What you and Charlize Theron have in common…

hungry-hottie-cookbookHealthy, foodie entrepreneur sisters, check out my gal pal Cynthia Pasquella’s interview on April 19th! She’s a nutritionist to the stars (hello, Charlize Theron, Blake Lively and Sandra Bullock) and the nutrition expert on the Today Show & Dr Phil.

We’re going to be chatting about how nutrition affects your happiness. Come learn, enjoy and receive free juicy goodness! Continue reading

Branding tips for your products/service from New York City!

dedededThere’s something about New York…the energy, culture, food…all stuff we’ve heard before, right?

New York has a definite brand. It’s electric or shall I say, electri-CITY…

And then when I add friends, clients, cozy places to stay, trips to Connecticut and Brooklyn to spend a day or two New York becomes a trusted place where I’m inspired and really, truly connected. Not just because of all the traveling I do to NYC for work but because of this extra layer of connection where I’ve managed to make NYC mean more to me than just “fun” and “energy.” Continue reading

Featured as a “Top Creative” in ORIGIN Magazine!

Origin-11-Art-CoverWhile on a girlfriend holiday in Argentina the last week I received a text from my hubby telling me he was flipping through ORIGIN and that I was featured as one of the nation’s top creatives in their latest issue (March 2013) of nation’s top creatives/athletes/leaders/filmmakers/musicians. We had NO idea this was happening so I must say that I’m now ever more convinced that taking more time away from the office is key. I seem to always find out great news while away savoring.

If you haven’t yet enjoyed this “conscious culture” magazine, please do. It’s a real treat. You can find it at Whole Foods (#2 selling mag there!) or Barnes Continue reading

Dancing in the streets of LA. Life is good.

When assessing your brand or communication you want to dance in the streets, sorry, I mean, start by looking at the above graphic. 😉 These are most all of the touchpoints and elements you’ll want to spend time assessing.

Ask yourself:

  • Where else can I inject more of who I am and what I stand for?
  • What are my top three values and how can I use them each and every day to communicate my brand?
  • How could I use photography and video in new and exciting ways (not just for myself but for my audience)?
  • Where could I turn up the volume another 25% on “me-ness” so that others that experience my brand truly feel that essence?

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