Be Taken By Life, Regardless of Divorce, Death or Dis-ease)

All this love, world, just for me? ⁣

I genuinely believe most of us are tender hearts. ⁣

There’s something built into our DNA that wants and begs of us to return to love as a set point, to help, to be moved by the pain and joy of others (even, maybe, when our very efficient brains or on-the-go nervous systems tell us we aren’t or don’t want to).⁣

For those of you who have become tender hearts or become even more tender-hearted (maybe even oddly & deliciously hopelessly romantic) during or post grief, loss, divorce, disease etc., any type of experience that has broken your heart into big or little pieces, I am you and you are me.⁣
As I just said in an audio to one of my best friends (🥰), love can truly take your breath away even more after you’ve experienced loss. ⁣

It may not feel like it’s open for business some days, especially early on (but even then, pain and joy can co-exist) but the heart is ~ it’s open. Though, yes, open can feel raw, shattered and vulnerable, but that’s what it actually is or means to be open. The heart lives inside its full range always.⁣

And the heart IS and was capable, (ready, even) during your biggest challenges to come back bigger, more able to take in the sweetness of this life.⁣

The bearing witness to love, being an active part of it ~ any act of it (to help some ONE or some thing, to speak the words, to being more fully yourself (taking self less seriously), to being more inclusive and on it goes like that) is the medicine, or medicines, for helping it come back together. ⁣

It can be a choice, as some say, *and* many of us have also experienced it without choosing it, persay. ⁣

We all know those moments in life where we are so moved by the expression of love (or a human’s expression of needing it) in front of us that, without thought, we get chills, tear up, cry or are physically moved to get closer to IT, to that love, or to the person so worthy of it…⁣

I say that’s the medicine ~ you ARE choosing love or tenderness by the very fact that you are affected by what’s happening. You are stopping to watch or get closer to what or who needs it, you’re rushing to help even when you’re late for a meeting or your meter’s going to expire. ⁣

Anytime you are allowing your body to have an experience other than pain or sadness is, in fact, choosing it.⁣

We don’t wish for the “losses” or the grief we’ve experienced, of course, but they can assist in falling madly in love with love all over again and to be moved by life and all expressions of it that exist in the world, from a drop of rain to a dying tree and the gorgeous shape it makes crumpled on the ground.⁣

Renewal is stunning and it comes from that breaking down. The ”breaking down” of anything always breeds new life (also, without trying).⁣

So, too, it is with our hearts and how lit up our experience can (still) be here by knowing the depths of who we are; how capable we are of love as evidenced by how it hurts so much to feel like we’ve lost it.⁣

Because when we experience love…say, when people give it to us, when when we see it in nature, when we see it in elephants (~>, or in all the many other ways we see love/LIFE expressed in the world, it does, it takes our breath away. ⁣

All this love, world, just for me? ⁣

All this world, love, just for me? ⁣

If you’re not there, know that love wants you and it comes in stopping to witness it present in the world, anytime, wherever you are. ⁣

It comes, too, inside helping another, or when you think a positive thought about someone, telling them, writing the text or card, making the video or the phone call. ⁣

Letting someone in, asking for help and *letting* them help YOU, getting out in nature, helping nature be more natural, being awed but it, even though you’ve seen it before or the grass is “dead”, being yourself, playing with animals, even when babies are crying on the plane in the seat next to you, seeing the beauty in who they are and knowing that all they represent (discomfort all the way to major opportunity with a whole life ahead of them) is you, too.⁣

Take it, or be taken by all of it. Either way will work. Because, yes, all this is here just for you.⁣


Make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…enjoy your business, enjoy your life!

Life is good,




Michelle Ghilotti
Success Designer, Brand Activator & Social Entrepreneur 

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