Another Day on a Tibetan Settlement in India!

It’s difficult to describe what‘s been experienced the last few days.

Between visiting with and hearing from His Holiness and also privately in class format from his translator the last 30+ years, meeting the four-year-old reincarnation of an important High Lama (visited him at home after his nap 👶 🏼!) and experiencing the important debates happening in this Tibetan settlement in India (among other events), my mind is calm and radically or evermore curious. 

Je Tsongkhapa, whose important 600th anniversary it is and why we’re here (one of the most important events monk’s here/anywhere will experience in their lifetime), is the 2nd “founder” of the teaching of the Buddha. His philosophical writings are revered in the monastic community.

Similar to the other day (post here:, I’ll share a handful of points, trusting some — maybe one — prompts thought or some new creation/action: 

• Buddhism is very much about the intellectual quest (✨ has always intrigued me). Debating is big as is eventually getting to the core root of the matter (to truth), but being well-versed on your thinking and how to direct it is key. Being able to make sense of your beliefs is paramount.

• Though in Buddhism intellectual curiosity is key, it is also known that mental attributes are not the self…connected to that, when worried, for example, repeat: “these are just my thoughts,  just my thoughts.” 

• “The quickest way to make good karma”, Jinpa, scholar and HHDL’s translator, said to us the other day “is to rejoice on good deeds”.

• When you stay with facts, not getting too lost in the interpretation of them, you keep the peace, not just, with family or inside other relationships, for example, but with yourself (rationality is a key conversation).

• Connected to that, Tsonkhapa’s works, as with main Buddhist teachings, at their core, help modern society with reason, analysis and evidence. 

• Monastic belief is that you have two teachers: your teacher teacher and your peers.

• How adorable-y wise is His Eminence the 10th Lhagyala? This is all before yawning so wide after being with us for 20-30 minutes. 

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With His Holiness the Next Five Days 🙏🏽

We are ALL teachers. We all teach something. What are you teaching? ⁣What are we teaching…together?

I am humbled, honored and grateful to be here for this important celebration learning each morning for the next five from with His Holiness and other High Lamas. ⁣

Soon I will arrive to the monastery where I, with 20-30 others invited (and many monks) will be part of a once in a lifetime experience (600-year anniversary of Lama Tsongkhapa’s Nirvana, one of the most important events in the Buddhist/monastic world). ⁣

Gratitude abounds to life, Katy Saeger and Harmonica for their role and leadership assisting to put this treasure together, 🙏🏽💕⁣.

It’s all so much wow, so much wow.⁣

[More sharing here and in my FB (and IG) stories as the experience unfolds, ⛺️🌙].

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Photo: Peter Ruprecht

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Separating from Hubby To Stay Together (not what you think)

He’s my favorite. 

And…I have learned, as he has, that when we separate, we come back together in a unique way…a way that has helped us enjoy partnership for a long time.

I wanted to write an article years ago now about this idea of separating to stay together and never did, but here it is:

This morning we spin together and tomorrow I fly alone. In other words, when we walk down different paths and do something new, not with the other, we come back also newer, more open, more ready to create what we want to be a part of together.

This time I’ll go to India to spend five days participating in the 600-year celebration of Lama Tsongkhapa’s Nirvana with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, scholars, high Lamas, monks and global teachers where each morning at the monastery, we will hear HHDL’s teachings (feeling blessed always and now, too — a close friend is putting on the celebration and I received an invitation).

I wasn’t the girl who dreamed of getting married or having babies, but, they (he and Nolan) have both greatly added to my life in unexpected ways.

THEY are my favorite.

As is this:

It’s my quest (ode to my actual nature vision quest in July) to experience self more fully, my creativity, my spirituality (which equals = our sense of self), and heart and mind-opening physical and spiritual chosen challenges that do exactly that — that challenge (if it doesn’t challenge us, it doesn’t change us).

I want to type right now that I always want to come back to Josh and Nolan with the same devotion and passion that I have for family and connectedness but, that’s not actually true — I want more.

I always want more out of life, the physical and emotional/energetic one + will work/play for it… 

Let’s continue to do that as women and together, simultaneously, shall we? Let’s work and play for it!




[It’s cold in LA — socks].

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With His Holiness (what he wanted us to tell you…)

Just waking from a nap on the monastery, one of the oldest and, we could say, most influential in India. 

This in and of itself is surreal. I’m waking from a nap inside the same room, too, where hours ago Thupten Jinpa, the brilliant Monastic Scholar, who has been the Dalai Lama’s translator for the last 30+ years, held a class for us, monk desks and all (if you‘ve watched documentaries on His Holiness or have read any of his books, you’ve seen Jinpa or read or heard his words many, many times). 

It’s important to note that on our first day, we were told explicitly that we were not here as tourists, but to learn. I can’t tell you how much I loved hearing that. 

But before the amazing teachings from Jinpa, in another small room with the 35-40 of us invited to this week’s experience, in one of the other prayer halls/ buildings on the larger compound, I knelt a foot away from His Holiness, as he spoke to us for the first time. 

He had walked slowly through the middle of the pathway we had created for him, about 20 of us on each side, that led directly to his big chair. After taking a photo with us, he addressed our group. (Jinpa later told us that this (below) is what His Holiness wanted us — and our friends and communities back home — to hear most): 

• He mentioned how education systems around the world should include mental education, or in other words, helping children to learn about emotions, specifically how they work, so that destructive tendencies would lessen ~ “emotional hygiene“, he called it.

• We are social animals, he said, and so we naturally have the ability to be compassionate ~ we have it built in. That we need to use it over and again to let go of anger and fear. 

• He addressed and emphasized how important community is and that we are all “one community”. He discuss this topic of oneness of humanity or of a common humanity a lot; that when we don’t have or feel it, we feel more fear and more loneliness.  It used to be that our family was our “village” or community, he said, but today it’s about (needs to be about) our global community. He wanted us to share this, specifically, because he felt this was another way to make positive change in the world.

• Early on, he discussed how Buddhism uses the mind / intellect and the “methods“ of compassion and meditation to achieve peace ~ use the methods, he said, (he mentioned this a few times). Compassion, meditation, compassion, meditation. Just as in Buddhist chanting or praying, it’s all about repetition, repetition — it does eventually create, not just a practice, but a better life and better actual living [loving] communities.

• Going from a “me” mindset to thinking about the greater good was discussed, too (see point about our one global community).

• Some of his exact last words before he walked out:

(emphasizing again…) “We must keep our mind on 7 billion people.”

There was not one dry eye in the room. 

The day was so special, a treasure. And, there’s still so much more to say, but how? 

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Michelle Ghilotti
Success Designer, Brand Activator & Social Entrepreneur