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THIS at My Spiritual Retreat Last Week

I call this share ~ Lush Life Soup.

After getting my melt on, I’ll soon land at home (home home, as in SF/Marin).

The one thing I’m keen to share and that I’m more certain of after a week of solitude and some of the longest meditations I’ve been a part of (meditations that ushered me into rich 13 hour sleeps I haven’t had since I was 13 or 23), is this:

We’re not searching for balance, not between the personal and professional, the physical and spiritual, the kids and spouse, work and family, nor work and travel…

More specifically, we crave a feeling similar in weight to having all the time in the world (you do, you have all the time in the world –siiiiiiiit, give yourself time), coupled with the drive, commitment and wisdom to act as if it could all end tomorrow (it could all end tomorrow — siiiiiiiiit, give yourself time).

Sometimes the mix will be a soup of 60/40, 40/60, 35/65 or 65/35, who knows, we’re not counting, it’s lush either way, the idea is to more consistently feel like you are creating the most memorable stolen moments of your life vs. being (the victim, the exhausted, the getting further away from what you want, the no time for me), where it feels like (may or may not be true) others are stealing them from you.

I talk to many women in my line of work where versions of this come up…we may be spending so much, too much (?) time attempting to create balance when maybe it’s simply a good fucking life because we let go, while every day tapping into a couple solid truths of this LIFE and TIME: you got a lot of it AND you don’t have that much left at all.

Siiiiiiiiit and be [stead]faaaast in the getting after it.

Life is good,





Adventure Tip (photos from Spain)

There's so much I'd love to share with you about this Summer's travels so far! (We have one more trip to Columbia coming up but just one day ago returned from visiting three cities we love in Europe).  

As a family who is lovingly called "The Gypsies" by their parents, travel and the way it informs our creativity, connection and global citizenship, has always been really important to us.

I was born outside the U.S. and as a young girl and young adult, I studied abroad in France and Spain. Later on as a married woman, my husband and I moved to Holland and Mexico for adventure (aka: to learn more about ourselves through the new and unexpected). 

Though we would love to move to yet another country at some point, these days we get our fix of adventure and the new and unexpected by traveling near and far a few times a year.

Today I'd love to share this photo of my son from the Mama-Sun portion of our European adventure (as well as a couple others below), in addition to some thoughts and tips for how to bring adventure into your life and business and…"how to love the lesson." I'll explain… 

About Adventure and Loving the Lesson, Spain Edition.

Nolan zip lined in Toledo, Spain, a medieval town that used to be the capital of Spain. 

It was a big deal because he was nervous and did it anyway.

I'm happy to report it was so bad that he went down a second time.

Before that new physical adventure, we visited the museum dedicated to El Greco, an artist from the Spanish Renaissance. It was our creative, art history adventure or lesson for the day.

Both experiences and lives — Nolan's and El Greco's — have much to say, so here it is:

Adventure: Just like apples, having one a day keeps the doctor away. That's what Nolan and I talked about in the taxi headed to our next destination. We discussed that living life like a game (except with matters of the heart) was key. I shared that looking at each day, no matter what he was doing, as the 12 or so awake hours he needed to experience at least one new adventure would help him suck the sweet lemon/orange/mango/apple juice out of life.


It could be a letter you write to someone, even though you're a bit nervous or signing up for the talent show at school and walking away before you have a chance to cross your name off the list. Or, it could be, as you get older, I said, planning your next wild trip with a friend during a lunch break. Those examples may not be what light him up as he grows, of course, but I told him he'd definitely know what adventure was and meant to him. Follow those feelings and excitement around your definition of adventure now versus keeping adventure as something you do only once or twice a year, find things that scare or light you up and get after them. When you get after them, you GET a fired-up, purposeful life.

"You'll grow in confidence which will also make life much more enjoyable," I said.

¡Make your bucket list a daily one! 

When we take life too serious, listening too much to that fear voice attempting to keep us safe, we live a serious life.

As I share with clients, you may have to trick yourself into doing the things that will bring joy and purpose to your life (there are all sorts of ways).

