Ever since I left the ad world and working with big brands such as Nike, Starbucks and got milk 12 years ago, I've wanted my own authentic brand. As fun and creative as it was a lot of the time, the "boxy", faceless feeling of not only the brands I worked with but of the business life I felt I was leading did little for my happiness. And it didn't help me create and make the kind of difference I knew I could make.

I'm happy to say that today (celebrating 12 years in business!) I've created the brand, business and life I'd always wanted and have helped women all around the world design similar businesses and communication that makes them feel alive and helps their businesses come alive!

Here are some of the main questions I've gotten from women entrepreneurs over the years (maybe you feel the same?):

  • Why spend time on creating a memorable, well-known BRAND when I have business to tend to?
  • Can't I go through this personality and communication process once I have more business?
  • Won't my ideal clients and customers find me if I'm doing a good job?
  • Isn't it obvious what I do through the actual doing or delivering of it?

You'd think so but the truth is that it doesn't happen that way for 90% of women entrepreneurs.

To take it down to the everyday (local) level, I'm sure you know of a lunch spot in your city or a service-based business you LOVE that just can't attract enough business.

Or maybe that's YOU and you've thought "I'm so good at what I do, seriously, what's going on? What's the missing piece?"

The communication of who you are and who the business is and expressing that consistently is extremely important. I've seen this with my success, that of my clients and with many other women entrepreneurs…when we struggle to communicate ourselves powerfully (and authentically!) we struggle in business as a whole.

I'll repeat: We struggle in business when we struggle to communicate ourselves powerfully (and authentically!) in our communication.

Though I had consistent business starting in 2001 when I launched the business it wasn't the type of business or flow I have now! My business grew three-fold when I became my own best client and was uber focused on creating my strongest authentic brand:

  • Who I was, what my genius was, what my surprise factor was and why clients came to me vs others in a similar business.
  • Clarity around what made me truly happy in business.
  • Humanizing my business, adding depth to my communication and connecting with my ideal clients.

It completely changed the game for me. I thought I had been doing a good job, however, when I took my brand from a 7 to a 10+, that's when I not only felt more fully self-expressed but when business came to match the level of expression most true to me that I had created!


Struggling isn't fun. Neither is feeling luke-warm in your communication nor feeling that you look and feel just like everyone else in your category or field…Feeling blah or just "ok" about the branding and marketing you're putting out there is also a killer of great business (potential clients are paying attention by the way and they are reading it but they're just not connecting with the personality of the business or understand WHY they should lean in to work with you over somebody else). Sadly, a lot of women entrepreneurs go through this: They have something awesome to deliver yet consistent business is a rarity. That's because the "stickiness" factor of their business personality, frankly, is a rarity! They are not memorable and the message is not yet clear to those searching for her (they ARE searching for you by the way).


Your business doesn't just have the opportunity to TELL your story but SING who you are and what you stand for as the founder and visionary. Imagine your ideal clients saying ~

"We want to know who you are as the founder and visionary! We want you to humanize your business and back it with a unique spark so we can connect with you on a level where we can more easily decide to move towards what you have to offer. Please, please share it with us in exciting and new ways throughout everything you do in your blog, on your site, in social media, in your photography, with your programs and products…keep us ENGAGED. Because we do want to call you, email you, read your entire blog post and sign up to work with you! We simply need a reason to pay even closer attention."

We affect people when we take the time to piece together our unique and most powerful story. Taking all the pieces and putting it together is what branding and this process of self-expression is all about.And we start by working on our unique set of easily recognizable attributes or in other words our brand personality. What are your brand personality attributes? And do you know how EXACTLY to inject those into each touch point and into everything you do, say and show so it has ideal clients leaning forward?—–>The authentic set of attributes, of story points, of programs, products, services etc. that POP and MEAN something to your ideal clients is where the next, new level of success and happiness for you are. It's where the longevity and sustainability of your business lie as well.I'm celebrating my 12th year in business and I know for a FACT that I couldn't have done it ~ I couldn't have stuck around as long as I have ~ without a brand that attracts and keeps the attention of potential clients and that expresses and establishes who I am in this space…

Woop woop! MG voted one of the country's top creative in
ORIGIN Magazine March 2013



We see it with big, everyday brands and also with female entrepreneur brands who are making six, seven and eight figures consistently


  • They don't just have a business…
  • They're not happy with just a business…
  • They know the power of a brand and have done the work to establish one!
  • They took the time to work ON not just IN their business.
  • They have a consistent, clear and authentically HAUTE message that gets them known for something and that has others share what they have to offer.
  • Being they are so clear on what their brand is, they are able to live out that purpose and voice every single day…
  • The clarity helps them feel self-expressed and as a result are able to truly rock their authentic brands! And it's this, along with the great product they provide, that brings them consistent eyeballs and consistent business.
  • They make happiness their business every day by waking up and knowing that their brand and business communication is supporting them. Essentially, they know that their brands are holding them in the position and light that most closely matches who they really are and the SERVICE they provide so beautifully to each of their clients and customers.

