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One Week Ago with His Holiness!

These were holy days like I’ve never before experienced them. 

I will be forever plus a day grateful for and moved by what transpired around and within me last week (truth is, even though they couldn’t be there this time, Josh and Nolan will be, too ~> when one of us transforms, the others are called to as well).✨

This ‘there are few human words for what was made possible’ experience was curated, crafted and stewarded by a wise woman whom I love, Katy Saeger, and Harmonica, Inc. Infinite love and gratitude!

Here’s simply one of many beautiful photos of the private meeting with His Holiness (thank you, Peter Ruprecht).

If you didn’t catch it last week, I wrote about His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s message to us here: bitly/2PIAQqb.

Traveling to India at such a unique time, meeting and hearing from His Holiness the Dalai Lama, as well as other high scholars inside a celebration that only happens every 600 years (sounds curious, funny even, but that’s basically how this works), was a blessing of the highest order. 

And his blessing of us, as well as what he charged us to keep sharing with our communities, was something I know each of us took deeply and honestly to heart. 

After such an experience and with these gorgeous beings as friends, it feels most true to say that everythinggg (with all that this word may imply that I know or don’t know yet) feels as if it’s only yet beginning.

Make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…enjoy your business, enjoy your life!

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Michelle Ghilotti
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How Not to Get Sick (travel well)

We took (an almost) Christmas break from His Holiness the Dalai Lama programming to bring you this word on nutrition slash keeping healthy while traveling.

I’ve eaten much rice last week while on the monastery and yet felt incredibly fed with all sorts of important nutrients (of a different, more spiritual kind). See earlier shares regarding these days with His Holiness:

So ~ someone asked me on Instagram what I take/do to keep healthy when I travel. 
From left to right, when traveling, I take all of these each day except for the oils,💃🏽:

• Camu Camu powder — super high Vitamin C content.

• Lypo-spheric Vitamin C — ditto, high quality and the typical lypo-spheric gel form works well, going straight to the places that need it most.

• Wellness Formula by Source Natural — all kinds of goodness. 

• Bio-active silver hydrosol — an amazing immunity-building nose spray.
• Vitamin D drops — always good for strengthening the immune system (ask your doc/research all these items, but in the case of Vitamin D, many of us are deficient. As one of my docs said, unless you’re traveling or live in a sunny destination and are actively and often are in the sun for a solid hour or more without a hat/protection, you need Vitamin D).

• Magnesium (Calm, powder form) — important mineral that most of us are also deficient in. It promotes restful sleep which when traveling keeps us healthy. 

• Sleep, drinking a lot of water and washing hands multiple times a day (anytime, but definitely when traveling) are all a must. Resisting the urge to constantly touch your face, nose or eyes when you haven’t washed properly is solid advice, too. These are a big three. 

• Underneath the Calm powder are melatonin pills (I take them the first 2-4 days, mainly when crossing multiple time zones to get myself on track (again, little sleep or bad sleep compromises the immune system).

• Lacrosse ball & mini roller for body aches. These may not be directly related to a healthy immune system, but they have everything to do with your I can walk, sit and sleep well “system”.

• Tea bags — of all sorts (only showing three kinds here but I bring  more) — drink a lot of water, yes, but when water gets boring or you realize you’re just not drinking enough, try switching to drinking a lot of simple teas (don’t add sugar or milk — both inflammatory agents). When I did my first fast, the nutritionist I worked with recommended spearmint tea to not break the fast, so I drink a lot of that as it’s as close as you’ll get to drinking pure water.

• Probiotics — healthy gut flora keeps us healthy. I don’t take these all the time for a few reasons, but I definitely take them when I’m traveling.

• Cocoa nibs, Brazil nuts and sprouted almonds (and seaweed, not pictured) ~ the cocoa nibs satisfy sugar cravings (but they have no sugar) and these two types of nuts are, not only great snacks, but are loaded with nutrients (Brazil nuts, for example, have a high Selenium content which is an important antioxidant and mineral needed daily for a strong immune system…just a few a day are great, I love the taste…p.s. sprouted almonds are also delicious). 