Similarly, it takes practice to live this kind of adventurous, confident in self life, however that's something everyone has access to ~ the ability to practice. The key is to start, and keep on keeping on.

One way to get ourselves into practice mode is by re-framing everything we do in life, love or business as experiences which we "get to do" versus those we "have to do" (part of the play factor or game). 

You don't HAVE to do anything. Not at all. But you were given all your human bells and whistles (intellect, intuition, sense of spontaneity and adventure) so you could GET to do a lot of amazing things.

When you re-frame the situations in front of you, you get that much more out of the experience ahead and out of life as a whole, too.

The latter is one of my favorite phrases and truths because when we look at life with this lens, everything, and I mean everything, becomes an opportunity. Fear is an opportunity. No is an opportunity. Yes, is an opportunity. Even grief is an opportunity, as I've learned as of late.

Lesson: Every day, lessons will come. Emotional lessons, art history lessons, you name it. Instead of beating yourself up when the emotional or, in other words, relationship lessons come, at minimum, challenge yourself to be grateful they've arrived (you don't have to be happy about it, but gratitude acknowledges there's value in the timing and weight of the experience). Do see it for what it is ~ the chance to learn the next greatest lesson right now so you can move on more deeply, honestly, and with less burden, enjoying the rest of the adventure. When you learn the lesson the first time it comes around, you don't have to repeat it; something we forget, but that we can absolutely count on.

The lesson for both of us was both an emotional one, in Nolan doing what he was afraid of, and it was also a lesson in purpose, authentic expression and dedication to our brand of joy, learning from Greco's life…

It took 200+ years *after* his death for El Greco's body of work to experience what we might call "success." His dramatic, expressionistic style, rediscovered by romantics and French painters, but misunderstood and rejected throughout much of his life, was finally celebrated and became a great inspiration to new painters, sculptures and architects.

But, he was 'too much' for his time. And to "be too much" and express in exactly the way he did was his purpose. To be 'too much' is your purpose, too.

How could you do that more in the choices you're making in your business, writing, or speaking? How could you be too much and express to your heart's content?

The lesson here: Express, use your voice and show yourself and keep doing so, regardless if others celebrate you or not…

We do the opposite ALL the time. We stop ourselves from moving forward with our art, our writing, our business, our expression in whatever form that takes, because of what others think.

Nolan says do it anyway. Jump, dive, slide, two-step into it, but do it. Your ecstatic joy and success awaits.

Dedicate yourself to your art and to putting it out there with wild abandon every day and know, better yet, BANK on something wild happening.

Set your sights on both the adventure and lesson(s) you'll accept as part of the bold, expressed you today and you won't just experience ecstatic joy, you will embody it.

What one adventure will you create in your life each day?

What self-awareness, gratitude and permission will you tap into to allow in the lessons that wish to inform you, promising to, not only make you a better version of yourself in this moment, but possibly the next most innovative expressionist of your time?

Sending you all my Summer love!

Talk to you soon, couture creation you…

Life is good,





A Mom & Changemaker (Mom Mogul Mastermind)


You are the X and the O ~ the nucleus ~ of a little world called your family.

As a woman with a few missions in this life, you are also the lead creative and soulful support to all those you serve with your products and services in the movement you call your business.

The next boutique business mastermind for conscious moms who desire to move forward on their one (1) audacious goal in 2016/2017 and, in the process, meet more passion, purpose and prosperity is launching after the Summer months.

Dance onto the Mom Mogul list and stay in the know…

X O:

Enjoy your business and enjoy your life! 

Life is good,





The Art of DOING MORE (Branding Retreat photo in Beverly Hills)

[Photo by Ashlee Wilson Dephillippo]

Let's make a living and have a life.

That's what this fun, let loose on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills photo after The Branding Retreat brand tour reminds me of.

I couldn't wait to share it and the following thoughts after hearing my business answering machine yesterday afternoon, as I was on the other side of the house, sing: "…in the meantime, enjoy your business and enjoy your LIFE."

