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My Hospice Experience Last Week (Soul Scientist)

I called Josh a minute before walking into my new hospice patient’s home (when I need to ground myself, connecting with this man is one thing that immediately does it).

My last words to him before we hung up and I walked up to knock, knock, knock:

Honey, I don’t even know him yet and I love him.

~ ~ ~ ~

Imagine if we went into our ‘regular’ daily interactions with those we have yet to know more deeply with more energy, tenderness and a willingness…to see another as the person we love (or for those of us who have lost, as the very person we’ve lost).

Our stress levels, road rage and walls of all kinds, once there and built as high up as they could go would, if not cease to exist, decrease in size dramatically.

Would those days be really good days?

Those days would be really good days.

Life is good,


p.s. How does your brand of woman express her soul’s service and what does it say about how to see and experience the world at large?

Why YOU’RE a Scientist.


Every study leads to more questions. That’s what scientists and researchers say about their work.

It is also exactly what regular people like you and me say about getting to the next phase, space or place in life, thinking, wait a second, I thought I had figured that piece of it (life) out, I should (thought I’d) feel complete.

But the longer or deeper we go in our quest or understanding of life, death, ourselves, others, spirituality, parenting, healing or health, entrepreneurship, even love etc. the more questions we will have, similar to children. That’s part of what they consider play and it can feel like ours too.

There is no final arrival point, that’s the joy (play? work?) and the rub (work? play?) we’re gifted and confronted with called our regal reality.

Your next “study” will lead to more questions and that’s called having purpose, being purposeful and it’s exactly the point.

Crawl/walk/hike/run/somersault through the life of questions (each day will feel different) and, as you do, know that, also similar to children, being the student doesn’t mean we can’t also be the teacher. [We’ve all agreed our children are at the top of the list of our greatest teachers.]

Accept the latest study you’ve created for self or that’s found you knowing you don’t have to and may not be ready (no one is ever fully ready for all the ecstasy and magic life brings, no one is ever fully ready to experience the death of loved ones, parenthood, push-the-limits business endeavors, and once again, even love) and that is exactly the work, Life Scientist.

That’s our life’s curious work, play, work, play, work…play.

Life is good,



Personal brands are made of THIS

I read an application from a potential client yesterday that said what she valued most in business was honesty. Spark:

Ultimately what people feel about you, take away or remember most is how you feel about yourself.

Your potentially elegant outer shell or “brand” and what you share on Facebook, IG, in brand photos or in a new tagline means nothing if your home in self, your heart, awareness of self or honesty around your part in something, anything, is not more consistently┬ápresent.

Asking more from ourselves in all relationships outside our businesses and brands support those public brands, personas and businesses in flourishing because you can’t fully express a true alignment or kind of human impeccability or leadership if you don’t lead yourself first. In other words, if you don’t also vibe it inside and with all those inside your closest circles first. The integrity practiced with those you’re most comfortable with seeps out to business relationships. It’s everything.

Just as mega companies and brands know their brand starts with internal company culture, your personal brand, or, as I love to say, your brand of woman, does too; it starts inside you and inside your closest friendships and connections with loved ones.

When the behind-the-scenes in business, family or self becomes the stuff you could more easily bring out to share under the bright lights is when you meet your true, honest shine.

Life is good,




Your Multi-Dimensional Brand!

These two things don't go together.

That's what many of us say about our spirituality and professional lives.

We end up saving who we really are for when…later when? We save our inspiration or spirituality for nights and weekends, why? So others will accept us? Accept us how exactly?

This week I celebrate fifteen years under the Ghilotti Ink/MGI/business owner/entrepreneur umbrella and in thinking back to 2001, I remember this: not believing there was room for all (ALL) of me in business and, truthfully, as a result, in life, too.

Just as I had in the corporate advertising world, professional was the filter I used to express (if we can call it that), for years.

As one of the more visual examples, I definitely didn't believe I could be spiritual — be about feeling — as well as be into fashion. How would (could??) it all play out or how could (would??) they lean into one another? Didn't one dismiss the other?

Answer: They did go together, as natural as water flowing downstream, because every part was and is me and all parts go together for you, too, because each of them is you.

They support one other and support you because nothing true can be threatened, or is, therefore, threatening.

When you're multi-passionate and multi-dimensional, which we are, you, as a Couture Creation, have carte blanche to, not only, play with all your toys, but share them. Ever since you were a teeny little thing, you've been all about it, so bring her back.

And, don't worry, the golden thread, theme, tone or soul of your brand will present itself, as will the puzzle pieces to the focused story about the real you, because, nothing true can't not come through as such when honestly sharing it.

Playing at professional (neck up, intellectualized and about the ego and physical body) robs us of our technicolor personality (essence, emotional or spiritual body) and of the real soul, purpose and wild, wise woman behind the name, business license and credentials, the one who others actually want to get to know.

Changing the filter five years or so into the business, following how and where I felt happier and a more honest freedom of expression, what I now call "couture happiness", supported the first real business boom, and, more importantly, supported being able to do the work I was meant to do here.

The real you will show you to your real work and your real work will show you to, maybe, your first real feeling of success.

Show up.

Our multi-passionate ways will always contribute to our unique spark. In addition, the acceptance of our multi-dimensional truth can set us free.

You are more than this body, you are more than your business and you are way more than your bank account.

The following words recently shared from Columbia on my IG account, @couturehappiness, after I purchased this necklace feels like it brings it all together and brings us all home:

"…Express your individuality and celebrate others', too, and, as you do, remember that you can be big-hearted and a boss, spiritual and spicy, rooted and wild, about growth, understanding of your heroine's journey and human, open-minded and rooted in the collective as well as opinionated, loving and loud, easily excitable and elegant ~ a feeling fashionista.

We can be deeply spiritual, searching for meaning throughout all that we do and also very much care about all things human or material in a way that helps us taste or experience our limitless creativity and unabashed freedom, without being tied to these things for true peace or happiness, because we all know too well where that actually comes from.

At the end of the day, we can be of that world and of this one, all at the same damn time."

Life is good,



p.s. Express all of yourself.