Getting clear on YOUR brand personality and how to express her throughout all your touch-points helps ideal clients connect with you in a deeper, more meaningful way. When you take the time to work on your "branding" or essentially the process to inject meaning, human traits, major personality and depth you stand tall like a beacon easily recognizable to those ideal clients that, get this, are totally looking for you! Creating a brand from an authentic place (from who you truly are and from what truly makes you happy) introduces you to your ideal clients with ease and less stress! It introduces you to the clients who make your days a joy and who will invest at the highest level with you. You need an easily recognizable set of attributes to grow your business. There's no way around it. I know this from working with the big brands like Nike, Starbucks and got milk? as well as from working with entrepreneurs. You also need to know how to express it all consistently. You need a purpose, clarity on your business personality and a plan.

If you fail to define and refine your brand, you're leaving money and your self-expressed happiness on the table.


Your business is the catwalk.
The way you strut your stuff brilliantly and uniquely come this Fall is branding.

MGI's Boutique Brand Tour
to Brand YOU

A Boutique Work Shop Experience to
Get you Clear on your Brand Personality
and the Brand Plan that Goes Along with It.

Pop the bubbly! In celebration of 12 years in business, I'm going on the road across the country and beyond to help YOU get clear on your brand personality and exactly how to infuse her into each of your touch-points. I've been making happiness my business by helping women make sense of all their ideas, story, purpose and uniqueness, supporting them in putting it all together into ONE CONSISTENT and AWESOME MESSAGE! This is what I want for you and for your beloved business!


As driven women business owners going for great/gold/goodness, we must seize the opportunity (and quick) to express who we are and what we stand for as the founder/visionary and infuse that into each piece of the business. A brand is created from the ground up, left to right, right to left.As driven women business owners going for great/gold/goodness, we must seize the opportunity (and quick) to express who we are and what we stand for as the founder/visionary and infuse that into each piece of the business. A brand is created from the ground up, left to right, right to left.


In this work shop that's exactly what we'll be doing: working! You won't just be hearing me talk and then have to go home and put it all together yourself. We will tie the bow for you at the work shop! We will gain clarity on your umbrella brand, your brand personality and on the plan that then you will work from to keep that brand going consistently and clearly.


Personally, having a recognizable brand has propelled my business to a whole new level. And I've seen the success its added to the lives of my clients over the last decade as well. The great news: this doesn't need to be hard work (it's NOT hard work) but it IS work that needs to be done.

I'm honored every day with every single client to be the observer who will help make sense of it all for you, support you in putting the pieces together and sending you off with a clear and very YOU brand and plan to express her. Just wait until you feel what this will do for your happiness, confidence level and consistent business! You have never felt so good! I'll post here just some of my clients over the last 12 years have said about what it's done for them below but first I want to share what the Boutique Brand Work Shop day includes…


Investment, Tour Dates & Times

INVESTMENT: $497 (Please note: my normal private brand coaching investment starts at a $2k investment). I'm ecstatic to offer a price point that will create the opportunity for so many of you who want to create unique communication that moves the needle on your business success and happiness.


San Francisco/Bay Area, September 27, 10-2pm at the Clift Hotel in downtown San Francisco

Register Now

Vancouver, BC, February date coming soon!

Register Now

Portland, OR, November 1, 9-1pm

Register Now


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Huntington Beach (the only Southern California stop!) , December 6th, 10-1pm, The Girl Cave

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London, TBD

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Amsterdam, TBD

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Cities such as Salt Lake City, Vancouver, Anchorage, Miami, Amsterdam, London and more to come, stay tuned! If you want to suggest a city stop, please contact our concierge Sara at concierge@michelleghilotti.com

What you'll walk away with:

