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LA for THIS in September!

The last year has been all about reinvention, well, maybe, more about an evolution of all parts of me as a woman, and then naturally, of the work I do, too. Boy, we’ve all been through so much collectively in the community as of late PLUS we’ve all been through a lot in our individual lives, too (I see you and know…I really know). Reinvention almost feels inevitable with all we’ve maneuvered and worked through, right?

But, like most reinventions, mine wasn’t overly planned. 

Yours doesn’t have to be either (I can’t wait to share the day we can spend together [BELOW] which may help you, not only “announce” your reinvention, but, in the creation of it, also support the growth of your evolved brand, business and, most importantly, your movement).

Since I knew things needed to change this last year (because I, myself, was changing), I committed to follow my gut/intuition and did what I felt a passion for in each waking moment (while trusting what was next would come) and continued to create opportunities and, most importantly, create experiences that would move me, my clients and my community. And the experiences did just that and I was better for it. So was the business and the women (and men) who benefited from each experience.

The Best Things in Life/Business

But the truth is (let’s get back to this) –> the best things in my life (or my business), in fact, have not been overly planned. Overly passioned, yes. But, being so “strict” on only the planning part (and not enough on the passion or purpose elements) does not for a content or purposeful entrepreneur make.

Long are the days when we only follow the strict or traditional ways that our industry says we “have to” grow a movement or business.

We must/we get/we have to follow what feels good to the soul, then add in strategy to THAT.

Don’t get me wrong, at each turn in life or business, once I realized I was onto something, I’d then get into planning and strategy mode.

And, ask anyone who knows me well, I love being in planning and strategy mode — it’s a huge part of my work. However, all that said, I have to allow things to flow and feel right before I commit to then really make it something

Do you know what I’m saying? 

And boy do I then go full in, in, in to make it so.

I know that much about myself.

You, too, know the parts of you that will always ACTIVATE themselves and come through when something is ALIGNED for you.

But it must be aligned, right? And, what I’ve seen over the last 16+ years throughout my work supporting women inside their signature brands and offerings is this: it’s this same drive, energy or ability that helps create the most distinct offerings and experiences. All of the above has always supported me and definitely has the last ten months creating eight (8) transformative experiences with many moving parts in LA, NYC and SF (you’ll find some photos of the experiences sprinkled below).

I’m happy to say, while I’m writing to you from Paris, where today, I’m making an experience of my birthday*, that reinvention is a success. Reinvention is the full expression of who we are (*as my birthday gift to you, I’m creating this beautiful one day experience [as something affordable] for eight women (it was going to be five, but I increased the number as of late). 

Your Next Branded Experience

Your offerings need not simply be delivered behind the screen or over the phone. 

–> Throughout this year of evolving more deeply into my gifts, desire and genius is supporting you in getting out there LIVE and creating in-person experiences that you eventually become known for (you want to be known for results and the experiential does that; they create results!).

What moves people and transforms them are exactly that, experiential moments, those that YOU can now begin to create or make a bigger part of your work. 

Make them a bigger part of your work and expression!

What I’m trying to say is that it’s time for a type of reinvention with the way we all deliver our services and, specifically, the way we serve up the human connection, high touch flair, and the meaningful connections we are craving in this world.

This is exactly what I was driven by as I planned these eight transformative events known as the Creative Heroine Experience, High Touch and the Greater Good Party over the last year.

I was driven by putting my signature on these experiences in a unique, push the industry way and, more importantly, I also wanted to commune with more and more people while enjoying delivering my work, education, insight, and ideas for how to live purposefully, how to express more of all of ourselves (not just parts) for further connection and engagement, as well as for emotional and business growth. 

Commune with more people — what a novel idea in our high tech world! (-:

 This is my home when welcoming new clients…


Saturday, September 29, 2018

9:30pm – 5:30pm 
Working lunch 
+ VIP dinner as a group as the finale 
(details to come about lunch & dinner)

My Home,
Los Angeles, California 

 Greater Good Party, Bay Area

In this full-day immersion, you will:1. LEARN THE FRAMEWORK. Learn my creative framework or approach for a killer, outside-the-(industry) box event (do strategy do opposite, look to other industries) that elevates your brand, wows attendees and helps them begin to transform what they would, in essence, be shifting in working with you.

