Celebrating THIS (Grab someone you love)

We couldn’t be happier— or sweatier this morning. 

Exactly two years ago, we founded the Greater Good Party on the premise that the goings on around the world which made us feel sad/mad like we needed to be making more of a difference would be made better by getting back in physical touch with one another and having the kinds of conversations that have made us fall in love with people, places or experiences throughout our lives — those I want to marry you conversations. ;))

Our living room turned into a loving room, as some started to call it, and we began bringing speakers and poets and singers to the space to increase the good vibes felt, not just inside our four walls, but in the world (light brought to one room here or there does very much fill the energetic world room/womb).

Each night has always been filled with song, poetry and presenters/speakers on important topics, as well as with others telling their unique and touching stories of the “you’re not alone” variety, of using their creativity for great good, of integrating more of all of themselves into a calling that didn’t exist yet (of finding purpose) and/or of folding all kinds of unique meaning into their lives. 

The intention at GGP was that each night always feel like a great gift. As a guest, you needn’t do (or pay) anything, but, simply be there to receive (what many of you/us givers need practice in) ~ bringing your own killer high energy and love the only unspoken ask?

At least half of the room has always been filled with people we didn’t know (as shared again last night, the intention was never to simply get our friends together, but to bring strangers together from different industries and parts of LA (and beyond) to genuinely create a vibrant, greater and sweeter community for us all. Casting the web out as far and wide as possible is how you do that.

That same good net brought us to New York, San Francisco and Austin and keeps us toiling away at creating them here in Los Angeles and wherever someone will have us throughout the country or world. 

Last night was our 11th GGP and to share words received that touched me first thing this morning ~> Thank you so much, KG: “What an absolutely deep and meaningful evening last night. Jason and I are so thankful to have been included. So proud of you both for this amazing thing you’re doing. We could feel the energy in the Loving Room last night. And I am so inspired by your idea to share this great love that you have for each other with the world, and lighting the way. Beautiful and moving messages, and souls who shared them! A divine and sacred evening!

In short, this salon-style gathering we started to “use the love and mutual respect between us for great good” was meant to spark meaningful conversation, to enable us to talk honestly, bringing our full selves (no one’s got time for surface, I want something from you/from this interaction, or look at me convos right now!), to get us off our phones and move us from virtual/text connecting and bring us back to old-school real, in person contact — it’s done exactly that. 

We wrapped at 1:30am this morning with a new “late crew” who stayed (we couldn’t rip ourselves away from the important conversation we were in for one of our beloved OGs of the GGP).

Infinite love and gratitude to Hadley Fitzgerald, Debbi Dachinger & Kat Magill for your talent in the way of song, the smart and soulful sharing and for poetry that moved many internal mountains last night. Thank you! 

Thank you again to all of you, gracious listeners, while I, too, shared about my “Solo Journey” (the theme last night) while on vision quest. 

One last thanks — to all that’s good in the world, seen and unseen: you give us a sign, a seed, an idea and we’ll…grow it. Or him — we’ll “grow” him (Nolan), too. (-:

Grab someone(s) you love.

Start a thing. Any kind of thing — grow it…grow each other.

Make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…enjoy your business, enjoy your life!

Life is good,




Michelle Ghilotti
Success Designer, Brand Activator & Social Entrepreneur

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