  • Knowing how to set your business up for greater success with ONE CONSISTENT MESSAGE.
  • Clarity on your unique theme or PERSONALITY.
  • Your UMBRELLA BRAND. Essentially, how all your products and services and all parts of you come together under one umbrella!
  • Your PURPOSE or "why" statement (As Simon Sinek says and I whole-heartedly agree "People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it.").
  • Your "HOOK" or HAUTE TAGLINE that will be the expressed umbrella thought and powerful message (working with brands such as Nike and got milk?, I know the power of a line!).
  • What your authentic, unique and SURPRISE FACTORS are and how they make your message most compelling.
  • A BRAND PLAN that guides you to consistently express your brand personality throughout everything you do (i.e. social media, your photography, website etc.).
  • Additional CONFIDENCE sharing your passion, cause and movement with others (Your business is your movement! We need to talk about it with that kind of energy).
  • EXCITEMENT and pride sending people to your various touch-points (i.e. your website (huge branding opportunity), social media etc. and excitement knowing ideal clients are seeing the best of you in your copy, visuals, photography, products, programs and services and so much more. The diagrams and visuals I have waiting for you will help make all this VERY easy.)
  • Knowing how to put it all into action. No more wondering if you're putting forth a clear, consistent and compelling message (the worry and of so many of us women entrepreneurs).

What's included in
One (1) WorkShop Ticket:

  • Clarity is Queen Client Questionnaire (in-depth questionnaire so I can get to know you before our workshop time together).
  • Four (4) hour workshop complete with teaching time and one-on-one time with me!
  • MGI unique worksheets and templates to walk you through and help you get you clear on exactly what your best brand personality is AND what your brand plan moving forward looks like (you will leave with your brand plan complete!).
  • One (1) 90 minute group coaching call a week after our LIVE work together to ask me all your questions. Again, I will know a lot about you so I will be able to help you in a laser-focused way during this time together.
  • BONUS half-hour one-on-one session with me if you're one of the first four (4) ladies to register. (note: cost for a half-hour session with me is $250). You may REGISTER here for New York and receive one of those bonus private 30-minute sessions: http://sn.im/mginyc. (If you are part of another city stop and you see the link below and sign up now and are one of the first four (4) women, you will also receive a private session. You can sign up early for other cities).
  • The opportunity to transfer what you've paid for this workshop ($497) into private coaching. Good until one month after workshop date.


Below is the basic flow of the day. I want you to get excited to do this work but I also don't want to give it all away. My goal with every client is to give the highest quality service, product and result possible. This is my promise and intention with and for you as well. You can expect structure, guidance, room for organic exploration as well an in-depth look at your business, your story, your goals and unique qualities. I will bring each year of my 18 years in the big bad world of advertising and branding with brands such as got milk? and Nike as well as 12 years working with women entrepreneurs around the world, to bear for your business and in our time together:

Intro: We will start with introductions. I will personally read 3-4 paragraphs that you've written beforehand (assignment to come. Again, I don't want to give it all away now. You will love it!).

Review of what we will cover.

  • Teaching Time: Teaching around what branding *really* is and how it will bring you another level of success in your business.
  • Teaching: What is the umbrella brand for all you do?
  • Group time: Time with me to go over your purpose and overall "hook" and tagline for your business communication.
  • Brand Personality Work: Part teaching, part worksheets and a 'surprise' visual exercise as well as you putting pen to paper to get clarity around your brand personality. I'll be reviewing and coaching and master-minding with you.
  • Brand Plan Time: let's get your action steps together around how this brand personality will be expressed throughout your social media, brand photography, website and more…
  • Overview & Re-cap: of each of your next steps. You will know exactly what to do next in both your branding and your marketing. Your business has legs!
  • Champagne toast: We will end with a champagne toast to you creating the brand you know yourself (and your biz) to be and knowing how to bring it all together!
  • Review: Let's talk about our next coaching and call together.

MGI Champagne toast in Holland last Summer!



I LOVED working with the big mega brands in my past life, however, it's the work I've done with women entrepreneurs and business owners over the last 12 years that has helped me make happiness my business… here are just a few clients and their stories about the branding process and their work with me and MGI:


As my client and now friend Angela Jia Kim, co-founder of www.savorthesuccess.com, said, "Michelle is amazing at getting to the bottom of what makes you happy and building a brand from that place. Few people understand the power of branding but it's the smart ones who know that a well-thought out brand is the killer secret of successful businesses."


Holly Levow
As my client and now friend Holly Levow said, I am in the very early stages of launching a new business and attended Michelle’s branding workshop to try to gain some clarity for my brand personality and also create a roadmap for a successful launch. I was so impressed with how well prepared Michelle came to the meeting. It was apparent that Michelle took the time to really get to know everyone( through a previously submitted online questionaire) before the workshop so that we could get down to business right away. Michelle’s creative and personalized ideas along with her contagious passion for happiness left me energized and very excited to move forward toward launch! I’m looking forward to having Michelle in my back pocket as a valuable business asset!