2. CLARITY ON YOUR BIG IDEA. Gain clarity on your big idea for your own Ecstatic Experience, no matter how small, medium or big you want to create it. (I will help to condense your million ideas to one industry-changing one or shift your response of “…but I have no idea yet” to “now I do!!!”). Together, we will come up with not only the brilliant, outside-the-box idea but decide the purpose or goal for the event from a brand and business perspective which will determine if the experience is a paid or complimentary/ sponsored event as well as all the various specifics of the event, from start to finish.

3. CHOOSE A DATE AND LOCALE & REVERSE ENGINEER TO PLANNING AND DAY-OF SUCCESS. Choose a date to deliver the experience (and your special sauce/genius) with the intention of it being a transformative experience with results for all in attendance. With the date in mind, you will also walk out with the reverse-engineered plan for what you will need to do each month, week as well as the last three weeks leading up to your Ecstatic Experience (I’ve learned, time and time again, both planning the eight experiences this last year, as well as all the mastermind retreats for my clients that the last three weeks make all the difference to your stress level and polish on day-of). 

4. INTEGRATING ALL OF YOU + SURPRISES. In dividing the day into three soulful and distinct, helpful parts (this is a surprise and there will BE surprises!), you will also leave with a solid idea of how to more fully integrate or incorporate ALL of who you are…your creative self, multi-passionate, multi-faceted and spiritual self. Your Ecstatic Experience will only be as good as you, (the real, humanYOU) is ecstatic and we know that comes about with allowing yourself the clarity and freedom to express all sides of yourself: your life experience (we all have a story), professional expertise, values, core passion, natural genius, desire to contribute (let’s find a way to serve the greater good with your experience) and, in short, expressing your higher calling through your business.

Saturday, September 29, 2018
9:30pm – 5:30pm 

Investment: $697 [the buttons below lead you to a link for a $297 deposit which will claim your seat; the remaining $400 will be due on August 22nd].

IMPORTANT B-DAY GIFT/NOTE: As briefly mentioned on 7/9, my birthday gift to you is making this an affordable (and amazing) experience! For perspective, my private VIP days at my home are normally $3997. 

The Creative Heroine Experience, LA

This immersion day is for the multi-faceted woman who feels restless between adventures (this is also me, so I hear you), the woman who wants to bring together all her abilities and experiences to CREATE one that elevates her brand and creates a new path for her movement to take a nice, long walk.  

It’s for the woman who:

  • is ready to create her first or her next LIVE and in person event that doesn’t feel like an event, but rather, is an experience!
  • wants business and all of life to feel LIKE an adventure, for her AND for her clients (hello to the creation of her own Ecstatic Experience!)
  •  will not settle for less
  • has maybe been “away” as a result of heartbreak, loss, divorce or a 9-5 and would benefit from a “comeback” event essentially saying “I”m here world”…it’s also for the woman who has been at the entrepreneurial thing for a while and has already experienced success in her business and simply wants to elevate that success to a new level.
  • feels the need to infuse new life into her business or movement…
  • has a desire to step into the next evolution of her business (I’ve been in business 17 years and have experienced approximately five evolutions of the same business, the latest one expressing itself in the here and now)
  • wants to create and be known for something creative and different, but effortlessly and with purpose.
  • is restless between adventures! (Did I mention that already? :-)).

Let’s create inside the Ecstatic Experience Immersion Day so that you feel as if you’re living inside your next big adventure or creative challenge!


I can’t wait to welcome you in, Creative Heroine!

If you have questions for me/us, let me know, ok?

Enjoy your business, enjoy your life!

Life is good,

Michelle Ghilotti
Success Designer, Brand Activator & Social Entrepreneur 

p.s. To claim your spot (eight total available), you can make your $297 deposit of the total $697 Ecstatic Experience birthday rate (as mentioned, my birthday gift to you is the lower investment for this boutique high-touch experience at my home. ENJOY, and that you will, Creative Heroine!).

Building Community (and who I support)

As I’ve been building community through meaningful groups or services like CEO Changemaker, High Touch, Creative Heroine and the Greater Good Parties now traveling throughout the US, I’ve been revived and enlivened by art.

