[OUR FIRST VIDEO] Your Five-Star Dream!

This will be short and sweet!

Because the first video that Zsuzsa and I created is here and it needs little introduction…

Your Five-Star Dream!

In this video, you will gain clarity on your five-star dream.

Specifically, you will understand what birthing and growing this business is all about for you…

You will also learn:

  • What you are really yearning to create and why.

  • Why re-thinking your idea of competition will bring you closer to your dreams (and assist you in having a lot more fun in the process).

  • What a "business bff" is and why you may want to bring her along with you on the journey to a five-star business and life.

  • Insight into your "what if I could have anything I wanted in this life" vision.

  • How to more elegantly blur the lines between business and life.

  • How to colorfully schedule in fun, self-care and joy.

  • And more…

Enjoy and do let us know what your top takeaway is from Video 1:
 Your Five-Star Dream.

To your five-star business and life!

Life is good,






p.s. Stay tuned for the date of the complimentary Q&A and coaching coming up next week around the topic covered in our video, Creative Heroine, stay finely tuned…


Ready, set…

Let’s pretend for the next 40 yrs that what we want is just beyond our fear; our questioning, shall we?

Live on the skinny branch.

…and feel that breeze, ladies…

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Starting with the end in mind…

You hear a lot about beginning with the end in mind. It’s one of the habits of a highly-effective person if I remember correctly…

Kenya, elephant bum

And it’s true. In life or business, if we work backwards from the legacy we want to leave behind, we can move ~ forward ~ quicker.

Think of your goal; your end.

What are the to-dos, obstacles and support you need. And, in micro-movements starting today, go out and get them or get through them.

Whatever it is that you want in life or business or entrepreneurship, you can have. Life is good.