Gina King
As my client and now friend Gina King said, When I decided to take Michelle‘s branding tour workshop, I had just reached the 1 year anniversary of launching my business, Domaine Somm, and felt it was a good time to focus on building the brand. Like most growing businesses, we have evolved a bit from when we launched and I felt that we needed some clarity and structure around our brand identity. The workshop provided me with a framework to ask the right questions, but I must admit that I left the workshop feeling a bit defeated and confused as all of those questions were challenging for me to answer with certainty. Those questions stayed in my head for several days and I realized that the exercise in it of itself provided me with the necessary focus and clarity to answer those questions with more confidence. I decided to do a VIP day with Michelle to expand upon the progress I had made from the workshop. The 1-1 time was valuable and helped me to flush out even further who we truly are, the impact we want to have, and how to articulate the brand in an authentic fashion. I think one of Michelle‘s great attributes is her ability to help you draw out from within what you really want to share with the world and make it happen through your brand.


Rebecca Woodbury Keller
As my client and now friend Rebecca Woodbury Keller said, I admit, I walked into Michelle’s workshop a little battle worn and jaded. In the past several years, I’ve gone to a bunch of marketing workshops and taken all sorts of marketing courses and yet I still couldn’t come up with a basic tagline. When I walked into Michelle’s workshop I was feeling lost the dark and scary jungle of marketing tips, techniques, and lingo. But after spending just a few short hours walking through several very easy-to-understand worksheets, Michelle helped me tame my marketing fears and finally find my tagline! Her approach was different than anything I had seen before and it made sense, and the bottom line is, it worked! Thanks Michelle!


As my client and now friend Whitney Hunter-Thomson said, "I went into the workshop bracing myself for how little I was going to be able to accomplish, which was just absolutely silly. Even in the questionnaire that she sent prior to the workshop, I had gained a tremendous amount of clarity. I guess I didn't want to get my hopes up, but then man-oh-man, she blew it out of the water. She really took the time to get to know me and my essence prior to coming. That allowed me to bring down my walls and enter into a tremendously creative place. Not to mention the fact that I was in a room full of equally amazing women. I am fueled by being around such energy and thus it was a fantastically creative few hours. I walked out with so much clarity. I've had a literally light in my step every since. I feel like I can move beyond some roadblock and say, 'Yes, here I am. This is me. This is my brand. Here's what I stand for. Now here is my work. Listen up folks.' It's a cohesive story that is a pure reflection of me. Of course there is a lot more work to do, but I now have a better set of tools in order to go do that work. I cannot thank Michelle enough and look forward to working with her more in the future!"


As my client and now friend Carolyn Herfurth, founder of thebiztruth.com, said,""I've been in biz for over 10 years and have a pretty clear point of view around how business is and should be done. Michelle's branding workshop helped me further clarify and crystallize my "brand personality" which will serve as my filter for all communication going forward. In addition, I was able to generate naming and tagline ideas for a school that I'm launching for entrepreneurs this Fall. I've attended countless events, conferences and workshops over the years. The intimate nature and custom attention that Michelle provided made me feel like I was in a boutique, instead of a shopping mall… and delivered far more than I expected for my $500. Worth every dollar! Bravo and thank you, Michelle!"


As my client and now friend Allison Hamilton-Rohe, owner of Daily Outfit, said, "I was looking for a great business coach who got me – who understood and appreciated my lifestyle as a Mom and solo-preneur, who valued the business I am building and who could show me how I could make both work. After working with her intensively, in class and in private time, I am SO fired up about my business and my life! This is no longer a make-it-work moment; I am in the flow. When I first met Michelle, I knew I had to work with her, but I wanted to be ready… I can't believe I doubted it for a second. I was scared that I already had too much on my plate. I pushed myself to start the process anyway and I am so happy I did! We've worked through all my immediate needs for the business AND brand and SO much more around creating my programs and growing my speaking career! I'm so glad I followed the pull of my heart…""


As my client and now friend Kristina, owner of Kristina Simpson coaching said, "I had an amazing branding session and two months of coaching with Michelle Ghilotti. It's quite an experience when you get to see yourself through someone else's eyes – who you are and how you can contribute to others while expressing the true authentic you and do it publicly. There is so much freedom and joy in allowing yourself to be who you really are ~ I've learned that's how you inspire others. I don't know why I was hiding and playing small for so many years. They say women have a tendency to do it, it's about being adaptable, not putting yourself into the "danger zone". Yes, it feels risky putting myself out there and at the same time, it's very empowering. The brand coaching has encourged me to step out of my shell and start to shine.


