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Stop Pausing These Types of Projects

Using your creative talents for the greater good is an honoring of the life force and boost of energy (aka blessings) those talents bring you every day.

If you believe this creative power has been gifted to you (in other words, it’s not all solely yours), give it away (it’s meant to be given away).

Stop pausing your passion projects or having great ideas land in you, then doing nothing with them.

If you have the ability to freely use your right to speak, write or create, feel free to express the gratitude for these sparks and abilities by mobilizing them by giving them wings.

Enjoy your business, enjoy your life!

Life is good,

Michelle Ghilotti
Couture Brand Creator & Success Coach

How To Stand Out

You’re not the traditional or typical anything. 

The second, maybe a minute before the second we start to feel boxed in by something or like we “are all of the sudden” part of the expected, it’s time to change. 

A change — the change — you’ve known you’ve needed to make, but ignored for enough time that continuing on this way, following rules, yet still not ‘making happy’ made you feel there was something wrong (not with the situation but with you).

Whether this is by an online business or an industry — by a relationship, a family, a political party, by whatever to whatever extent — ONCE YOU BECOME AWARE [of that expectation or that you’re on or have been on a hamster wheel of doing what everyone else is doing, thinking or showing because you haven’t asked more of yourself] — YOU BECOME ACCOUNTABLE. 

Remember that you’re not the traditional or typical anything — follow the rules of who you naturally are, follow/run wild with the ideas that come to you. 

It all helps you to reinvent, not get too complacent. [Reinvent Regardless — could be a show or it could be a life path. Reinvent regardless of what everyone else is doing (and that they, too, are not loving)]. 

Our values may hold strong and steady, but we are not typically anything — we are not the expected. 

We are human (not the expected…we change our minds all the time and we are multi-passionate and multi-everything all the time). 

And, we are soul (not the expected…we follow what feels right, what lights us up and that’s never the same thing all the time and it’s not doing what other souls have deemed their thing). 

I’m not the traditional or typical [fill in the blank] woman, man, mother, father, daughter, son, Democrat, Republican, business owner, creative, advisor, nurse, manager, marketer, health nut, coach, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, grandmother, grandfather, lover, forgiver, thinker, student, teacher, leader, consumer, thinker, doer, devotee to the creative/expressive life…

Sometimes the toughest thing we can do and that also holds the most weight — value — is holding strong to unique values and ideas and moving on them with the confidence that it’s all going to work, no matter how strong the tide is to move like the masses.

Enjoy your business, enjoy your life!

Life is good,


 Michelle Ghilotti
Couture Brand Creator & Success Coach

Who I Really Am (can we be honest for a sec?)

But not 
before I tell you 
who I really am 
first. . .

I get emails from women, some I know, others I don’t know, but where the theme(s) are fairly consistent.

The reason for the connection is normally a thankful response to honesty —

I could tell you I share honestly because it’s the work I’m committed to, that I support women to express themselves, to create their authentic brands, so by default I “have” to walk my talk.

The public persona thing.

But, that’s not it.

I don’t do or say anything here or anywhere because it’s good to (externally speaking) or because it makes intellectual sense– not anymore, and especially not after the last few years, with back to back losses, which have reminded me that life, with all its gorgeous opportunities to be ourselves, regardless if it’s on Facebook, at a dinner party or leading a room, can be over and without so much as a sneeze of notice.

Life is but a string of days, tough to get through and live them well if you’re living by public rules that don’t relate to the private you…cool kid rules that were created to make another happy.

Caring, personally or professionally, what someone will think or not think is the same. We each had our chance in high school to shift and change, revise and delete based on the outside, but we’ve graduated…

As much as a professional or entrepreneur (half of my friend list here are entrepreneurs) are taught that the public persona is important to create, as a branding person for 16 years after leaving the ad industry, I say it’s the opposite.

The person(a) is what’s important. What you do and who you are at home counts.
And sharing what feels right to the soul, not ego…who you are, bells, whistles, and bumps is actually the credible.

People want people as friends, as much as they want people, not brands, to help them with their problem.

Instead, they want a hand — outstretched — that says I know, I’ve been there, let me help you,

but not before 
I tell you 
who I really am
Enjoy your business, enjoy your life!

Life is good,


 Michelle Ghilotti
Couture Brand Creator & Success Coach

How To Move Fwd On Your Ideas (come out, come out wherever you are!)

That thing you keep thinking about or planning for is not going to happen until you let go of feeling like it has to be perfect.

Things become elegant, polished and/or masterful (not to be confused with perfect) after and not before, you get them out there.

Think of your job as the aerator of your ideas. They only become the best idea, the most impactful and most profitable thing — the fine wine of your long list of ideas — if they’re in touch with the elements.

This means they need to come into contact with people, with feedback from the creative process, in contact with the way you feel and with the magic that comes to meet an idea only after having started down the committed path…

Commitment turns an idea into full-fledged creativity.

Commit to your life and to a most pure, honest and inevitable success, not just by having an idea (that’s easy), but by following it 
through (that’s you).
Enjoy your business, enjoy your life!

Life is good,


 Michelle Ghilotti
Couture Brand Creator & Success Coach