You knowwww ~> art ~ that which contributes to the optimism and heart present on the planet…

I support art, artists and artistic endeavors (LIFE ~ the greatest one perhaps) — and my work which centers around creative expression and building businesses that, in actuality build and prioritize legacy does, too.

After designing, planning and hosting six events in nine months, I’m even more lit up to continue fusing this into all my experiences and offerings.

Art and creativity in words, movement, song and that which is visual ignites all senses and dimensions and effortlessly creates a space internally ready for transformation, a place where we feel more fully fed to birth our unique ideas AND be known for them.

At Creative Heroine in March, the dynamic duo known as Christina Dunbar and Chaim Dunbar gave tremendous performances.

If you haven’t already seen Chaim’s piece “Where Are the Men?”, you must, must, must:

And — Christina’s piece — “Where Are the Women?”, written with love, specifically for the Creative Heroine Experience, whose words were so potent, must also be shared (if you’d like to see this powerhouse creative in her traveling one-woman show, she’ll be in SF on June 8th~>…

Where Are the Women by Christina Dunbar (an excerpt):

After years of being way too quiet and compliant
After years of hiding this wild soul…
I’m ready to roar with the rest of this world


Where are the women that roar together?
I mean I see the women
Here are the women
Everywhere are the women
But where

ALL the representations of women speaking out

Shy women
Loud women

Small and tall and curvy women
Young and old and wrinkly women
Women who are free in their skin
That are artists in the way they live
That can say with pride

I have no more shame in this body
I have nothing left to hide

Here are the women
You are the woman
And you are the woman
And she
And me
And we are the women
That will be seen and heard
Leave our mark on this precious fleeting timeline we call LIFE

Let’s own that now
That each of us counts
Let’s take it to the streets
And let these hearts lead 
With our fierce female voices
We declare.
We are the women we’ve been waiting for.

Here’s to art and what she will always take responsibility for stirring inside us!

Enjoy your business, enjoy your life!

Life is good,

Michelle Ghilotti
Success Designer, Brand Activator & Social Entrepreneur 

Back to the THESE “Basics”

During confusing or hard moments, in anything or with any relationship, go back to the basics (which is not too far back):

mutual respect,
dignity and
civility. . .
white to black,
black to white,
man to woman,
woman to man,
boy to girl,
girl to boy,
grown up to child,
child to grown up,
able-bodied to disabled,
disabled to able-bodied,
**anyone to anything you are not**
kindness, mutual respect, dignity and civility are always en vogue.

T h e s e  are the empowering and loving times I believe we live in.

And this is why we ladies, the mama bears of the earth, the ones who need to make sure the family sticks together (seriously, this is one of our tippity-top purposes), this is why we care, this is why we coach, and this is why we are more active in the world, then maybe we’ve ever been.

Enjoy your business and enjoy your life, Creative Heroine + Mama Bear!

Life is good,







p.s. Register HERE for MGI’s first complimentary training, Design Your Couture Comeback: Soul, Strategy & Brand Honesty in 2017. The training happens Thursday, February 9th, at 11am Pacific/2pm Eastern/7pm London/8pm Amsterdam time. The training lasts two hours. I’ll be sharing how you can create your most successful “comeback” from a business hiatus, heartbreak, loss or (fill in your blank). In many ways, we will go back to the basics and will cover off on the strategy and practical support needed within four categories: Business (Revenue), Brand, Relationships and Self. Would love to “see” you there, Creative Heroine!

“Habit Health” (3 questions to ask today!)

This is my client Dianna…her “habit health” is on point.  🙂

Gut health.
Emotional health.
Heart health.
Habit health. 
It’s also totally a thing.
How’s your habit health?

Take a few moments and jot down your answers to the following questions:

1. If you were the very best in the world at what you did, how would what you do in the morning, afternoon and evening change?

2. On a practical level, what top two (2) habits and top two (2) actions must become part of your everyday muscle memory to get to where you say you want to be in your business?

3. As the thought leader and CEO of your purposeful and inspiring brand, what relationship-building activities do you need to build on each week?

Once you have your most honest and powerful answers down, take a breath and another moment to check in with the mindset and schedule you currently are working with.

Here’s a bonus question for you ~

4. How will you need to shift or accommodate both your mindset and weekly schedule in order to get where you want to be?

I hope this supports you today, Creative Heroine.

Enjoy your business and enjoy your life!

Life is good,





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