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Today, I unfriended her…

Today, I “unfollowed” (but didn’t “unfriend”) an idea I’ve been working on since 2012 with awesome writing coaches (Jen Sincero), thought leaders (Gabby Bernstein), uber fun and laser-focused editors (Paula Tiberius) and, as of late, all-around creative geniuses (Karen Barri Salmansohn). This is as much a love note of gratitude to them as much as it is a love note to you…

As creatives, it’s not easy to set one of your babies aside to care, full-time, for another one.

I know you feel me…

We ask:

• But, how will that one idea get fed?
• Who will rock that baby when it’s not well?
• Most importantly, who will continue to teach or “mold” them into coming more fully into their best and truest selves; to express themselves clearly, powerfully and elegantly? How will they grow up to be who they were intended to be; WILL they ever grow as they were meant to???

TODAY’S MANTRA/MOMTRA:  I may unfollow this idea today, but I don’t unfriend it.

Here’s what that means –> Just because you may have to or want to let go of an idea in your business, it doesn’t mean you have to fully unfriend or, in essence, block her from your life.

It doesn’t mean that you can’t go back to her in the future.

In fact, it doesn’t mean that she won’t continue to show up throughout everything else you do, because she will. Energetically and in vibrational tone, each idea you from this day forward will have living inside of it, this idea that you are saying see you later to.

The one you are allowing yourself to part ways with will live and does right now already live inside every other idea you end up birthing…

It’s the way life, energy, creativity and ideas work. You can fight it by lamenting or worrying about if it’s right or not, but you’ll just be fighting your natural creative power which is your very reason for living and breathing…

Whatever was created by you will always
instruct what will continue to be created by you…

Again, we never actually fully let go of an idea because each idea is always part the next, and possibly greater, idea or expression. So, let’s:

• Thank ourselves for having the dedication to the idea for so long.

• Acknowledge what a solid part of the writing/creation/entrepreneurial journey it’s been for you and that you couldn’t have done it without it…

• Thank the idea — this beautiful energy in physical form – and tell it that you will either see it in a new form soon (likely, you already are). Give gratitude for all its shown you and for all its done to continue to stoke a fire of creativity, transformation, mastery and refinement in you…

Let go if you can feel it’s right and, as you make the decision, know this:

3. As writers/creators/entrepreneurs, we can love our ideas, but being attached to them in fear that more won’t come or that you “have to go through with it” because you’ve put so much time into it doesn’t help the birthing power of more ideas that you will ultimately be known for.

Allow your ideas to be like water, they come and they go…love them and see them off, either out into the world as you officially birth it or as you let it go to instruct yet another, more refined or more deeply aligned idea…

2. As creative women, remember that not all ideas are actually meant to be birthed, or birthed in the original way we intended them to be. Some are seedlings or carrier ideas, in other words, ideas that are the seeds to other great expressions of who we truly are and what our work is about in the world. Work on ideas with genuine fervor, even if you know they may not be birthed out into the world, as it (and they) are all ultimately part of your mastery…

1. As humans and entrepreneurs, letting go is as important as letting in. In other words, the more we can practice doing this in our business happenings, remembering the life present in our ideas is as impermanent as our breath, the more we are able to find the soul strength to keep moving forward– on ANYTHING. Letting go, the practice of surrender and, ultimately, resilience are keys to our success and will be the reason to more ideas continuing to find residence within us.

If you’re in a season or moment of moving on from an idea in business or in writing that you’ve loved and nurtured for a long time, I’m sending you love and, more than anything, excitement for what’s to come.

I know something amazing is coming for you and I can’t wait until YOU find out what it is.

Enjoy your business, enjoy your life!





Life Credibility Grows Business
(perspective shift!)

THIS is what’s growing inside of you as you embark or continue creating from your most authentic place — from that huge heart of yours that beats in truth, true service and support of those who need it most: a luscious garden of even more gorgeous growth, both internally and externally, to pull from able to be able to support others more fully.

Your business or professional experience is only part of the support you can give to others…your life experience is the bulk and the rest…

It is valuable and, therefore, YOU are valuable.

More than anything, life experience or ‘life cred’ as a mentor of mine says, is why you’re standing here today doing the meaningful work you do. It’s because of all you’ve received, have not received, all you’ve succeeded at, not succeeded at, all you’ve lost and gained, healed and heard…

All of it and all of YOU has, through choice, created this garden inside to now be able to give from so generously…

We may call them clients, fans, potential clients or strangers who have yet to become friends for life, but what they all have in common is this: they are all part of your purpose-driven beat.

