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Walked from SF to D.C.! (STORY)

Imagine walking from San Francisco to Washington D.C. in support of something you strongly believe in?

Over the last few months, in meditation and beyond, I’ve asked that I be shown, in no uncertain terms, where I need to be and what I need to do in service of greater peace, equality and in love and protection of those who need it most in the world right now.

That voice or voices, you can call it many things, one of them being intuition, guided me to Greece to help where I could at the refugee camp, guided me to begin creating the model for action support groups that we’ll host in LA at our home, it’s what moved Josh and I both, as creatives, to begin speaking at colleges (first talk together will be this March back East) all around creating your own career path (being in charge of your own success — no glass ceilings) and, lastly, generally, this connection or trust — you can call it my own surrender experiment — also guided me to get more involved at the local level with causes that align with my values. I spoke to the ACLU last night and they will be in attendance for Josh’s and my first group here.

I share tonight because it’s incredible what happens, and in such a short amount of time, when we are committed and devoted to doing all it takes, no matter what, in support of what we believe.

As most magical things come these days, in an email last week I received a message from hospice, where I volunteer as a companion, telling me that they had found my first ongoing hospice assignment (they place you with whomever lives in closest driving distance to you).

I hadn’t been placed with one person yet last year, but instead, had been bouncing around visiting different families who needed someone, who lived about an hour or so away. All wonderful. Again, when you go where you’re needed, you’re promised many xxl heart opening experiences, as a result.

Going where I’m being asked to go “in no uncertain terms” and, hands down, every time this last year, in service work, family, friendship or my brand and coaching business, it’s exactly where I’ve needed to be. In no uncertain terms, yet as simple as a smile, maybe my Mom’s name, or with the flash of a number eight, I’ve gotten that confirmation.

I continued to read about my first official assignment tonight, all about the woman I have the privilege to befriend for the remaining days of her life and I couldn’t believe my eyes (well, I could because magical things happen all the time, why? Because I expect them to, I’m eagerly waiting for them)…

She’s a goddess, a 96-year-old woman who raised seven children as a single mom, worked in civil rights and walked from S.F. to D.C. to take a stand against nuclear war.

It said she *was* a writer (once a writer, *always* a writer — it’s not always about being able to put pen to paper, but about a way of looking at, and continuing to feel the world).

The note from the director at hospice also mentioned she was eager to talk about her life and loved, loved, loved engaging in stimulating conversation.

{my phone rang as I was typing this post, here’s what just happened…}

It was my new friend’s daughter. We spoke for 20 minutes all about her beautiful mom and my first visit tomorrow, about her fun and playful personality, what to expect, what she might like etc.

Her daughter said she was a very funny lady (too smart for her own good), loves poetry, wants to listen to Ted Talks or podcasts with me and that an easy in tomorrow might be dogs (easy, I told her, I have photos of Holland at the ready).

I asked her if there was anything I could bring her tomorrow and, another intuitive hunch gone right…tomorrow is her BIRTHDAY, her daughter said, so maybe something colorful like balloons?

She loves her birthday, she continued. Ok, we will talk about that tomorrow, I said, I also love birthdays and I love my birthday.

Her daughter told me she had written “97” on the cover of her January calendar when she first got it. It had been the only thing she wrote on it.

I shared with her that she might not believe it, but that when I first contacted her to set up a day for me to come, something in me said, ask if you can come Thursday, so I mentioned Thursday. (I knew that I could have probably said next week, but I felt I needed to go sooner than that, Thursday, specifically, even though it would not be the easiest for me, necessarily).

We laughed at first at the serendipity (life magic) and then, I could hear her holding back tears. It’s a lot to handle losing someone. That’s what I was thinking and feeling inside, but all I said was, I know, I know…

Once she spoke again, she said, one thing I wanted to do with her before the stroke, which she was excited about, was color…maybe you can color with her? I have an empty coloring book, I told her, we will fill up as much as she wants and has energy for.

Great, that’s wonderful, she said.

I will color with her, my kindred spirit, I thought to myself…

And, I’ll show up and up and up, like her balloons.

And just like that, from one moment to the next, I get to create and be a part of a birthday party tomorrow for a friend (who almost shares a birthday with my own Mom — by three days) and who had it written in her stars, too, that we’d meet, a woman who believed strongly in something, in seven children and in a cause called peace, in humor and in words that move people to love and feel light…

I get to sit in for her daughter tomorrow. I get to love a mom, as if she were my mom. And do it week, after week…

Here’s the thing. What we believe we will receive, we receive…

And what we support, supports us.

This assignment — life — is so beautiful and interesting and filled with opportunities to seize the day that some nights I feel I could fall over in observance of it all.

I really think I might tonight, but before I do, I have a mini birthday party to plan!

Happy birthday and thank you, beauty, all 97 years young of you. I can’t wait to meet you on the day you were born, it is, in no uncertain terms, exaaaactly where I need to be tomorrow.

Enjoy your business, enjoy your life!

Life is good,



p.s. If you’re craving to get more involved and go where you’re most needed, let me know…I want to help you!

MP3 (Refugee Trip & How to Be Most Engaged in Your Life)

Today, I have a gift, a share and activation gift for you!

Brand of Woman, Session #1: If Not Now, When? Let’s actively engage in our lives. 