Why don't we!

Let's enjoy this life.

Most of us got into entrepreneurship for time and creative freedom and to blow the doors off the cap on our income…we can make as much or as little as we want. Terrifying for some, which I understand and invigorating for others, which I also relate to.

And, during all the GO of making things and making shift and growth happen, there must be moments of ah, REST. Collaboration, teamwork, boundaries, scheduling and honoring the harvest invites this rest and stillness and keeps them around for as long as you need to.

It's exactly what the entrepreneurial, creative spirit inspires…the choosing of our own mountains, of bigger projects and of staying outside our comfort zone.

And, what many of us don't do nearly as often is nurture that spirit…

Nurture your spirit.

Just as growth, strength and the right 'move that next mountain' muscles come during rest after tough workouts, so, too, do they come in business.

As the world outside of us experiences seasons (ok, minus LA), you need that season of harvest and these magical me moments to assist the support soil (soul) to grow even richer nutrients (what great success begs for ~ richer nutrient-rich soil/soul).

Celebrate the harvest you've worked for, honor the fruits of your labor and sit for a while admiring the growth and goals met.

You want sustainable business, income and happiness?

Honor what you've done or accomplished longer than a few minutes, and celebrate.

Simmer in the thank yous.

Swim in the ecstatic echo that your creativity, planning, focus, and support helped create with or within your product or service.

Give yourself true and ample time away from it all to enjoy and be in joy. Again, not just for a morning, but in ways and for days that bring you back to self.

This is how you fill up and create not just a company or a business, but a movement and a legacy: consistently build in as much time for you as you do for your clients.

A legacy is only created when you keep it going. You can't keep it going when you're bone tired.

As much as Zsuzsa and I created and planned for The Branding Retreat to be a time of getting sh*t done (at TBR you don't leave needing to do the work, you leave with it d-o-n-e), we also wove in ritual and time for rest daily and multiple times per day (hello, yoga mornings and time by the pool to integrate or allow new ideas or clarity truly stick).

We planned it for our clients, as well as for ourselves.

We had massages the second night while at the estate and the Monday immediately after our 3.5 days of support, we spent five hours together at the spa. The last week has been an allowance of team support, of quiet, and of nurturing self.

Here are some ways to make sure you're not moving onto the next mountain, passion project, business collaboration or venture too quickly:

  • Prep and coach your team to tell you you can't work immediately following a big push (I love telling Susan this, it's one of my most favorite exchanges, though she does it so well already: "You're not supposed to be working."). In other words, allow team to support you and to do the work you've trained and/or hired them to do for you.
  • The week after a big and beautiful birthing have your supporters clear your schedule so you have larger pockets of time to hear the space between the words and feel the wind, sun or child's kiss across your face.
  • Eat well, drink lots of h2o, get great sleep and make body bliss and nurturing as important as celebration or travel time with friends or family.
  • Reflect on what you've accomplished. Write it down, share it with a friend or friends at dinner. Extra credit if you throw yourself a dinner party. When you're back home from that celebrating, smile as you connect the dots to the ultimate vision you have for your life.
  • Decide, commit and be ALL about this season of harvest. In short, decide that you're currently **in** a season of harvest (this should have been added above as #1). It's a season. You're not pausing forever, and you're also not only worthy or successful if you're being productive.

Taking this time to enjoy is, in fact, producing a power pause for self that will only pour back into your creativity, connection with others and prosperity in a way that will be felt and understood if you make it a must…something you are always doing as you do all the other things that need to be done in the business.

All of this care contributes to the alignment, clarity and personality of your brand of woman (beyond business) in a way that is uniquely power-packed and palpable.

It doesn't matter if this soul season lasts a day, a few days or a week, as long as it starts, as long as it's part of your business plan and model, and you promise to be the best enjoyer of your life there ever was, as you also enjoy your business.

In the end, your business receives five-star treatment and experiences five-star growth if, and only if, you give yourself the same five-star treatment:

Enjoy your business, enjoy your LIFE.

Life is good,