Why I dance…

dance-imgWhy am I dancing so much these days? I’m in alignment. I know my purpose and am driven by it for all I do…

To get clear on your purpose (or your “truth”):
Listen very carefully to what you get most heated about. What drives you to WANT to see change in the world? What could you easily spend two hours talking about non-stop?

See where the through line between your passions, strengths and vision overlap. Jot each down (say 2-3 of your top) and note any common themes there. This give us great insight into what our mission/purpose is.

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Dont think “but how?” think YES NOW.

Don’t think “but how?” think YES NOW. Follow your gut and just…keep…moving…forward.
Stringing micro-movements together brings you to your goal.

The doubt or constant re-playing of “but I don’t see how this is possible” does nothing for our IT factor (keep that vibration high!). Follow what it is that your gut says…she will not lead you astray.

My parting thought this week is don’t get stuck in a negative thought loop. It lessens your attraction factor (even if you think you’re not “showing it”) and most definitely lessens your joy in your work.

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The true formula for success

Before I’m off to Argentina, I wanted to remind us all of this…
Being your true self is the only effective formula for success.
Enjoy your business, enjoy your life!

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