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My Life Model Decision.

Arlan Hamilton & I taking a moment at the Creative Heroine
Experience before going on stage.

For over 17 years growing this success coaching and brand consulting business, nothing has grown my business OR MY JOY more than hosting workshops, retreats, and larger event experiences. And though that sounds like it was a business model decision I got clear on years ago, as I shared in a newsletter a few days ago (HERE), it wasn’t — it was a life model decision.

With so much virtual everything “these days” and with the tragic losses of my Mom and brother “behind me” and inside me, I was guided over the last many years to be even more in person with my clients and friends and to, generally, prioritize connection, not just with my tribe and with my clients, but within all my friendships, too (this is documented within the Relationship Experiment I’ve shared with you — did you ever get to watch that video? ~>

Though I had run many events before the deaths of my beloveds five years ago (having been in business for 17 years), the events I’ve designed since those losses have been different in feeling, a representation of the internal environment which had changed, in the best and in the most raw and honest of ways.

Arlan was recently in Forbes for her work as a ‘Venture Catalyst’ 
for underrepresented founders, primarily for women, people of color
and the LGBTQ community, I couldn’t support her work in the world
more, (thank you for connecting us, Holly!).

The events I’ve been a part of since they passed have not been events, but more experiences — those for the senses…and as I type that, I see that with the life experiences as of late, they honestly couldn’t have been anything other than exactly THAT. 
Maybe like you, I’ve been on the search for the way business (and my offerings to support others in the ways my genius and talents know best) could feel like a more true extension or representation of the internal environment that exists today. I said something very similar to that when I was sharing about this just a few days ago.

I guess the bottom line is that we are constantly changing and if our businesses, brand expression and the general integration of more of all of our true selves don’t make their way front and center (and stay there), we are stepping away from the very creation of anything truly authentic or long-lasting  –  that’s what I’ve gathered like strawberries in a field…

What are you gathering or understanding deeper as of late?

What life model-turned-business model will you be introducing soon?

Make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…enjoy your business, enjoy your life! 

Life is good,

Michelle Ghilotti
Success Designer, Brand Activator & Social Entrepreneur 


Just as I did in person here in Los Angeles a couple weeks ago, I’d love to share the insight, lessons, and successes with you in the following immersion, soon to start in November through helping you create your first or next event experience! You can check out the Ecstatic Experience Virtual Immersion HERE

Though it’s a virtual offering, know that since I’ve presented it LIVE and in person already (in LA on 9/29) know that you will receive that benefit  –  plus I can’t deny the fact that anything I do now that’s virtual or online in this new season will not feel like that. At least, that’s what I’ve been going for the last few years when I DO do virtual programs (I always do my damndest to make it feel like you are sitting in my living room  –  in fact, that’s where I’ll be sitting when I deliver these training for these three weeks plus our bonus fourth week).

Speaking of — peruse the weeks here ~> and join us if you feel it’s genuinely time for you to incorporate adding more event experiences to your life model as expressed in your business.

We start in November and take an integration and family break during our November U.S. holiday (gobble gobble).

I’d love to walk hand-in-hand with you, helping to make this potentially new step into the creation of event experiences easier and more fun and effortless for you.

Tragedy & My Biz Model as A Result…(+ the Ecstatic Experience Virtual Immersion)

Ever since losing my mother and brother within two years of each other (and both tragically), I’ve re-evaluated everything.
E v e r y t h i n g.

(I’ll never forget that door knock or phone call, just as I know you’ll never forget the day/the year/the decade that your broken heart grew wings, too. So many of us have been there. Pain, as we know, can be turned into purpose and to power and this is essentially a short and simple sharing about that very thing — about evolving a business to better match what now is known in the heart).

So, like I said — over the last five years and especially over the last three years, I have re-evaluated everything. Friendships. Money. Writing. How I work. What I work on and who I want to help. I even re-evaluated giving and receiving. How do I want to continue to give as part of my business model? What do I feel I need to receive from that business and ALL my relationships? 

As I said during my Creative Heroine event (photo above), we never really lose anyone or anything if we don’t lose the lesson.

I’m sure you’ve been inside these moments in your life of experience where the soul has a more direct connection to what it needs, wants and MUST have. We can try to ignore it but eventually, that voice makes itself even more known and we must make our move towards more solid and maybe even drastic change in our lives — and what we are doing in them.

In other words, the external expression of whatever it is that we are doing, the soul says, must change as the internal environment does…  

~> And when that internal environment receives new information and, essentially, a new perspective on living, due to loss, as in my personal example, everything that is an extension of us, like our businesses, our business models, our love relationships, our motherhood, our friendships, the way we spend our time weekly or monthly, the way we spend money, the way we desire to serve at a greater capacity, it all has the chance now to change and grow at crazy speed. 

Because just as our muscles tear during hard strength workouts in the gym and come back stronger (I do love a hard workout) so, do we — we absolutely have the opportunity to come back spiritually and sensually stronger, approaching our life and life’s work with a higher perspective and a more authentic approach with what makes us truly tick. In short, doing what we enjoy and what our talents naturally set us up for! 

After losing my Mom and brother (and maybe you can relate), I felt like I had less time for:

  • Routine (I was restless between adventures!), 
  • Following what everyone else was doing (their version of success is different),
  • Un-truths or disconnection. 

All I wanted (and still want) is that which FEELS right — because, most of the time, if it feels right, it IS right.  