• Frankincense, Lemon, On Guard and Oregano oil (to name just a few that I typically bring…if I feel something coming on or feel like I’m dragging a bit, I make myself a shot of these mixed with little water, plus Melaleuca/Tree Tea oil and potentially Ginger oil.

Again, the main three I focus on most are drinking a lot of water, getting great sleep and washing hands often. Of course, a balanced meal filled with good fats, veggies and lean protein helps, too. 

Items missing from the photo:

Ear plugs 
Sleep mask 
Being kind to airport employees
Going with the flow
Saying thanks  
Turmeric (omega-3’s, turmeric and magnesium are things I take every day at home).

And no, I didn’t bring many clothes to India, Vietnam or Thailand (meeting Josh and Nolan next in Vietnam) because my carry-on was filled with food and potions like these.

Make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…enjoy your business, enjoy your life!

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Michelle Ghilotti
Success Designer, Brand Activator & Social Entrepreneur 

The Monastery I Lived At…






This is where I lived for the last week. Under the stars and at a monastery that is one of the oldest and most historically important in India and Monastic/ Tibetan/Buddhist world.

The camp to the side of the monastery accommodations was created especially for us with much love by Harmonica Co. and by the monks at Gaden Shartse Monastery.

Here and walking all around Mundgod, the sweet Tibetan (refugee) settlement where the monastery lives, I made new friends, new connections between old ideas or previous beliefs and realized new understandings (I wasn’t new to these spiritual teachings, to chanting, meditation, prolonged breathwork or talks/studies around using the mind for good, but this experience brought it all home for me in unique ways that I’ll still be downloading or processing for a long time to come).

At the center or heart of it all, through His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s teachings, via the scholars’ talks from around the world, as well as through private time a couple days with Jinpa, scholar and HHDL’s translator for over 30 years (such rich Q&As), was, we could say, simple:

Compassion is the method through which you feel peace and create it in the world…

Compassion is the method through which you feel peace and create it in the world.

More complex, maybe (or in other words, more worth it) the more you sit with all that it means to devote yourself to doing this on repeat (akin to a mantra, a chant) when life isn’t all monastic camping, slow-moving, thoughtful teachings and no traffic.

Just like my vision quest in July, what you (I) quickly realize is that the actual quest isn’t or wasn’t at all up on the mountain, it was returning home to ‘regular’ life ~ would you (I) work to actively engage with all gained and felt? Bringing the proverbial light from the mountain (or in this case ~ the monastery) with you/me and consistently so?

Speaking of light, I’m reuniting with Josh and Nolan soon! Much love from a plane over Southeast Asia!

[You can see what life feels and looks like inside a Tibetan settlement (especially when His Holiness visits) in one video, the sway I was talking about in The Buddhist Sway post from yesterday ( in another and kids simply being kids in the last video (watch to the end). And with that last one as the perfect juxtaposition, happy holy days!].

Make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…enjoy your business, enjoy your life!

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Michelle Ghilotti
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Two Words Powerful Enough to Change it ALL

Best practice I’ve found for saying goodbye to a year and greeting a new one is to say thank you. It goes one long way.

If the lessons were also long, thank you, for I’ve learned much about myself and am more able to reach for high truth, compassion, wisdom, perspective — and more gratitude.

And for the year to come — for the love we want to have shine or expressed inside relationship, our daily experience or a successful (to us) high calling, thank you ~> it’s the great manifestor.

The greatest magic trick of all, however, is saying these or similar words to self, out loud, to others and/or in prayer etc. every day, possibly multiple times, for both the A and B sides of life…

[Vietnam. Had a small banana in my back pocket that I was about to eat. Thirty seconds after getting out of the car, a scream alerted Josh and Nolan to this gal jumping up and snatching it, #lifeisbananas, #lifeisgood].

Make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…enjoy your business, enjoy your life!

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Michelle Ghilotti
Success Designer, Brand Activator & Social Entrepreneur