Dancing in the streets of LA. Life is good.

When assessing your brand or communication you want to dance in the streets, sorry, I mean, start by looking at the above graphic. 😉 These are most all of the touchpoints and elements you’ll want to spend time assessing.

Ask yourself:

  • Where else can I inject more of who I am and what I stand for?
  • What are my top three values and how can I use them each and every day to communicate my brand?
  • How could I use photography and video in new and exciting ways (not just for myself but for my audience)?
  • Where could I turn up the volume another 25% on “me-ness” so that others that experience my brand truly feel that essence?

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Think it, feel it, believe it.

When things go wrong or don’t go all the way “right”, one of the main things that is going wonky is our belief.

Belief that:

  • We can change our thought patterns
  • We are as powerful to think negative thoughts as we are to think POSITIVE ones.
  • We were meant to DO the things we can think up! (Dreams are not dreams…they are our reality that we haven’t caught up with yet)
  • We are not our old stories.
  • We can have a magnificent life.

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Follow the gut not the “but”…

Business yoga has worked wonders in my life. Professionally I think there’s no other way but the yogic business way…

Following our gut is where it’s at (it’s extremely overlooked in traditional society and very underrated).

We’re taught in school and even in our corporate careers that following our gut is not going to get you anywhere “good” or smart and that it won’t make you money.

However, if you’re clearly tied to a purpose and you’re clear on what your genius zone is and then I think following the gut is exactly Continue reading

New MGI coming soon!

New MGI coming soon!

Well not really.

We’re and I’m still the same, however, our branding is going to be changing!

The first place you’ll see that is in our website and title.

MGI is now a Branding + Coaching + Empowerment Agency. We are growing and evolving and including even more of what lights us up (lights me up!).

Shortly we will do a soft launch of the site and then the real launch (all this means: we’ll be working out the kinks on the main site AKA “Beta version”). It has a lot of new bells and whistles so we want to make sure everything is in order.

If you visit the new site, please leave comments with the blog area under the article(s)! I’d love to hear from you and will respond. I love to respond just as I do on the MGI facebook page. Connection to me…key.

So, with that, I can’t wait to continue sharing with you and can’t wait to stay in touch via the new website (same address).

Enjoy your business, enjoy your life!