Do it for you and do it for them…

Connect to what it’s really about, not getting distracted by anything else that flirts or looks like purpose. Say what you really want to say and say it over and over again. Create more of that which enlivens and energizes you.

All of the above continues to grow the garden you spring from…

Stop and smell the roses every once and awhile and give of your most fragrant gratitude and you, Creative Heroine, get to keep it all…

Enjoy your business, enjoy your life!





The Content & The Packaging (Your BRAND Elements)

Today is LONG with opportunity.

Thanks to the eight years in advertising working with brands such as Nike and Starbucks and another year freelancing at Nike and though I began my business as a branding coach and know the value of clarity of message, of your authentic ability to deliver that consistency of message and of the connection and engagement it all brings, I am the first to say work on YOU before ever worrying about a fancy website…

I call working on YOU, working on the “content”(the actual content you share in newsletters, trainings, paid or otherwise, is also key, but let’s start with the content of you, first).

You are the content, the material we need to work with in order to make the actual business’ing work.

In order to be the woman who creates a massive difference for others (the real thing that grows your business-turned-movement or soulful empire) and who, as a result, others are constantly sharing and/or talking about, you must be the woman who leads from the inside-out…

In other words, the woman who expresses her emotional intelligence every day by:

• Feeling excited about doing whatever heavy emotional lifting and healing there is to do so she can feel more alive, lighter and can then give from that light.

• Asking herself, ‘how did I contribute to this situation?’ before ever pointing the finger at anyone else.

• Showing up, being there in a big and ongoing way for herself and others. In other words, says no when she needs to, but from a place of love and, you could even say, elegance. She, not only does what she says she will do, but goes above and beyond, not for lack of boundaries, but in genuine expression of the overflow of energy and love she has, as a result of the personal development work she continually says yes to.

• Desiring to be known for solution, not problem, not interested in drama but in creative, loving solution for it…

• Using the things that anger or disappoint her from life or that she sees happening in the world to create even more change within and outside in her community (hello, inspired action, action, ACTION).

• More easily surrendering and letting go of what is causing her unnecessary suffering because –> pain is human and suffering is optional. She can also more easily surrender to being wrong which, psst, we hear is surrender at its best or at its highest vibration…

• Sensing when ego vs. heart or truth is doing the talking/leading…

• Being less afraid to ask others close to her, ‘how can I be better?’ and/or ‘what do you see as the things that are (still) holding me back?’ and, as related, to ask or finally get the support she needs in any new area of self development she may need an observer and mentor in.

• Genuinely believing life is happening for her, not TO her.

In the name of leadership, visibility and the monetary success that comes with reaching goals, focusing on growing the internal brand of our being will only help to grow the external one.

But don’t forget, the visual brand or packaging IS important, let me be clear on that. I mean, how can it not be?

We need the dress to match the song…
But, from my experience, we forget or don’t even know, many times, what the packaging or brand elements even include. We move into the external brand creation thinking it’s only about the photographs or the fancy website, but it’s ALL branding…your mindset being one of the more important predictors of a great, authentic brand (more to come on this and the graphic below in a COMPLIMENTARY PERSONAL BRAND TRAINING I’ll be doing for you soon)…

The more honest you become in your personal internal work, the more honest your brand becomes — a wonderful thing. In fact, it’s what we need.


We call it something new every day…authentic, real, engaging, connection-oriented, but they all have one thing in common: a return to your soul, your truth, or, as shared in the newsletter on Saturday, to your soulution-oriented self that attracts, inspires trust and connects and truly relates with others.

Both your INNER BRAND and OUTER BRAND are and will be part of the energetic expression that will go out into the world to bring back, not just fans, but kindred or kismet clients.

Though the color, photography or “look” of the packaging isn’t technically the most important, it all does, in fact, carry with it a vibrational tone or feeling that, without saying a word, shares with this special and ideal audience who you are, what you stand for and what type of transformation they can expect to receive (the last, by the way, being what you need to make sure that your tagline includes).

Of course, beyond the visual look and feel, we have the words or stories you use to express on Facebook every day, the signature program you choose to run with, the titles and names you give your work, the talks you hopefully decide to put more of yourself into etc. — again, this is all branding and it’s all important…

People may not remember what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel. I know you’ve heard that one before and experienced it, likely, many times…

And that’s just it — traditional branding is important because making others FEEL something (that they are looking to feel or create) connects you to them forever.

