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Life, Death and Branding

If you believe the only thing you take with you are experiences (the way you consistently made yourself and others feel), then life, business, motherhood, romance etc. can be about doing just that ~ crafting experiences.

So long to the goals of creating a business, creating revenue, creating success, creating a loving marriage or even to creating happiness. We get stumped on how when we think of it this way. It's an easier path to all those things when we focus on crafting experiences.

A well-crafted experience has depth, layers and stories (stories, as in that of a home and also as in the tales told for motivation (action energy), not just inspiration (feel good energy)).

With the care, flair and engaged elegance of a big-hearted couture designer, choose to make an experience of your brand(ing), training calls, discovery calls or sales process, marketing, workshops (don't have to feel like workshops), customer service emails, team meetings and of the words and ways you handle both the easy and tough situations, day in and out (the out is the tougher of the two), and you'll be living a life filled with ecstasy, a sort of heaven on earth.

Life is good,





Make a Living AND Have a Life
(music to my ears)

Life is sweet, and even more so when you have a business that fully supports, vs. detracts from family time during the week or weekend, and, hence, is a direct reflection of your values.

Having a spiritually-modern business I can take with me on my gypsy travels, and successfully run while experiencing the world and growing my most important relationships has been the priority since I started MGI 15 years ago, later moving and growing it in Amsterdam, Guadalajara and Portland.

When we go to Europe for the month of July and Columbia for two weeks in August, things will be running just as if I was still holding down the fort in LA.

Make a living (LOVE what you do) *and* have a life.

Making the revenue you want doesn't have to come at the expense of family (you and I both know that's way too expensive).

Learn the who, what, when, where and how of successful entrepreneurship and authentic branding, while being a conscious, devoted mom.

Ode to the sweetness, soul and ease that's possible. Hello to the Mom Mogul Success Society Mastermind:

Enjoy your business and enjoy your life! 

Life is good,





Brand Yourself Through THIS

If you're a woman, be one who speaks up and speaks her truth.

If you're a mom, be one who speaks up and speaks her truth.

If you're a lover, be one who speaks up and speaks her truth.

To be a fighter, a martyr, or woman who suffers quietly, is optional.

If you don't share your truth, nothing in life may ever feel true.

If you don't speak up in love, namely self-love, it will feel like you rarely ever receive any real, long-lasting and meaningful love from those around you (it may not be true, but you may feel like it is.)

In order to be the thought leader of your movement, you must first share your truest, most honest thoughts with those closest to you, all in the name of more deeply relating.

Your next largest business success comes on the heels of the awareness, the words and, ultimately, the connection you prioritize with your VIPs.

Make your bed there first.

It is and they are the heart and soul of the heart and soul of your business, whether you realize it today, or not.

As a business owner or entrepreneur, our most powerful brand or brand of thought leadership comes after we decide to be thought leaders in all our relationships, not just those with the public world, or with our clients, teams or business partners.

If you speak up and speak your truth in the name of all that is good in the world, for peace and harmony, while also deeply listening to others speak theirs, even when it doesn't make you right or make you feel all right, know you will have likely spoken most loudly.

Dear woman, mom, and lover of all things good in the world,

Love self and others loudly.

Do so by more fully using your voice and allowing others to do the same.

Enjoy your business and enjoy your life! 

Life is good,