Business Yoga™ or Business Yoga-ahhh and what two uber successful women had to say about it.

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I interviewed a few very successful entrepreneurs last month. I asked them how (and if) they practiced “Business Yoga™”? I’ll tell you about two of them here.

Jen Sincero, best-selling author and fantabulous writing coach I’m working with on the how to be a Walking Momtra™ book said that she practices business yoga all the time in her business…

I use business yoga™ constantly in my work, especially the breathing.  When working with clients and feeling into what would be best for them, it’s often helpful to shut down the intellect and breath into it – I do it myself as well as encourage them to do it.  It’s led to incredible insights and results.” (to check out Jen’s awesome and inspiring blog, check out Jen Sincero).

I agree with Jen and do believe shutting down the intellect is so important. As business owners, parents, friends etc intellectualizing can truly get in the way of what is the right way/path/decision for us.

How could you tune in best to your vision for your best life? If it’s not breathing as Jen shares above, how or what could you do more of and inch closer to what feels totally right for you?

Gina DeVee, seven-figure success coach and my mentor, had this to say about Business Yoga™: To me, Business yoga™ is making sure that I am doing what I am passionate about, not just what I CAN do.” (sing it again, sister! To check out more of Gina’s awesomeness, visit Gina DeVee)

In short, as shown in these two responses, Business Yoga™ is about feeding our internal health and wealth so we are more able to then grow our outer, entrepreneurial wealth. We can have both and these two ladies are just two examples of the possibility.

And that’s what we’re about at MGI, helping you create a more attractive, productive and thriving business so you can have a more attractive, productive and thriving life.

Life is good.

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