Behind the scenes…

I love behind the scenes footage (in anything!). Bloopers, a behind the scenes look into movies, documentaries…love it all. So, I decided to have my team help me create a behind the scenes video to share the fun we had with the recent MGI brand shoot. Take a peek at the vision turned reality… Continue reading

New MGI coming soon!

michelle_passportNew MGI coming soon!

Well not really.

We’re and I’m still the same, however, our branding is going to be changing!

The first place you’ll see that is in our website and title.

MGI is now a Branding + Coaching + Empowerment Agency. We are growing and evolving and including even more of what lights us up (lights me up!).

Shortly we will do a soft launch of the site and then the real launch (all this means: we’ll be working out the kinks on the main site AKA “Beta version”). It has a lot of new bells and whistles so we want to make sure everything is in order. Continue reading

What you and Charlize Theron have in common…

hungry-hottie-cookbookHealthy, foodie entrepreneur sisters, check out my gal pal Cynthia Pasquella’s interview on April 19th! She’s a nutritionist to the stars (hello, Charlize Theron, Blake Lively and Sandra Bullock) and the nutrition expert on the Today Show & Dr Phil.

We’re going to be chatting about how nutrition affects your happiness. Come learn, enjoy and receive free juicy goodness! Continue reading