As my client and now friend Laurie Coyle, owner of LCC said, " Michelle has helped me get clear on so many things. Among them, why I'm in business, what I want my message to be and what my talents are. She is helping me create strategies for delivering my message consistently through our branding work together and I couldn't be more grateful. She has helped me see that I have the skills I need to run a thriving business, and how valuable it is to get some help in seeing where your talents converge with your business. I am thrilled to be moving forward with a revamped brand and some awesome insights from our work together. Michelle really knows branding and knows that it is as much about the logo and visual pieces as it is about the inner work."


As my client and now friend Alicia Menkfeld, owner of Rebel with Cause said," I started working with Michelle as my branding coach to get me more clarity around a brand for my new business venture, Rebel With Cause. In the process, she changed my life and the way I view my brand. Little did I realize what a huge impact she'd have in my life and how working with her one on one would give me the clarity I craved and courage to pursue a new business venture I was thinking for months! Michelle has a fantastic energy and enthusiasm for branding that is absolutely contagious and she led me through the process with direction and exact action steps to take. You showed me how to be a more heart-centered entrepreneur who operates from a place of balance and paying attention to both the ying and yang of my brand. Michelle has a knack for finding out what's really important to you. She draws out your true essence and pick up on little throw-away words to masterfully weave it together in a potent purposeful statement that inspires and motivates you to live up to that claim. All kudos to Michelle for helping me to pin down my brand values and personality through her fun, quirky and inspiring coaching. I can't recommend Michelle enough! She will help you play a much bigger game than you ever played before and help you to create a daring brand that's right for you and that you're extremely proud of.Thank you, Michelle, for your abundant mentality and for always giving so much. I feel like a proud mother showing off her beautiful child to the world!"


As my client and now friend Salenta Fox, owner of SFI said, "We created magic with my brand! A clear vision and a focus on where I'm taking my business. We created a clear vision so I can better reach and really AFFECT my target market. We came up with amazing taglines and beautiful creations of where I'm taking this and just how to present it to the world.Thank you, Michelle!
I recommend Michelle to anyone who wants to take their business to the next level and bring out the beauty that is inside them."



I look forward to seeing and BRANDING you in your city!

Can't wait to learn all about you and your beloved business in that first questionnaire you'll receive after registering above. This is where our archaeological dig and making sense of it all begins.

You're in for a treat that will be the gift that keeps on giving ~ a consistent and powerful brand is key to building a successful business that not only brings in the right clients and consistent business but that makes YOU very happy.

I can't wait to show you the steps and help get you clear on you brand personality and exactly what the next action steps are to get that brand out there throughout all your touch-points!

Until we meet, enjoy your business, enjoy your life!

Life is good,

p.s. Style is a simple way of saying complicated things.

p.p.s. Don't forget to be one of the first four (4) to register and receive additional private time with me by phone or video skype after our workshop time. Here's the first stop (New York!) LINK TO REGISTER FOR NEW YORK CITY: http://sn.im/mginyc.

Michelle Ghilotti has recently been named one of the nation's top creatives in ORIGIN magazine. She is a branding guru, coach, writer and motivational speaker supporting women in making happiness their business by creating the brand they know themselves to be. She is the owner of Michelle Ghilotti International, a branding, coaching and empowerment agency and author-in-the-making with How to be a Walking Momtra™: Eight Simple Yoga Truths to Stretch Every Mom's Happiness. Michelle attributes being an "ideas girl" to having lived in a few different countries over the last decade with MGI and having spent eight years in the advertising business working with brands such as got milk?, Starbucks and Nike. Now 12 years on her own, Michelle helps women get clear on their happiness and create a brand from this place. She believes authenticity is the new black and is the creator of the iiT factor. She has been quoted and written stories for nationally run, traditionally published books such as I Love Mondays, It's a Chick Thing, The Girls Book of Success and Tiny Buddha (coming out Fall 2013). She's also recently launched The Walking Momtra Show™ where she motivates and equips moms with the tools to focus on their happiness so they can RAISE happiness. Michelle considers herself a serial expatriate, however, currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband and Harry Potter obsessed son. She speaks globally on topics such as happiness, authenticity in business and what the iiT factor has to do with success in life and entrepreneurship.


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