for the content & headline of my website and newsletter. And; the whole process was…fun!

Kristina, Lifestyle and Health Coach, LOS ANGELES

I want to land a series of big fat kisses on your cheek right now! YOU ARE AMAZING. I feel so incredibly lucky to have found my way to you. You are brilliant and not only with your expertise in design but in the way your mind masterfully works and associates; you have figured me out without even speaking to me. You made it all happen with such grace, spunk, humor and charm. I could go on for many pages because this is a true love fest. Thank you so much!

Kate, Kate Harrison Photography, SAN FRANCISCO

Michelle’s creative generosity was in-measureable from start to end. She lead us through this unknown world of brand, design and creativity, being patient and understanding all the way! The end result turned out perfectly (as was to be expected). And, as always, professionalism was on top of Michelle’s list. We were sad to see her leave Amsterdam…we wish her all the best.

Lee, Corpus Rub, AMSTERDAM

My business seemed to take off once I started using the materials Michelle created for me. As a new small business owner, one of the most important things one can do to get started, is to establish your visual branding. I was three years into my business when I hired Michelle to design my logo and a few marketing pieces, and I only wish I had done it sooner! Michelle designed pages and pages of ideas based on our initial consultation. I ended up with a logo that was a true reflection of me and my business. I got so many positive comments (unsolicited!) about my new logo and my business just seemed to take off once I started using the materials Michelle created for me. My new branding not only had a positive impact on how prospective clients viewed me, I think it also solidified how I felt about my business and as a result I felt truly established and ready to compete on a whole new level. I have gotten new business simply because my business card stood out from the pile. I would recommend anyone to Michelle who is ready for a new business look. You won’t regret it!

Kari McGee, LivingRoom Realtors, Portland

On top of the high-quality results that Michelle delivers, she’s also fun, responsive and gracious. Michelle and I have never met, but the fruits of our collaboration are so reflective of my personal design aesthetic and branding goals that I feel as though we’re old friends! The first time I worked with Michelle was to design my website. I recall being impressed by the quantity and variety of creative ideas she sent to me after our initial conversation. We quickly narrowed down the defining visual elements from there, and she was able to help me incorporate an image that is personally meaningful to me into my company logo in a beautiful, original way. It’s a testament to the quality of Michelle’s design work that I still feel good about the look and feel of my website three years later – and I consistently get compliments on it from people who I consider both discerning and candid. I came back to Michelle to design my new blog and had a similarly positive experience. She helped me create a fresh, clean, contemporary look that is of a piece with my original website but also different. It’s exactly what I wanted to achieve and I’m thrilled with the outcome. I should add that on top of the high-quality results that Michelle delivers, she’s also fun, responsive and gracious. I don’t know what our next project together will be, but I’m definitely looking forward to working with her again!

Eden Abrahams, Clear Path Executive Coaching, New York

If you’ve been thinking about working with me or if gaining YOUR brand clarity is on top of your list heading into Spring, Summer or, heck, heading into tomorrow, register now before spots fill.


Register by March 15th

My programs usually range from 5-10k so if you’ve thought about working with me on your brand or even if you’re new to me and this is sounding like what you need, jump. It’s a great opportunity. And, as meaningful extra, 15% goes to Women for Women International.

One Payment option
Two Payment option

p.s. This opportunity only has a few spots so please email with questions or register now. Help yourself and help Women for Women International this International Women’s Day. For more information on the organization:

p.p.s. This opportunity will only be out for another few days. Again, my rates for my programs are typically 5-10k, so seize the moment 😉

p.p.p.s. Become a woman making happiness her business, don’t put off support any longer. Enjoy your life.