Artists for Great Good (Annie Galvin and CA fires)

We had Annie Galvin (Anne Galvin) as one of our speakers at the NorCal edition of the Greater Good Party last May.

An outstanding human (an outstanding, talented and humor-filled human). Her talk was uplifting, colorful and valuable for all.

As many Californians did when we first saw it, I loved her bear hugging CA art. When I found out how much money she had raised for those devastated by the fires last October (150k + if I remember correctly?), I was grateful to her and her husband, impressed and, generally, excited by how much good our creativity — our art — in whatever way that comes or is expressed, can do…

This year is no different. Her studio continues to do so much for California; for our neighbors.

Thank you, Annie and all artists, creatives and talented humans across industries who continue to use their creativity for great good!

You can find these print editions and more on her site at

Make happiness your business by creating your authentic brand…enjoy your business, enjoy your life! 

Life is good,

Michelle Ghilotti
Success Designer, Brand Activator & Social Entrepreneur 

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