Recess In Session!

Recess In Session!

Recently, on a plane to Paris from LA, I heard the woman in front of me say in a really upbeat voice to what sounded like a younger child, “I’m going to come back a better mama!”

She had a friend with her.

I whipped my head around.

What she said was almost identical to what I had said to Nolan when he was about eight years old before I went on a work trip.

I’ve shared this before (years ago), but Nolan didn’t want me to leave and asked, “Why do you have to go, mama?” and I remember leading the witness, asking him what his favorite part of school was (I knew what his answer would be and, therefore, I knew what my answer would be to his question). He said “Recess.”

I said to him [something like]: “Yes, recess. Play is so fun! And you know what? I miss you every time I’m away on a work or a friend trip. But when mama goes away, it’s like recess for her. You and I play and it’s one of my favorite things, too!”

And then I asked my little man in the most fun voice I could muster: “And haven’t you noticed that I come back even more silly!?!”

I honestly didn’t know what he would say, but his response I’ll never forget: “Well, yeahhhh…”. It sounded like he didn’t want to admit it. [I thought, does he really notice that I come back refreshed and even more ready for play and quality moments? I think so! Our kids feel a difference.]

We hugged it out that night, and on many other days or nights before I took short or longer trips.

But, as a close friend and I have discussed, even still, it’s hard for us to not lose ourselves in parenthood — there’s a constant emotional labor; many of us are always thinking about the family, our kids, how might we love them better or “did we just love them in the right way in our last interaction??”, what’s on the to do list, etc. We are constantly thinking or doing for those in the family.

But we must BE {with ourselves}, too.

How do we ensure that we do things for our own joy and satisfaction — a purpose outside the purpose so to speak? Because we have a couple (purposes). ;)) Them…and us.

Recess in session! Are we connected on Instagram yet? My husband and I are launching a relationship – based project soon, don’t miss it!

Let’s make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…

To the best of the rest of your life!

Life is good.

New Project Launching Soon!

New Project Launching Soon!

We’re launching a new relationship-focused project, STAY TUNED and follow along on Instagram so you’re one of the first to know!

New Project Launching Soon!

Here’s the deal…

A new season of empty nesting, midlife & our expat journey having just moved to Europe calls for a new project to continue to enliven our relationship, while also sharing something you might enjoy or receive ideas from…

We’re planning on having a lot of FUN in 2024 (the plan for the last 25 years).

And our promise to “use our love for great good” continues…

We started the Greater Good Parties in LA and other cities five years ago focused on bringing people together with amazing speakers and up-leveled conversation for the purpose of inspiring others to move purposeful projects from the back burner to the front burner of their lives. The traveling parties were a big success.

We’ve also been doing prison reform work together for many years now, as well as recorded The How Good’s This Podcast for awhile (did ongoing FB lives about creativity & couple-ship alongside the pod, too)…

As a couple, we’ve also tag-teamed on teaching marketing classes at a university and have come together to work with brand and marketing for many clients (we met at our first ad agency job in SF in ‘98 and karaoke one night sealed the deal).

Best of all, we had a baby (a man now ;)) and we’ve been clear that we get to make more “babies”, aka create together for the length and life of our relationship.

We’ve enjoyed it all SO much. So, we’re starting our new project to gift you ideas and inspiration for your romantic relationship… COMING SOON.

If you’re in a relationship or want to be (in a healthy, fun one), keep your eyes peeled on my @couturehappiness page on IG and have a ball!

Let’s make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…

To the best of the rest of your life!

Life is good.

What Life Do YOU Want?

What Life Do YOU Want?

“Here’s to choosing a life we want to live in Europe.” That’s the toast Josh led with recently. And he said it in LA where we lived for 12 years (Nolan was five when we moved from Guadalajara). Pip squeak’s now a full-blown man doing life his way!

So grateful for our many years in LA and for what was felt, learned, created and experienced in this place filled with shine.

What Life Do YOU Want?
What Life Do YOU Want?
What Life Do YOU Want?

My guys are back to Paris now and I am spending some awesome time with my beloved college bffs.

But for now, this chapter of the first family visit back to where we once lived is complete!

Either here or there, the same perspective on life holds: it’s good. Great actually. We’re SO alive and with more time to love up on our people and have more adventures.

Life, keep life-ing! 


Let’s make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…

To the best of the rest of your life!

Life is good.

We Deeply Wanted To…

We Deeply Wanted To...

We deeply wanted to…

Downsize while upsizing the daily experience of our lives. Experiences over everything.

Be around art so easily or walk by it in the architecture that makes up the city.

Buy our groceries every couple days (one of our favorite things while living in Amsterdam).

Trade in the car(s) for traveling within a/the country by train — and lots of walking…

Experience different cultures.

Live in a city where everything we needed was within a 5-15 minute walk (or a 45 minute walk… walking).

Travel easily and each weekend if that’s what we had the time and desire for.

Find comfort in new ways…

Feel anonymous (for a while), but make new friends from diverse backgrounds. Community & relationships ~ in the end, it’s what makes an experience an experience. People.

Feel a little lost.
Feel a lot found.

Feel free…

It’s less that we didn’t love our life in our previous city because we LOVE life wherever it’s been lived (you make it that way). [I’ve always said to Josh “You could put me on a plane, blindfold me and drop me in a new city to live and I’d make it a happy life.”]

But we simply *liked* certain parts of daily living in the U.S. less and less the last handful of years. I’m aware, too, that once you’ve lived outside at least once, you crave what that brought or brings your soul (exploration, student over expert, curiosity etc…).

It’s all true.

But it’s really this: experiences over everything. Suits and soothes most sizes ~ all souls.