In it, you will hear and receive:

  • A little around my recent refugee support experience in Greece
  • How to be of service to yourself
  • Sacred activism & humanitarian — how it’s inside all of us
  • What staying connected to soul means
  • Three (3) questions or moves to actively engage in your life and business (aka = success on your terms)
  • Just who your brand of woman really is

Dive in here.

Enjoy your business, enjoy your life, Creative Heroine and Couture Creation! (Yes, you’re both).

Life is good,




p.s. Tell me something — what would you like to receive guidance, support and training around in the next BOW sessions? xo

REFUGEE SUPPORT STORY, Day 6: Going home and the greatest (daily) romance debate.

Before I arrived to the refugee camp a week ago this past Sunday, I thought the greatest romance was that with your beloved. You be loved, Josh, and madly.

Monday, I remembered it was that which you have with yourself. You can’t love anybody else if you don’t see the possibility of great love when you look at yourself.

Tuesday came and I sat on the ground helping a man in his new normal try on used shoes for winter and wanted to shout, it’s the men, the men, LOVE your men, honor them, listen to them, laugh with them. The greatest global romance comes back to, I wanted to keep shouting, how deeply (key word, spread it) our men feel seen, heard and understood from a young age.

Wednesday rolled in and I was invited inside the pod/upgraded tent of a Syrian family by a fierce mama and, later that afternoon, I thought of my work with women at home and wrote these three words down on a scratch piece of paper: my soul’s sister. I remembered then, my gorgeous sister, who doesn’t look much different than me, that, although we were born to different families and to different parts of the world, you are me and I am you. Romance. This was it — feeling as one. Two things are always the same for all of us, I wanted to be able to keep telling her — our feelings, each one of ours run the gamut between deep sadness or fear and happiness and elation — please know that I have felt all, too, in my own way. And, of course, we are sisters swimming in the same deep desire wanting our families to be healthy and, rather simply, happy, dignity intact. Though I’ve never lived through war, I would have continued, my heart wants to know your pain and that is the greatest of love, too. Loving you as myself, sitting with you as I have sat nurturing myself and, of course, with thoughts, words and actions, using the energy of my own fierce mama heart to fight for your full protection, helping to pull you up once you’re finally able or ready, and not stopping until that happens. This is the great work of the greatest romance between true sisters. At the heart of every forever romance is remembering that without woman, there is no life. LOVE her, acknowledge her and tend to that fire within her, every day.

Then, Thursday, as with the days prior, I spoke with one thing only: my hands. I realized, then, that I held the key to the greatest romance in the same place — my hands…and, add to that, my eyes and expressions that did not want to stop until we each felt fully understood. It can be done. We can understand each other more, to the left, to the right and deep down, with time. But it can’t be rushed, so, we create the time for this greatest of romances. In this daytime dream Thursday, language was entirely optional, but compassion, striving to communicate in other ways and working for the greatest good are and were not. For a world that is just, these fine details for a great romance — a great life — is a must.

Friday came quick and I was brought along into the temporary homes of war-torn Syrian families who had just delivered babies. Teeny tiny babies! Seeing the babies asleep, I woke up. Later, looking into their eyes, I thought of Nolan, my niece and nephews and all the children I loved up on this week and prayed for this kind of great romance — that love from all sides and colors — white, black, red, yellow, and beyond would encircle all children and create the well and loving village of acceptance they would learn from to share with others, whether that someone was similar to them or not. As we arrived to the second home, I realized I needed to add this: the greatest love is the decision you make, possibly even the most difficult in that very moment, to fill yourself with the beauty of that person, any person in front of you, at any given moment. Children, though often unseen by many, cannot be, for us to move forward in peace vs. pieces. LOVE them with your ears, mouth and time.

Saturday, as I prepped to leave physically, but not emotionally, I am worlds more aware and responsible for the greatest romance that exists in us all — romance or, in other words, the curiosity of seeing in ourselves the fear, the war, the anger and separation we, ourselves, have perpetuated in our lives. This energy counts when you look at the goings on for the whole.

To everyone I served this week and to all my friends, family and neighbors, near and far, I am sorry for my part in ever keeping fear, the opposite of love and romance, alive.

Shall we all take note?

Sunday, I vowed to spend the day in bed with the truest of all greatest romances, which is all encompassing and which means putting genuine love, soul salve and solution into everything and to everyone who shows up.

In essence, cozying up, cool sheets and warm pillow, to commitment and responsibility to come back to any place, inside or outside, near or far, that desperately needs love, compassion, healing, freedom, or an activation of our realness or humanity.

To all of you, especially my family and clients, who have emailed or posted: next time, I vow to bring you with me. This will be the plan I work on romancing Monday, but, for now, I look toward nothing but this, my day of rest with Important Responsibility.

Whatever and whoever lies before me tonight or tomorrow’s tomorrow, is and will always be, my greatest romance.

Life is good,




Women Are My Heroes

Women are my heroes, the heroines of optimism.

That’s the thought flowing as I share love and thoughts with VIP clients coming into town or those I’ll be flying out to see.

We must be (are) our own heroines (friends, presidents, husbands, ideal-sized bodies or bank accounts will never be).

We must play that role, be that model, reminder and walking prayer for other women, so they, and, as a result, the world’s youngest ladies, feel they are their own leaders and the first ladies of their own lives.

We must become the most amazing story we want to tell, not for what it will look like to others, but for what it means to our growth, our young and our ultimate peace and happiness.

This is the truest of love and the deepest of romances.

Shall we? We must.

Life is good,