Unlikely Brand Thoughts

Anything that grows you, grows your movement (the thing we confusingly call your business).

Spend less time worrying about what makes you look good and more on what makes you grow good.

Self awareness + responsibility in all the ways that comes.

Tough conversations.

Break ups.

Make ups.


Supporting others who will never become your clients (service/true generosity).

Eventually what makes you look good is what’s grown you — good. More now than ever in your world, these two need to become the same thing.

Personal development IS brand development.

In fact, it’s everything development.

Enjoy your business, enjoy your life!

Life is good,





p.s. If you’d like to learn more about CEO Soul Circle, our next business mastermind group (+ service trip) starting in February, email us back and we’ll send you the PDF on it!

So(ul) Rich (and our new mastermind)

When we get our hands dirty in service, near or far, supporting others who have not paid us a penny for that support, we get so(ul) rich.

Moving from donating money to (also/or) giving of our time is a unique experience and opportunity, and, as I realized recently supporting the refugees in a camp in Greece, an expression of a deeper engagement ~ a re-engagement ~ in life (and what it means in this day and age to do business and *give* from that business and the deeper part of ourselves).

In truth, energetically, from this active brand of generosity, comes the more physical or tangible prosperity you also want.

As I work on MGI’s next business mastermind, The CEO Soul Circle, whose intention it is to support the growth of your authentic brand and business revenue, while you also start or grow a cause close to your heart (a service trip together at the end of our six months will act as the so(ul) rich celebration), I’m sitting (sans the red dress ;)) in gratitude for following the nudge to create what is most needed.

Just as we can be moms AND moguls, grieve AND experience joy, have a healthy family AND our own healthy body, we can build financially-successful businesses AND also greatly fill our soul and purpose bank accounts. It needn’t always be about more for ourselves. It can be about more for all of us.

Message usĀ if you’re interested in hearing more about our new mastermind starting in February. Right now, I’ve planned for the group to be small and a few spots are saved for current clients, but I’d love to make sure those who have followed my journey here, get the chance to see if it’s for them.

I can tell you this: it’s for you, the you who knows that folding greater generosity into her business model and baking it into her bottom line, is her business.

Enjoy your business, enjoy your life!

Life is good,




p.s. This new CEO Soul Circle mastermind is a business and brand mastermind group, however, different than other programs and groups out there right now, we also have infused the all-important piece of service — helping you either start or grow a cause close to your heart (and brand). Kindly email us for more info and we will happily send you the power PDF on it. xo!

[OUR FIRST VIDEO] Your Five-Star Dream!

This will be short and sweet!

Because the first video that Zsuzsa and I created is here and it needs little introduction…

Your Five-Star Dream!

In this video, you will gain clarity on your five-star dream.

Specifically, you will understand what birthing and growing this business is all about for you…

You will also learn:

  • What you are really yearning to create and why.

  • Why re-thinking your idea of competition will bring you closer to your dreams (and assist you in having a lot more fun in the process).

  • What a "business bff" is and why you may want to bring her along with you on the journey to a five-star business and life.

  • Insight into your "what if I could have anything I wanted in this life" vision.

  • How to more elegantly blur the lines between business and life.

  • How to colorfully schedule in fun, self-care and joy.

  • And more…

Enjoy and do let us know what your top takeaway is from Video 1:
 Your Five-Star Dream.

To your five-star business and life!

Life is good,






p.s. Stay tuned for the date of the complimentary Q&A and coaching coming up next week around the topic covered in our video, Creative Heroine, stay finely tuned…


Ready, set…

Let’s pretend for the next 40 yrs that what we want is just beyond our fear; our questioning, shall we?

Live on the skinny branch.

…and feel that breeze, ladies…

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