And that’s when the rest of our life continues — it continues after the moment when we say this is what I’m really about. When you follow what you actually desire to be doing and not what you think will give you someone else’s version of the good life, is when you step into the good life. Go figure, right?! 

Personally what this time of healing and TRUTH has shown me is this–> I wanted to be with my clients and my tribe in person more.  A lot more. 

For the last 17 years in business, I had always done a combination of both LIVE and virtual offerings and it was very clear in the desire of change that I needed to tip the scales to LIVE and in person and, specifically, inside unique and experiential events like continual workshops, retreats and larger events like the Creative Heroine Experience or multiple Greater Good Parties I throw with powerful speakers and entertainment. So that’s what I did and continue to do now for over four-plus years of these 17 years in business.

I deeply wanted to continue to create high-quality offerings that were even more boutique or intimate, cutting-edge and creative programs that were high touch and, maybe not so high tech (in other words, not virtual, not behind a computer), and events that genuinely feel like EXPERIENCES; events that inspired the five senses because we know that, at the end of the day, it’s experiences that enrich our lives and that change us.  

Give me a trip — an experience — any day and I won’t feel restless. I knew this to be true inside my life, but it’s never been more true TODAY inside my business that the creation of experiences for myself and my tribe/clients is what is transformative! 

In short, I was committed to offering more of all of the above, which meant that I was newly devoted to connection and humanity, really; to taking my international business that could also be considered an “online business” and make it something others could actually touch and feel. 

I may confusingly call MGI a business, but it’s more and it was these two deep losses over the last five years that I allowed to re-teach me these lessons…  

  • Everything we do in one area of our lives gives or instructs another.
  • By listening to your inner wisdom, you can hack culture by doing the opposite that everyone else is doing (and be successful – your definition of successful).
  • To connect with another’s soul, you must truly know your own (you want a great personal brand? Killer marketing? Social media posts others are consistently engaging with? Programs that always sell out? 
    Get to know yourself better…make that your business goal for the rest of your years and what you want will never feel out of arm’s reach again.  
  • When you create a strategy, a business model and, therefore, a business-turned-movement that is led by your genuine passions, by your life experiences as much as your professional experience and, all the way along, integrate MORE of all of who you are, is when you create ease, flow and when things in your business go gangbusters.

My mission has never been to simply grow a business, it’s been to grow the movement of women living inside their full expression, integrating all of who they are, unapologetically. 

With that shared, I’m ecstatic and feel in such deep alignment to introduce you to the Ecstatic Experience Virtual Immersion (SEE BELOW) where everything I’ve just shared above (and that I taught LIVE on September 29 at my home), will now be shared with YOU, should you want to step into your first or next LIVE event experience!

Make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…enjoy your business, enjoy your life! 

Life is good,

Michelle Ghilotti
Success Designer, Brand Activator & Social Entrepreneur 


Welcome to the Ecstatic Experience Virtual Immersion!

Over three weeks (plus a gifted fourth week and longer if you’re one of the first five (5) ladies to register), you, too, will have the fun and soulful opportunity to get back in touch with how more closely you want to prioritize connection. If you want to create experiences that offer greater transformation, not just for your clients, but for yourself (what you create the opportunity for others, you create for yourself!), specifically by way of your first or next event experience that moves people in a way they likely haven’t been moved as of late in this highly virtual, highly technical world, then check out the link below and consider joining us for the fun and meaningful time ahead…

Keep reading about the Ecstatic Experience Virtual Immersion HERE.

Death + The Catacombs in Paris

In July, we visited the Catacombs in Paris. I’ve been holding onto this story as told by our private tour guide since then.

Those in charge wanted to see what would happen to life inside this musty, cool dark underground cemetery.

They placed a few goldfish inside one of the short wells that naturally held water.

It didn’t take long for the goldfish to become blind.

They also eventually died. 

Living things, all living beings  — can’t live in the dark, whether it’s darkness first created by us or by others.

We can’t live between walls of untruths. It goes against nature. And darkness, emotionally-speaking, in whatever form it takes or who it comes from, will always or eventually take a life, its own or another’s. It’ll zap it right out.

It’s vital to search for truth until found — to search for light — for what’s real and honest and in integrity with nature, not simply for us (definitely for us), but for all others (definitely for all others). 

Darkness — the longer we’re in it — doesn’t allow for us to see ourselves or others clearly, not to mention recognizing and acting upon the value and worth inherent in both. 

We start to either adjust to the dark, to what’s been fabricated or we accept and perpetuate it, maybe losing the ability to see/feel/understand that there’s even anything to fix, to make different or more well. 

We need more well people…more well-ness.

Bringing tough moments or our own imperfections to light does that. We become more well and we call for others around us, those in our families, friendship circles or larger society, to as well. 

Becoming well signals our evolution.

Light or truth and what’s real is soil for healing and a symbol of no longer living disconnected to our own vibrancy (soul), but once again in communion with it.

We need light, not solely to live, but to live well. We need light to see, to know where to go and for how to move purposefully. We need light/truth, like we need food, water, affection or love. 

Truth is that thriving place we all meet to live better, sleep better, work better, see better, mother better, daughter better, father better, son better, serve better, evolve…b e t t e r.

Make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…enjoy your business, enjoy your life! 

Life is good,

Michelle Ghilotti
Success Designer, Brand Activator & Social Entrepreneur