And, working on self is important because, well, for the same reason. Because making others FEEL something (that they are looking to feel or create) connects you to them forever.

Let’s work on both and dance about it…

I’ll be sharing more on the COMPLIMENTARY PERSONAL BRAND TRAINING training I’ll be hosting for you creative, multi-passionate and multi-dimensional driven changemakers. Stay tuned…

Until then, enjoy your business, enjoy your life!




p.s. Send us your burning branding or authentic brand-related questions for the complimentary training coming up and I’ll see about adding them to the training, {mwaa}.

Human vs. Soul? (Your Personal BRAND Expressed)

Our soul or soulution self is as real a part of who we are as our human self.

I have one main question for you today ~ might we remember her spark more often? Bring her into the everyday allowing her to help see us through…? Using her as inspiration for our brand, a mark or measure for how, or in what ways, to continue evolving, loving and surrendering?

We are a dichotomy in the best of ways.

And, as a result, we get to dance between two realities (we don’t have to, we get to), experiencing both worlds and all they have to offer us. Though they inform each other, the worlds are unique and, therefore (as you well know as a creative and spiritual woman) what you are able to take in and experience throughout this life AS both human and soul (and acknowledging both every day), as a result, is extremely unique as well.

In other words, I know you find an appreciation in experiencing ALL of you, the very depths of you and the surface parts of you (this is, of course, tied to the whole “we can be deeply spiritual and a fashionista” thing). As I’ve said many times before, you are multi-passionate and multi-dimensional, a god-send for your evolution and brand. ;)

When we understand, more and more everyday, that we are both human and soul, and use all the bells and whistles given as that human AND that soul, we are able to experience greater moments of surrender, peace and joy.

As the Creative Heroine says to herself often, you are soul, you are creativity, you are resilience and you, my dear, are always just on the other side of reinvention or greater stillness. Walk around the corner and there she is — there YOU are.

Though we are human, we are not problem (no matter how much the happenings of our lives or that our minds may want us to think that we are)…we are soul. This means that we can always find or BE part of the solution. In fact, we always have the seeds of solution available in us to bloom anew…in other words, to:

  • Put the puzzle pieces in business or life back together in a way so as to feel more alive,
  • Experience greater healing which leads to greater world peace,
  • More fully understand self love and, therefore, self compassion and…
  • See the value in our most honest expression…the authentic expression of who we are or most want to be.

Remembering what we are made of (soul and soulution), in other words, where we come from and who we truly are at our core also reminds us that although we may experience sadness, that we are not sadness, and that just because we may feel heartbroken or trying for the 12th time to make something/anything/everything work, that we are not brokenness.

Again, the truth is that we are possibility, both in our humanity AND in our spirit.

As a true Creative Heroine, you are a woman who moves from problem to solution in hopes of expressing to the world who you really are.

Remember this as you move towards your goals, brand and big business and you will meet them all.

Remember that you are both human and soul.

Remember, too, especially as you move towards great goals, your gorgeous business-turned-movement and, generally, toward great change and evolution what Arianna Huffington’s mom said to her:  “…mistakes are not the opposite to success, but a stepping stone to success.”

Life may not all work out as you design it, but adopting this truth, or, in other words, adopting the Creative Heroine mindset, the growth mindset, one that says that trip-ups are a natural part of creation, evolution and of creating lasting change in the world, will help you lean into your resilience and create something even greater than may have originally been on paper.

How does this help your brand and business, you ask?

Recognizing that you are more, that you are depth embodied…that you are soul as much as you are human helps you keep you going (the #1 success strategy in entrepreneurship), adding to the well of resilience and creativity we most need as creators and thought leaders (creativity = a fancy way of saying the act of moving from problem to solution).

When you begin to be seen and get known for being solution is when you begin to lead and separate yourself from the pack. It is you as leader that creates the biggest expression of you possible.

And that’s all that great branding really is ~ YOU as your biggest expression.

In short, surrender to that which hasn’t worked up until now and allow more space and a platform for your  s o u l to shine and speak every day on Facebook, via your blog or newsletter.

THIS is where to start from, THIS is where we lead, express and succeed from.

And the sun shone brightly…

Enjoy your business, enjoy your life!





p.s. This is who you are – soulution.